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Jusertube ComponentModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension changed from non-commercial to commercial, thus all ratings and reviews from it's time as non-commercial have been archived.
This joomla extension lists the thumbnails and titles (optional) of latest youtube videos and shows the videos on a Responsive Lightbox/Video Player. Supported Video Sources are:

1. Youtube Channel/User's Upload
2. Youtube Channel/User's Favourites
2. Youtube Channel/User's Subscribed Videos
3. Youtube Playlists

It comes as both component and module. So you can display it on a module positions or assign it to a menu item as a full page component (pagination possible for menu).


Your php host must have cURL (or remote_url_fopen = on) and SimpleXML enabled (Install The Server Test Module from product's webpage to test the compatibility of your hosting server)

This module only displays public videos from a youtube account (private videos are not supported). Check your youtube account/channel/Playlist on the trial site (go to the product's webpage to find the link) to be sure.
Max 1000 videos per youtube channel/playlist (100 for User's Subscribed Videos)


Fully Responsive (Works great on any device)
Youtube Source: Channels, Favorites, Playlists, Subscbied Videos

Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with youtube).

Ability to Sync Immediately (Go to Joomla Admin->Component->Jusertube)

Set the number of videos to show and number of videos to sync

Show/Hide Overlay Video Play Icon (not possible with responsive slider layouts)

Stylish lightbox to show the video.

Ablity to show Description (on 'thumb with description' layout). Description can be truncated as well.

4 layouts for Module and 2 layouts for Component view. Check the demo pages to view each layout

Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click.

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Reviews: 1
This module easy to use - easy to install. Great for working. Great support - Quickly reply.P erfect . Thaks a lot. Great communication, recommended for everyone !!!
Reviews: 3
Fantastic Module, I had an issue when i first installed this due to my joomla template not adding scripts/css.
I emailed the developer and he had in fixed within 30mins.
Great Module, Great Support !
Reviews: 4
Perfect extension with a effecient support ! Thank you and Congratulations !
Who wants to have video in joomla site will not find a better solution
Reviews: 2
Excellent model for doing exactly what was said
Simple installation and easy and if there are problems there are excellent support
Of Afzal Hossain
Thank you for the excellent model
Reviews: 1
This module easy to use - easy to install. Great for working. Great support - Quickly reply. It'll more perfect if: the Number of Videos can be unlimited and can display in pages ̣(for exp. each page can display 20 or 30 video's thumbs...). Thaks a lot.
Reviews: 5
the exnstenion is very good, it doesn't point out that you can only display vidoes from your own account, not others, but its not a problem, just create an account and include all videos you want into your favorites and it works.

What I don't like is the billing company emailing a strange email a month later talking about payment and billing in a poorly worded email which looks like a con or spam - very unusal
Owner's reply

Hi, Just wanted to clarify that you don't need to add videos to your own account. It DOES support videos from other's channels and playlists.
About the payment company, I don't know much about the emails they sent you. I can't control their policy or email words. If you suggest a better payment company I'll consider switching.

Reviews: 26
Works perfectly and the support for when issues do arise is great...
Reviews: 3
This module is perfect. Easy to use and easy to set up with lots of configuration options. Great support too. Can't recommend it enough.
Reviews: 4
This is easy to use - easy to install. Great for working with a person that uploads videos often. I'd have to say if your on the fence. Get it!
Reviews: 7
Great modules. Does all that it claims to do. Only problem was with IE8. Popups don't work. Works find with Firefox, Chrome, Safari. I was told by developer that it works on IE9. Developer even added a fix for Joomla 1.5 flaw regarding popup. Keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 1
This module is very easy to use. I just had to install it and give my youtube username. Dropdowns do all the settings. Later I had to put some CSS on the index.php file to match the style of my site. The developer helped me with that too. Reliable support!
Reviews: 71
I'm making a tabbed area with live social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I wanted an easy way to display my latest Youtube uploads to my channel, and this extension works perfectly. Thumbnail sizes can be set; you can control how many will be displayed; and you can control vertical or horizontal display. Also, videos can open in a lightbox. Well worth the $5!
Reviews: 2
This module is really useful for easy implementation of your youtube channel into your webpage. works excellent
Reviews: 3
Bought this extension after seeing joomlapat's review. He has already said enough. My clients will be happy to see their youtube channel updating on their page automatically.
It would be better if you add some preset styles/ rollover effects etc!
Reviews: 24
I want to give a special mention first, for that fantastic module, second for the patience and friendliness of the developer.

Service like this makes you beleive in Joomla!

What can you do with this module:
You can bring tons of videos from a single or different Youtube Channels and present them on your site the best way possible. All that can be on the same page/article by embedding the single or different modules without any conflict...

The module bring to your site thumbnails of the last Videos from any channels and the Title that accompany them. You can present them horizontally and vertically and with a little bit of css know how, you can achieve that perfect look for your site.

The module refresh for the new videos on the channels (you set the length of time between refresh)

The advantage of the thumbnails is that is way faster to load than an actual embed YouTube Video, I personally made a page with close to 30 channels presenting each 8 videos (all that in an accordion slider plugin given by another developer) and the page load in an acceptable time span for a good connexion (The page load 240 thumbs)

Best of all, each videos can be viewed in the native Joomla modal box.

I encounter small problems to fit what I need and it was done promptly by the developer. Thank’s!

Thanks I love it. Without too much knowledge I add easily some class in the php files to get top notch control. The code is clean, light and relatively simple to modify, even for php complete newbies like me....

Not enough stars to rate...
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