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Twitpic Widget Module

Twitpic Widget is a simple Joomla! module to display the official Twitpic widget for showing off your Twitter photos. The module parameter list has all the features found on Twitpic widget page: different themes, color customization, width size, number of images, and timestamps.

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Reviews: 7
The fact that you integrated the color scheming directly into the module would make this a 6-star review, if it could be.

Thanks for this. It's just one of those things where, I wanted it, and here it was, and you implemented the widget perfectly. Within only a couple minutes, it was setup, skinned (colorized to match my site) and added to my homepage. That's what I needed; something fast to do the job.

Links open in new window. +1! So... 7/5.

Now my site visitors can more easily view my TwitPic gallery (both Video and Photos) even without having to follow me on Twitter. Which to me just means I've added a photo gallery to my site without the need of having to redundantly upload my photos to both TwitPic and my own site (as would be the case with a "gallery" component).

So, thanks! Great work.
Reviews: 2
I'm always blown away with some of the great free add-ons. This one is no exception. Easy to install and setup. No problems and it works and looks great. I only wish it allowed you to display more than 20 thumbs. That aside, well done.