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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
CedPhotoFeed that allow you to inline a set of images from your favorite online gallery: Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa or any RSS feed in any article.


* It can fetch photos from
o Smugmug
o Flickr
o Picasa
o Video from Youtube
o Any other RSS feed
* It supports RSS caching (lifetime can be choosen in admin panel)
* It supports following library slideshow to open up images with navigation button Prev & Next
o RokBox from RocketThemes
o Lightbox
o Lightbox2
o Shadowbox
* Image Caption is fetched and shown
* Editor-XTD button

See it in Action

Features video!i=1792989446&k=726WRdK&lb=1&s=A

Usage video!i=1792994272&k=MKLmCMX&lb=1&s=A

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Reviews: 4
This extension is perfect for creating a simple gallery from our Picasa albums.
Read the documentation! You'll be up and running in no time.
We have photos of all the dishes on our menu on Picasa and can use this single extension to either show all the photos for an entire menu or pictures of individual items. Great job! Just what we needed!
Reviews: 1
PROS: I love it, very useful and powerful, CONS: Would be great to have larger sizes in Picasa feeds.
Recommended extension.
Reviews: 4
It is a very promissing extension allright. Tha filckr conection is not working on the demo site. I can´t do the registration neither.
Reviews: 1
I installed and tried your Flickr demo - yours fails, I then tried my ID and it also fails, I then tried the RSS URL on its own and Flickr sends the full RSS for the photos so its not a wrong ID its some bug in your script or something
Owner's reply

Yes thanks for the review, but how am i supposed to improved the extension, documentation, error handling and check that you did not make any error, if you don't provide more details or don't use the support forums/email/skype accoun to contact me?

Reviews: 4
After testing some others extensions for showing a gallery sample from Flickr this is the only one I´ve got what I wanted using it with Rokbox. Very simple with the rss link. Fantastic, very, very good extension.
Reviews: 1
great plugin, feeds in fast, the only mod i made - added support for my lightbox
Owner's reply


You can submit me your patch, use my contact section at

Reviews: 2
I had no faith when I installed this little 7kb plugin since I had been searching for a solution for days. No other is as simple and as effective as this one. Oh and did I mention it's a mere 7kb?

Excellent work. Well done and thank you.
Reviews: 7
Hello I am trying to show a smumug album with this plugin but it seems its made only for rss link.
I guess I cant just put the http link of one of my smugmug albums?
thank you
Owner's reply


Yes it is only made for RSS, please use my forum for more support questions

Reviews: 2
I didn't want you to get a bad rap... this works great for me but your library support is broken. at least for flickr which is the only one I tested. but yeah man does exactly what i need! with patched library support this thing is the PERFECT flickr photostream plugin. I don't know what the others are doing wrong, but hey you can't hold everyones hand to cross the street right?! good job man.
Reviews: 1
I installed the plugin and tried various examples but nothing showed up. I seem not to be the only one as in the support forum there is a unanswered question about this.
Owner's reply


I put some effort in the version 1.3.0, update documentation, test against flickr, smugmug, picasa and g2. Hope this version will work better for you