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Flickr Suite Content Plugin

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[SSL READY!] The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is a full featured, responsive (mobile ready) and versatile plugin to display flickr photos and flickr videos beautifully on your Joomla website using a simple expression:

[flickr set=xxxxx]

(where xxxxx is the set id, brackets can be changed to {})

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin supports various type of media from flickr:
- Single photo’s ( [flickr photo=xxx] )
- Sets/Albums ( [flickr set=xxx] )
- Videos ( [flickr video=xxx] )
- User photo streams ( [flickr user=xxx] )
- Group pools ( [flickr group=xxx] )
- Tags ([ flickr tag="xxx, xxx"] )
- Galleries ([flickr gallery=xxx])

Other high regarded features are:
- ALL YOUR FLICKR PHOTOS: Access to all your flickr photos (even the ones set to private on flickr)
- DOWNLOADS: Select which website users can download the original photos using Joomla ACL.
- RANDOMIZER: Display your flickr photos in a random order(great for use in a module)
- GEO LOCATION: Locate your flickr photo on google maps.
- VARIOUS DISPLAY METHODS: Thumbnail grid, slider or just one photo on the website. All linked to the set/album in the image viewer.

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin comes with an elaborate user guide freely available on our website.

Please visit our website for an elaborate demo of the features of the Flickr Suite Content Plugin.

(The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is the successor of the Flickr Slideshow Plugin)

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Reviews: 2
So, I've been looking far and wide for a quality Flickr pull for my website.

I've tried several before with mixed results, but none with Joomla 1.5.

I installed this but then it crashed my install. (Deactivating it fixed this immediately). Turns out, I needed to have PHP 5 running on my server.

I contacted my host, and got that running in no time. (My Joomla install survived just fine... but now it seemed a bit faster)

Then, then UniversalPlayground got working just fine.

It's easy to use, and I like it very much. No nonsense, but also, nice and clean looking. It's great!

I can't get the slideshow part to work, but I prefer the lightbox look anyway.

This is an under-rated plug-in, for certain.
Reviews: 1
My server had php5 and php4 both installed, and defaulted to php4, unbeknownst to me. At any rate, it had some slight difficulty running with php4, but the author spent tons of time helping figure out what exactly was wrong. He managed to fix it, and then I discovered the fact that php4 was default. That's fixed now and version 0.5 works flawlessly.

It's a nice alternative to flickurpic, especially since it's free. It's also pretty simple to use. I'm looking forward to future releases of this program and any others that might be coming down the pipe!
Reviews: 1
It is simple, and therefore not as 'full-featured' as some of the other Flickr mods/coms/plugins, but it just works. I'm sure the developer will be adding some automation, but it's a solid start. Sometimes simple is just better.
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