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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Youtube Gallery is a video media management solution. The component/module/plugin that shows a video gallery - catalog of selected videos on your Joomla website.

All you need is to create a Video List, add list of video links or a links to playlists, channel etc, then select (import) ready to use theme or create your own theme add create menu item with YouTube Gallery type, or use plugin or module.

Key benefits:

Supports many Video Sources: Youtube, Vimeo,,, UStream, Dailymotion,, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files;
Supports Youtube Playlist, Youtube Show (new), Youtube User Uploads, Youtube User Favorites, Youtube Standard Feeds;
Supports Youtube Search;
Supports Vimeo Channel, Vimeo Album, Vimeo User Uploads;
Supports Dailymotion Playlist;
Youtube Gallery comes as Component, Youtube Gallery Module and Youtube Gallery Plugin;
You can mix videos from different sources and mix playlist with individual videos;
It will update videos from Youtube (and others) playlist or channels automatically;
Detects Mobile devices to show Mobile Theme;
Can manage large video collections;
Create categories of Video Lists and mix them to form special lists etc;
Fetch latest videos from Youtube or Vimeo channel;
Get as maximum as possible information about the video including likes (youtube), views etc;
Downloadable and custom Themes;
Custom Layouts to satisfy any design;
Conditional tags in Custom Layout (If - End if);
Import Youtube Gallery Themes;
to Youtube);
Youtube Gallery has "Responsive" feature/option;
Facebook head tags preparation;
SEF links to videos (convert video title to the link);
Switch Video without Page reload (optional);
HTML5 and Flash Players
Youtube Player settings;
Youtube Parameters (you may pass parameters like hd=1 directly to player).

Security Release! v.4.2.0 More sanitation added.
No more link to our website.

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Reviews: 2
I've installed the free component on my Joomla 1.5.22 site, unfortunately it doesn't fit my needs (there's no way to set a description of each gallery and your logo hids part of title) so I tried to remove it but everytime I do my whole site disappears (when I try to load the homepage I see only a blank page.

Owner's reply

You have to choose another page for your home page then.
When you uninstall extension, and it has been used for your home page - result: no home page.

Reviews: 16
You can´t ask for anything else really...

I would like to have the link to buy the licence and take off the logo more on hand, I went in and out fast and I didnt see it...

Other than that thank you so much, for me is one of the best extension for Joomla I have ever use..

Reviews: 2
Simple to setup, easy configuration, works well. No problems. Developer was very responsive to questions! Thanks!
Reviews: 4

I'm unhappy because I installed YouTube Gallery on a site under development a few months ago -- And, it worked great.

Unfortunately, the time has come to set up CDN, minifying, SEO, SEF, etc.

I wasted a significant amount of time because I kept getting 404 errors when I clicked on a video. I assumed that this was a plugin order problem or a settings problem in the optimizer, CDN, Cache, or the Sitemap.

When I decided I needed to get some support or find another gallery, I came back to the Joomla Extensions site and discovered that the YouTube Gallery doesn't support SEF url's.

The author posted this in response to a comment in September - which was after I had grabbed and installed YouTube Gallery.

Instead of giving this extension an "excellent", I am giving it a "fair" because not supporting SEF is a major issue and should have been prominently posted so that those using or planning to use SEF don't waste a lot of time trying to make it work.

It's really a shame because it is easy to setup and it looked great on the customer's website.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the comment.

I just uploaded a newer version (1.0.5)

So there is SEF URLs support.
Please try again.

Reviews: 13
Was looking for something like this for a while ... and then this came about. Fantastic, works straight away no problems what so ever. Thanks for that.
Recommend it to all. Cheers
Reviews: 1
after installing i got the error:

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /is/htdocs/wp1184180_6DEU33Q7XY/www/includes/router.php on line 325

also it is not possible to select a other video
Owner's reply

This is because the YouTube Gallery doesn't support Search Engine Friendly URLs yet.

Reviews: 1
Looks very well, no problems found, but I must add to the wishlist:

- user should be able to add new links
- search plugin
Owner's reply

Users are able to add as many links as they want. No limits.

Reviews: 1
Very easy working with it. It is a nice extension, but video clip names are not shown on my page.
Owner's reply

you have to have PHP 5.x and need to create php.ini file in the root folder of your website, and include only one line:

allow_url_fopen =on

other way the youtubegallery is unable to download titles from youtube server.

Reviews: 1
I install this component but after turning on core SEF, I get this mistake
Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in includes/router.php on line 325
Reviews: 1
The Extension Looks good and worked fine
made work in just a few mins.

I really Like it
keep it up with new thoughts

My Wishlist or say suggestions

-Category Wise Management of Videos
-Category Wise Layout for Gallery
-Rating management
-Module related to the Component with option of Playing Latest or Top Rated or selected Video.
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