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Random YouTube Video Module

Displays a random video for a specific user. Lets you set the video width and height, control whether to show a "more videos" link or not, and control the wording of that link. Also allows you to display a single YouTube video instead of a random one. It uses the Google Data API for YouTube to grab the user's video IDs and pick one at random.

The module includes Zend library files so folks who don't have Zend should still be able to use this.

The module uses Zend 1.9+ - supported by most Apache servers. This has been tested on a LAMP machine (Linux/Apache) but in some cases - Windows servers, perhaps, or if your host doesn't allow PHP scripts to use the ini_set function - it may be necessary to manually set the include_path directive in your php.ini to something like 'include_path = ..:/usr/lib/php:/home/account/public_html/modules/mod_randomyoutube/Zend/library'.

The above assumes your php.ini include_path is /usr/lib/php, but that will be different for every server, so check phpinfo for that. In the Joomla backend, go to Help > System Info, PHP Information.

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Reviews: 1
Installed into 1.5.8, using HostGator for hosting - blew out my whole site - got all kinds of "Zend" errors. Looking for something more universal and easy to use.
Owner's reply

As clearly indicated, this module requires Zend. This is because in order to use the YouTube API, Zend is required. If it could be done in a simpler way, I would. But as it stands this is the only module that allows you to show a random YouTube video from a specific YouTube user account. Why is it the only one? Because you have to use the YouTube API to achieve this, and that requires Zend when using Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP.

I don't believe that killed the rest of your site though. If you uninstalled the module, it should be back to normal.

Reviews: 2
Good but have to the playlist and Module Class Suffix
Owner's reply

Version 1.1 has a module class suffix. Looking into the playlist idea.