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JFlickr Module

JFlickr delivers a Flickr gallery onto your website. The module is based on the script by Project Atomic and uses JQuery to do all of the hard lifting. You can set the gallery to display images by photoset, user, group or by free text. You assign the number of images to display, the size of the thumbnail and the size of the image that appears once clicked.

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Reviews: 3
After trying another flickr plugin without success, I found this one. It worked right way. Not a lot of documentation but fortunately I didn't need any.

It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it works. And it is free.

Thank you joomlabamboo for making this.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension. Light weighted and with optimal visual design.

Just two things I thought might be useful to share:

----- TIP
"image size" parameter currently provides two options "medium" and "original", where "medium" in fact Flickr's "small" and may be too small for zoom in. Simple workaround is to add new option with any value besides "m","o","b" in the list of "size" parameter in the module's mod_JFlickr.xml file, like:
This will cause JFlickr.js to construct a request for Flickr's default image size which currently is "Medium500".

-----suggestion (to the author)
JFlickr requires jbLibrary plugin installed. Once installed two http request added to each site page (jquery-1.3.2.min.js and jquery.lazyload.js), which is performance wise is not so good if JFlickr the only client of jbLibrary.
It would be useful to resolve somehow this issue.
Reviews: 4
I've tried a number of the Flickr modules on a website I'm working on.
The biggest problem with most of them seemed to be a Flickr issue: when you go to the lightbox slideshow, many pictures come up with a message saying the picture isn't available. They show up in Flickr, though. The solution other extensions tell you is to reload the pictures to Flickr at a more consistent size. Explain that to the client who sees them displaying fine on Flickr, but not in their site.
jFlickr displays all the pictures my client has uploaded, no problem.
I did have a problem in using multiple instances on one page.
A visit to Joomla Bamboo's support forum didn't have a solution, so I posted the details...they released an update to fix it the next day.
If you're looking for a Flickr module, this one gets my highest rave.