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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Youtube Gallery is a video media management solution. The component/module/plugin that shows a video gallery - catalog of selected videos on your Joomla website.

All you need is to create a Video List, add list of video links or a links to playlists, channel etc, then select (import) ready to use theme or create your own theme add create menu item with YouTube Gallery type, or use plugin or module.

Key benefits:

Supports many Video Sources: Youtube, Vimeo,,, UStream, Dailymotion,, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files;
Supports Youtube Playlist, Youtube Show (new), Youtube User Uploads, Youtube User Favorites, Youtube Standard Feeds;
Supports Youtube Search;
Supports Vimeo Channel, Vimeo Album, Vimeo User Uploads;
Supports Dailymotion Playlist;
Youtube Gallery comes as Component, Youtube Gallery Module and Youtube Gallery Plugin;
You can mix videos from different sources and mix playlist with individual videos;
It will update videos from Youtube (and others) playlist or channels automatically;
Detects Mobile devices to show Mobile Theme;
Can manage large video collections;
Create categories of Video Lists and mix them to form special lists etc;
Fetch latest videos from Youtube or Vimeo channel;
Get as maximum as possible information about the video including likes (youtube), views etc;
Downloadable and custom Themes;
Custom Layouts to satisfy any design;
Conditional tags in Custom Layout (If - End if);
Import Youtube Gallery Themes;
to Youtube);
Youtube Gallery has "Responsive" feature/option;
Facebook head tags preparation;
SEF links to videos (convert video title to the link);
Switch Video without Page reload (optional);
HTML5 and Flash Players
Youtube Player settings;
Youtube Parameters (you may pass parameters like hd=1 directly to player).

Security Release! v.4.2.0 More sanitation added.
No more link to our website.

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Reviews: 1
this extension is excellent.

But i can't modify the width of module in sidebar.

please provide me guidance

Owner's reply

You can change it in Theme settings.

Please try our Forum or live support.

Reviews: 33
I always design my video galleries to look like YouTube Gallery, so to find an extension for my Joomla website made me really happy! And I was impressed with all the different options for what to show and not to show in the backend; that's a great help and makes it easy to get it just how I want it.

So happy it lets me use a channel too, so I don't have to insert a bunch of video URLs, yay!

Thanks for making & sharing!
Reviews: 9
I am very very happy to review for this great extension. I would recommend it for anyone. I tried the free version than upgraded to the pro version. I am now enjoying it. Also the support is very quick and professional. Try it you will never be disappointed! Keep it up like this guys!
Reviews: 13
Honestly I liked the setup and the configuration options of the component. BUT.....

Every page is full of advertisements and tells you to buy the PRO. Even on the menu link view itself it put's a back link with a price image on top with very ugly colors (I would accept backlinks but in a smart way!!). I played around with it for 5 minutes and then uninstalled it because the overadvertisement was too much for me....
Reviews: 3
1) I'd rate this a full-out 5 stars but the module doesn't even have basic things like Advanced module settings so I can't even change something as simple as its Module Class Suffix.

2) I understand the free version must have a link, and I can respect that - but it's super intrusive! An image saying "GET PRO FOR $35" is smack dab on the video content. I guess I'm just accustomed to non-intrusive demo links, such as a link at the bottom of the module or component, not to mention not putting a price right on the thing, lol.

3) Lastly, using this extension as a "MODULE" will still take over the title of your website like the component, so now my homepage title is the title of whatever video is displaying.

Kind of annoying.

But what great functionality! I love it far more than I am annoyed by it. It can do so many things and the free version still allows you to customize a LOT.

Highly recommend!
Owner's reply

Thank you for review.

1) Instead of Module Class Suffix we have "Custom Layout" and meanwhile you may access the module by id #YoutubeGalleryMainContainer1

where 1 is instance id.

2) Sorry for the link. Our marketing department forced me to do this way.

3) There is option called "Change Page Title" in theme settings, just set it to "Unchanged"

Reviews: 1
Can't say anything more than that this extension is EXCELLENT! I had a minor problem with the viewer, so I contacted the chat service and got great help with adding a line in my template file, and everything worked out great! The viewer does also have a really simple and elegant layout which made it great for my proffesional site.
Reviews: 1
YouTube Gallery does everything it says it can. I am using the free version. initially I had a problem, but when I contacted Ivan through live chat he solved it right away for me. Great support!
Reviews: 2
Great extension that did what I wanted it to out of the box. Support was absolutely fantastic - I had an issue getting the layout just right for me and online support was there within seconds, walking me through what I needed to do, without any fee. Better than most paid extensions in that regard.
Reviews: 4
I've given only a handful of reviews, but this is probably the best. Its functionality is top-notch and highly customizable, but also very simple right out-of-the-box for users who want to get something up and running quickly. The best part is that I had a question, and went to the developer's site, and he was available in Online Chat, so I received a good 20 minutes worth of support until the issue was resolved. That is amazing.
Reviews: 10
There's seems to be slim pickings in terms of galleries and channels but this works perfectly and is easy to setup, just read the codes in the html, it's really easy. POSITIVES: Easy to install and setup NEGATIVES: Hardest thing was to choose which free template to use, so I went with the Youtube like one. A+
Reviews: 2
This component/module claims to be "responsive" - it's not. It does not scale the player at all when the site is reduced in size.
Owner's reply

Did you try to enable "Responsive" setting?

Reviews: 2
I installed the free version of this extension and worked very good.
I decided to use a paid version to get rid of the logo but the free version works well.
I have many galleries in my website and everything is ok in different themes.
The support is great, is very quick answers and problem solved. They are also improving the extensions. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 2
I had an issue with the extension not showing all the videos with a well known and huge youtube channel. he was about to give me personalized support to correct the issue and was very prompt meeting with me on skype. I cannot recommend the extension enough for the ease of use and the support that had the site up in no time! Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple video player with a gallery. Ideally I also wanted to have videos categorised at the backend rather than pasting each link into the specific module parameters.

I tried pretty much every 2.5 extension and spent a good amount on a number of them. However, I couldn't find anything that met all my requirements until I tried Youtube Gallery.

Quite simply it is the best available. Installation was a breeze. You add categories and then video links into those categories. Next you design a theme that you then specify in the module - a much neater way of doing things and something that other extensions should follow the idea of.

Worked right away and after selecting the HMTL 5 player it also works on iPad.

Also, a massive plus is that it automatically generates the thumbnail for each video, something that most seem to forget. I don't want to spend time uploading individual thumbs so this is perfect.

The extension has tons of options to get your player and gallery the way you want it.

The only improvement I would make is for the backend to automatically show the original titles from the videos. You could then edit these rather than adding your own from scratch. It does drag in the original titles in the frontend but you have no way of knowing what the video is at the backend without playing it first.

That is a small gripe in what is an excellent product and well worth paying the extra small amount for getting the pro version.
Reviews: 2
This is a great video tool, it works well and is very functional. I completely understand supporting free tools but a rainbow colored image saying "Get the Pro Version for $24" cheapens the look of the tool. A linkable logo I can completely understand but this just makes the site look tacky and it makes it appear as if it's a forced buy to get rid of the buy link. I buy joomla extensions all the time but I usually try the free version first, I would have bought this extension if it tested well on my site and I didn't feel forced to buy it as the only means to remove the tacky image. It's a good extension but the link makes it off-putting for someone wanting to test it in a live environment.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension. It was the only one I found which helped me to show channels.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, used for my Youtube Playlist, easy to install and gives no errors.
Reviews: 3
Youtube Gallery is a great way to show videos. I am using this extension on different sites of my customers.

On an updated site I needed some help by installing it correctly in Joomla 2.5.7. The plugin did work in first instance but some Joomla errors occured. Within 24 hours the team of JoomlaBoat responded and helped me solving this minor issue.

Thanks for this great product and great support guys. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
It´s a very nice extension with good support. The extension is easy to use and new functions are added constantly.
Reviews: 26
I am using this with Joomla! 2.5.4 and it works great. I wanted a component and not just a plugin and this fit the bill perfectly.
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