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Viper Youtube Video Gallery Pro Module

Youtube/Vimeo Video Gallery with 22 Preset Layout Themes! Thumbnail Scroller, Static or Popup Media Displays, yes it does Playlists, override thumbs & video data, non-flash so it works on mobile devices. Fast Loading, video data caching. This module is very easy to customize and use. Finally a plug & play extension that will have your video gallery pages ready to go live within minutes. Just install it, choose a preset style, customize it with the many styling options, add your video URLs, and you're ready to roll.


Version 2.0 Features:
- 22 Preset Layout Themes!
- 18 Thumbnail Scroller Themes + 4 Grid Style Layout Themes
- Static Media Display or Popup Media Display
- 4 popup mediabox styles including Dark, Light, Ultimate, and Minimal
- Tons of additional styling options to quickly customize it in minutes
- Just list the Youtube URLs, YouTube Playlist URLs or Vimeo URLs and let the module do the rest!
- You can even override YouTube Thumbnails, Video Titles & Video Descriptions
- 4 popup mediabox styles including Dark, Light, Ultimate, and Minimal
- Non flash so it works on smart phones with JavaSript enabled
- Works on iPhones, iPad, Droid, Galaxy, etc.
- Loads video with JavaScript without reloading the entire page
- Automatically gets the video data from youtube or Vimeo
- Option to cache video data locally for faster page loads
- Improved Overall Performance
- New administrator Interface with Color Picker

New Player Features:
- Auto Play (Youtube & Vimeo) - set autoplay with cookies
- Loop videos (Youtube & Vimeo)
- Play HD (Youtube)
- Auto Hide Video controls (Youtube)
- Remove Youtube Logo (Youtube)
- Change Youtube player colors (Youtube)
- Change Control Colors (Vimeo)
- Include User Portrait (Vimeo)

New Video Data Features:
- Display Video Titles
- Display Video Description
- Display Video Duration
- Display Video Views
- Display Video Rating
- Display Video Category
- Display Video Tags

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Reviews: 6
I used this extension for quite some time, but apparently after updating to Joomla 3.3 it came up with errors. I tried contacting the developer through his support forum, but no answer at all.
Additional his ticket system does not work.
So I have to give a one star review to this component
Reviews: 10
This may have been a good extension but the developer seems to not be supporting it. I bought the extension and never actually received it. I had to do a paypal reversal of charges. This should be taken off the JED until the dev is contactable and fixes his issues.
Reviews: 3
This module works like a charm. The only con on this module is that it is not responsive. On my J3.24 site it works perfectly and is easy to use.

As another user stated that this component can be used only once, it is not true. All you have to do is copy the module and configure that module and embed it where you want.

For me it is a winner when they make it responsive too.
Reviews: 10
Poor to mediocre extension. The module can only be used once, no responsive mode.

It is worth to watch around a little bit, there are better YouTube extensions for this money.
Reviews: 4
This extension is easy to install and configure even for novices like me. It automatically displays the cover images from YouTube. An extra bonus is that one can easily display YouTube playlists and later changes will be updated by the extension.

I had a little difficulty because the module was not compatible with another extension I'm using but a quick email to the developer (Dallas Moore) solved the problem. Dallas's respond was quick and he gave me very useful advice on other things which were outside my query. Extraordinary service!
Reviews: 4
I have bought this module and it work well in my website. But until now (version 2.0.3) this module still not support for multiple module. So this module cannot appear in the same page if you duplicate this module. Have contact the developer from their forum and also there are several member request it, but still have no solution for this.
Reviews: 3
Guys... make sure that your email is not going to the spam box.
I spoke with Dallas and he is a great guy! Help me a lot with the player and also fix some things that I requested for.

One of the best support here!!!

Thanks Dallas! God Bless you my friend!
What a great module, it makes my website looks professional!
Reviews: 2
Module doesn't work with Vimeo and barely works with Youtube - dissappointing.
Reviews: 2
This plug in is AWESOME! Worked just the way I wanted it right out of the box. I love it! I hate paying for extensions, but I love this and glad I did.
Reviews: 1
I don't usually leave comments, but as I paid for this extension I thought I would share my thoughts. The install was straight forward enough, as all Joomla installs seem to be. After activating and publishing the test data (good that it is included, so you know what to do) all worked exactly as expected. Excellent so far. I then deleted the test data and inserted a youtube playlist link, that's when I had problems, all sorts of php errors on the page. After a little trial and error I found out you have to be exact with the link, play the first video in the playlist and then copy and paste the link from the URL bar, and add &split=1 at the end of the URL.
The second point is really why I am posting, there is a limit on the number of videos you can display in the playlist, it will only process the first 25 from the list, the rest are dropped. The solution to this is to make or use playlists of 25 videos or less and then list them in order in the setting page, if you use a grid layout as I did they will show up seamlessly. This is annoying as it means you have to edit playlists in youtube or make your own. Note to developer, please find a way to resolve this limitation as it makes an otherwise nice product annoying to use. That is the reason for only 4 stars.
Reviews: 3
I bought two other extensions before this one a both cost a lot more. They allow you to upload your own videos but their layouts sucked.

This module has a very professional look and feel. I love it.

Great buy...
Reviews: 3
I bought and downloaded this extension based on how nice it looks and how well it's configured. However, there was a conflict with a CSS file in the template on the site on which I wished to use it. I posted my problem on the developer's forum and in a couple of fairly quick exchanges, he looked at the site and provided me with a line of custom code to add to the template's CSS file to make the extension work correctly. Every developer could learn from Dallas and the way he treats his customers. Thanks, man.
Reviews: 1
We bought this module about a month ago and it works great, really like the new video data features; I had a few questions during the install and sent the support a short list of questions about midnight - I had a response within 10 minutes - how about that for service?! Who knows, maybe these guys are night owls, lol
Reviews: 1
complex packed into a friendly sized module and easy u.i
this is an exceptional module, outstanding performance and user friendly u.i packed into one slot. costumer support is great, if he's not getting back to you guys he's a one man army he'll get it done
Reviews: 1
Was apprehensive, due to some of the other reviews, to order this extension but I pulled the trigger and so far I have needed to contact the developer twice and have had feedback within the same working day. Thanks Viper!
Reviews: 1
As a fairly new user to joomla I was impressed with the support I got from the developer. Fast response, courteous, and helped me out with non related issues on my site as well!
Reviews: 6
This module does just what it's supposed to do. I found it easy to configure and it works great! Although it does not mention being Joomla 3.0 compatible, it does seem to be, and also works great on Joomla 2.5 sites.
Reviews: 1
i bought this one and although it's written it support 2.5 version it's not!! i contacted the support by the mail they are giving and no answer for a week now.....
Reviews: 1
I'm not gonna flame the developer of this module, but customer service and support are not a priority. The other reviews here pretty much tell the story, as do the numerous unanswered posts on the dev's forum.

I would advise doing some research and shopping around a bit before you decide to purchase this module.
Reviews: 11
Really nice extension. Would be excellent if there was an option to add a YT or Vimeo channel and skip the whole process of adding individual videos...
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