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Gold Picasa Gallery ComponentModulePlugin

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Gold Picasa Gallery is a powerful component which can display google plus photo albums in your site in a very friendly and responsive way.

It comes as component, module and the plugin:
Component - provides menu itegration, single albums and a list of albums.
Module - provides setting any public photo album as module
Plugin - provides integration needed to embed an album of Google+ or Picasa in a Joomla's article.

- Easy to install and easy to configure
- Ultra lightweight and ultra fast - no server side load - it uses JavaScrip Ajax calls for a Google feed through Google API.
- Multiple Google/Picassa users
- Multilanguage - supported languages: English (GB), French (FR), Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Russian (RU)
- Interation into article backend form, which allows you to add gallery with thumbnails after or before article.
- Full configurable: thumbsize, border, position, results per page, slimbox etc. really a lot, check screenshots
- Slimbox - Auto resize feature for Slimbox, (fits very big photos to the browser screen)
- No costs for hosting - images are not downloaded in your server, which saves your server disk space and bandwidth
- K2 plugin - integration into K2 content extension (


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Reviews: 1
The extension works great. You can even display albums from different Google accounts in one album.

Also great and fast support. They helped me out with a problem that not was related to the extension, but a bug in my site.
Reviews: 2
I have tried several other extensions to display Picasa images and/or albums. Then found this one. I bought this Google Picassa extension a while ago. I use it on multiple sites and i would recommend this one to every serious Joomla user! Lots of different settings and easy to use. Support is great and the owner (Tom) is fast and helpful should there be any questions. 10/10
Reviews: 5
We use Picasa/Google+ to serve images for our news site. When we needed a good gallery for our site, most of the plugins we were trying had javascript issues of some sort. So I was left with no option but to try the gallery from a picasa based component.
This worked out of the box. I was amazed with the simplicity of configuration for this componet. There are reasonable options to configure your gallery. I like the component level views.
The only thing that is missing in this package is the module for this component. But so far I don't require a module and the plugin and component works exactly how I need it.
Reviews: 2
Very handy extension. I needed some assistance in installing due to a template conflict and had a quick, courteous solution.

Feature request: The gallery and slideshow work well and a slide show button for users to auto the slide show would be very helpful.
Reviews: 23
After trying most of the free options available i opted for this extension.. and..
Well first of all thanks to the developer for ultra-fast responses on all my issues...
and this component works so nicely it just amazing, very easy interface! and you can't go wrong! 1 minute to integrate, 1 minute to figure it out... management is really simple!!! you enter either user email, gallery link, or whatever you have, it will show you all the public galleries for that user, you then choose the ones you wish to use.
the thumbnail streaming is incredible, and it looks spetacular...
thanks again!
Reviews: 3
I was searching for few Gallery for showing picasa albums on the site and came across this extension which helped me to show on the site without any fail. It's very simple and nice solution with bunch of options to show Picasa albums on the site.
Reviews: 7
Very good extension, the service was very good. I have just invoked the help and was immediately solved for me. simply good

5 stars