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myFlickr Plugin

1.08.3 HOT FIX - HTTP to HTTPS change

myFlickr - powerful Joomla Content Plugin for easy and painless flickr integration.



* All about code cleanliness (no more unnecessary whitespaces)
* css file loads only when needed (always before)

FOR JOOMLA 1.5 USERS: After several requests I've released "new" legacy version with cache support added. Enjoy.

What's new ?

* Caching!
Simple, but effective caching system of Flickr API responses provides at least 100x faster code execution than before - literally ( Code execution per gallery reduced by from ~0,7 sec. to 0,002 sec. ) Several galleries in one article shouldn't be a problem any more.
Important Note: Make sure that folder /plugins/content/myFlickr/myFlickr/cache is writable - it is necessary for cache function to work properly.

* No more support for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 - code has been reduced and tailored specifically for Joomla 1.7

* Minor tweaks and fixes (also in myFlickr Editor Button)


+ Different photo-feeds : User, Photosets, Galleries, Powerful Search Function!
+ Display photos as simple lists or flexible galleries!
+ Now with effective Caching!
+ use Fancybox, Colorbox or write your own handler to display galleries
+ Multiple, predefined CSS styles (easly adaptable to any template)
+ Customize! : Set your defaults in plugin parameters, change them on the single gallery level
+ display different galleries in one article
+ Use powerful random option
+ Intelligent resize functions
+ Link your galleries directly with
+ Auto-Find closest size

Usage Example (sample query):
{myFlickr}feed=recent, displaymode=gallery, gallerytype=colorbox, thumbsize=t, imagesize=l{/myFlickr}
Explained: Get photos recently uploaded on flickr, display them as gallery, user colorbox js library, set size for thumbnails...

To get full list of properties see documentation.
myFlickr Editor Button handles most parameters - I recommend installing it.

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Reviews: 1
Thanks Mr. Woloszyn
for this plugin
is very complete
works great!!
actually outperforms others and is GPL Freeware

If anyone doubts what plugin to download and try,
no more doubt, with all possible options.. this is the best.

Regards and thanks
Reviews: 3
It worked right out of the box-perfect. But then you go checking if all pictures can load-and maybe two do and them you get errors stating to check back later. REALLY!~ Tell my clients to see the pictures later.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review and your commentary.

I'm sorry but I do not fully understand the problem you are describing. Please contact me via my webpage and perhaps I will be able to help you.

Reviews: 1
Thanks to developer! Solution for those who have an error (getting an "Err:" in frontend). Replace http to https in myFlickr.class.php in variable $url. After that all works fine.
Reviews: 2
I had an issue with the my server not allowing a function so myFlickr didn't work. But, within a few hours Piotr had added a patch for me and it works like a dream. Would definitely recommend this extension. It does what it says and if it doesn't work on your server then it will be sorted!
Reviews: 4
Worked out of the box...Appreciate the work.Thanks for the plugin.
Reviews: 2
I like the plugin, but it's a little buggy. At the end of a gallery it says "The requested content could not be loaded. Please try again later." Also, when I click the first photo in the series it either gives me the same message as above, or shows me an empty pop-up that is just sliver (maybe 50px wide)
Reviews: 3
quick and easy to install,
wanted to use it for a photoset containing almost 300 pictures with joomla pagination,
but if i use feed=photoset, photoset_id=..., and page=1(2,3...) perpage=10 ,
the gallery always loads the first 10 pictures of the set on all pages, not the 2nd, 3rd 10...

also in global parameters if i choose default feed other than "search" and save it, it just switches back to search.
Reviews: 6
This is one of my favourits extensions for joomla, however i cannot understand how to show a pagination number when i split my galleries in more then one page. Can you explain me, pls?

Nice job.
Owner's reply


myFlickr provides 2 parameters:



Each call is a different 'page' of the same user gallery. To implement it, use Joomla! native pagination. Put each myflickr on a different page of an article. Sorry, no automation.

Automated pagination would requre more sophisticated methods and component architecture ( eventually JS frame ).

Reviews: 1

the plugin looks so good and is what I need but unfortunately I can't get it working (getting an "Err:" in frontend).

I ask for support in the forum and directly via email - but no response. :-(

It would be so great to get this plugin working and if there is also an update to 2.5?!

Owner's reply


True, for two or three months, I wasn't that responsive... I have been literally sucked in several projects and well... didn't have that much time to provide true support.

I searched through my emails and found your question - you have probably found some new solution. If not, I encurage you to try out new 1.7 2.5 version of myFlickr. If you still will have problems running myFlickr on your server - please contact me once more via email. I'll try to help you.

Reviews: 5
As a Joomla intermediate, (using Joomla 1.5 for roughly a year) I can say this a good, easy to use, non-coder friendly plugin. Easy to set up your layout from the admin; you don't need to go into the CSS document itself to tweak things.

I do have one issue though. There's no way to paginate the thumbnails. The website I'm working on has a lot of pictures (Almost 200. It's a dental office). And being able to paginate the thumbnail gallery within the article would be very nice.

Overall a good plugin. Not perfect, but good, especially for the Joomla beginner.
Owner's reply

First and foremost: Thanks for the review!

About pagination. I don't know what effect or functionality you exactly expect, but myFlickr supports native, provided by flickr API pagination. I encourage you to read more about it here:

It's a tutorial that's explains how can you split single photosets (or whatever feed you're using) into several smaller ones. Tutorial uses native joomla 1.5 pagination.

I know, it's not automatic but it's something :) And usually it does the job. If you need help, simply email me (you can find my email on the projects website).

PS. You gave me >Feedback

Reviews: 3
This plugin would be fine for displaying a Flickr gallery in an article but is only a plugin. I needed to be able to display it in a module position and then use the random image to display one image every page load. A shame really, don't make the same mistake.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review! I realize it's pretty late to answer it ;) but still it maybe helpful for another myFlickr users:

As of Joomla 1.6 you are able to run almost any plugin in Module position. Just use Custom HTML module and be sure that "Prepare Content" option is "on".

In fact you are able to to that also in Joomla 1.5

There several modules for Joomla! 1.5 designed specifically to run plugin contents in module positions. E.g. Search for "Plugin in module" on JED.

Hope this might be helpful for some of you.

Reviews: 4
Nothing over the top - A compact module to display Flickr pics. I've tried many mods, plugins, and digging through the Flickr API to do it myself - this is far and away the best Flickr integration I've run across.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much!

It's really good to hear nice words about your work. Also helps in further work!

Best regards!