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ShowTwitpic Module

Show Twitpic is a simple Joomla! module to display pictures posted by Twitter users on Twitpic. Features include displaying the public or personal feed, showing pictures in single or multiple picture modes, different picture sizes (mini or thumb), displaying the description when the mouse is over the picture, and displaying large version of each picture on the personal website using Highslide JS or the Twitpic website.

Requires PHP5+ with cURL library enabled. A separate license for Highslide JS ( is required for commericial use.

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Reviews: 3
Using this module, I could get rid of the standard widget layout Twitpic offers me and style the pictures just like I want on my website.

I ran into a problem with the beautiful JS Highslide function, which allows your visitors to stay on your website, watching Twitpic pictures in a popup and the developer responded within hours with two solutions, of which one worked!
Reviews: 2
Had the module installed and published within minutes! And does exactly as promised: display a image out of my twitpic-account on my

Couldn't ask for more ... well maybe I could [mentioning this because at the moment it's not in the mod.] : I agree with @crimsonguitars that a feature should be to click on the photo and show it as a larger version in a 'over layer' (don't know the tech. term).

Also, at the moment (v 1.3.1), the the module does not allow for a random display of images (on reload). It only shows either the last (ones) or a selected ID. But since it's a feed, randomisation may be impossible.
Reviews: 6
I'm still a bit of a Novice here (even after nearly a year with joomla!) but this module loaded up and was working within minutes!! It works perfectly with my template without any need for playing around with css and really is just what I wanted! The only slight issue I have is it slows down the page loading a bit.. but that is to be expected when loading photo's from another site hey? It would also be great if they create the option for full size photo's in the end.. but all in all I couldn't be more impressed.. in fact this is my first ever review of a module for just that reason! Well done!
Reviews: 4
I try make a widget on widgetbox, but this module solve all my problems, great job.

Reviews: 3
When I first downloaded this I could not get it to work on my site, wouldn't accept my username

I emailed the developer who spent some time over the weekend and emailed my an updated version!

This also didn't work for me, but gave a good error message back as to why, my server was not configured with the right setting, unfortunately for me, I am on shared hosting and could not change the setting.

Again, the developer went off and did another update and now it works perfectly on my site.

Thank you for you hard work in sorting the issues I have had and I am glad I have been able to help you as well