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AutoTube Plugin

Create Joomla articles direct from your YouTube channel!
Create a video on YouTube and it will automatically create an article in Joomla, complete with automatic YouTube video embedding, YouTube description, and a link to your video on YouTube.
* Instant creation of new articles - direct from YouTube!
* Embed your YouTube videos automatically
* Adjust the YouTube video height and width - for both the introduction and main article
* Add the YouTube video description to your new articles
* Add a link to the original YouTube video
* Optional add text above and below the imported YouTube description + video
* Select the Joomla article category for your YouTube video
* Define Joomla article publish status for your YouTube video
* Define how often to check for new YouTube videos
* Advanced YouTube video embedding options for articles
* Language packs available in English and Dutch

Minimum System Requirements
* A YouTube video channel: Select any YouTube channel you like - the YouTube channel name looks something like

* This is a great way to very quickly populate your Joomla site with countless articles and videos from YouTube! Just add the YouTube channel name and enable the plugin!
* If you have suggestions or need support, please email me, or use the support forum on the download page.

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Reviews: 1
-Automatically checks your youTube channel and creates an article each time you upload a new video which saves you a ton of time if you upload a lot of videos.
-Options to have a intro for the article or not, option to limit the characters of the intro. Option to include the video in the main area or not.
-Player size options for intro video and main video.
-Have AutoTube automatically publish the articles or not.
-You can customize the display of the videos and text even further since you can change the CSS of the videos and text in the article. You can edit the css file for the extension and perfect the way your content is displayed within the article and it is automatically applied instead of having to edit the css of each video after its imported.
-Easy to use
-Works correctly, I didn't experience any bugs.
-The developer is extremely nice and answered my emails within a short timeframe and always got back to me.

-The price is a little steep.
-Will not create K2 articles, you will have to use K2's import function to constantly import the articles. But to do this is not easy because if you don't delete the old joomla articles before importing into K2 again you will get duplicates BUT if you do delete the articles AutoTube will recreate the same articles over again. So you will have keep 2 versions of each articles one with joomlas default system and one on K2's which causes a huge issue because then you will always have duplicates when you import into K2 and will have to go through and delete all of them in K2 every time.
-Can only create articles into 1 category. It would be nice if you could grab videos from certain playlists and have those articles created in certain categories depending on the playlist.
So if you have a lot of different videos ( Which is why you are probably using this in the first place ) you would probably want to categorize them instead of having all your videos in one category, which unfortunately you cannot do at the moment. This makes it so you have to set AutoTube not to automatically publish the articles and go through and change the category for each article which makes extra work and makes using AutoTube not as worthwhile.

*OVERALL CONCLUSION: AutoTube is a great extension that has the potential to save you a lot of work if you do not want to use K2 to display your video articles. if you want multiple categories you don't save as much time as you could since it only supports creating articles in one category but Its still helpful even if you do want your videos in more than one category as you are still saving a lot of time not having to actually create the articles.

What AutoTube does it does well and without error. It has plenty of options to style the content however you want with the options for turning off or on the intro or the main video and the option to use custom CSS. The ability to customize the way it displays the content is a big plus and makes this extension much more useful.

It is a little pricey for for the options it has but if you are looking for something to automatically create articles for you with your YouTube videos then this is your Best bet right now.

It could use some more features like K2 support and more than 1 category but what it does have is done very well and will save you time. If those two features were added this would be a perfect extension and completely worth the asking price.

Overall this is a great little extension that can save you a lot of time depending on what your needs are.

If you have the money to spend and want to easily and quickly create many articles with your videos in them and do not mind changing the article categories if you need to than go ahead and pick this extension up and save yourself some time and work.

I hope the developer keeps working on this extension as it really is very useful.

I won't be using it anymore as I have since switched to WordPress to develop my site but if I was still using Joomla I would be using this extension still.
Reviews: 1
Autotube is simple, but it saves me a ton of time. Took about 2 seconds to set up, and it's added around 500 videos from my YouTube channel as articles. I publish videos for my business, and it's awesome to have articles created automatically. Great job!
Reviews: 2
I love using Auto Tube. It takes the difficulty out of publishing everything myself. I don't want to think of how much time I wasted not using Auto Tube. ugh! I just wish I would have found it sooner. It is such an easy install and even the less computer savvy can use! I am an avid supporter of Auto Tube. Highly recommend getting yours to make your own life much easier!
Reviews: 1
This was a super simple install and exceeded my expectations of what it could do. I am recommending to everyone I know, a very user-friendly product. Thank you Autotube! You have simplified what used to take me forever!
Reviews: 12
I have a blog that auto-publishes youtube videos once a week. Works like a charm - I never have to think about it. Easy set up, good config options. I did make a couple of custom changes to the article content.
Reviews: 1
I publish videos every day. It's a daunting task to create an article for each video. You don't know how much time it is saving me. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 10
Seems a great plugin, but which code {....} Must I to use?
Owner's reply

Hi Boris, thanks for your message. You don't need to use any { } code - the plugin runs automatically to create new articles in your Joomla system, with embedded Youtube video and description.

Reviews: 1
I take it correctly the section, making only the category and therefore not shown in the home, but good
This plugin would appreciate if you fixed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Just to confirm - the sections and categories are now correctly integrated, so new youtube videos automatically generate a new article in the correct section and category.