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Bootstrap Youtube Video Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
The module can be used to place a responsive (RWD) YouTube video into any module position.

It embed's the video and uses some simple/cool CSS tricks to make it responsive.

See a working example module on the right of the Responsive Video page.

Fixed width/height parameters have been left in the module - but do not use if you want the video to be responsive, as it will fix the videos size.

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Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension a couple of weeks ago. It isn't working at all. I sent numerous emails to the developer and had not one response. I recommend that others not purchase this extension.

Owner's reply

1. Anna - you didn't buy this module, you bought the Youtube Playlist module. This is the single Youtube video module!!!

2. With a view to the Youtube Playlist module that you actually bought - the issues lie with your template and too many JavaScript files conflicting, which I have reported to you.

3. Just to correct you - this module was purchased by you a week ago, not a couple.

And lastly, as a web designer/developer you should really know how to find the conflicts that 'your' template is causing.

My advise would be not to blame the creator of an extension until you know what you are talking about. This module & the Playlist module has many, many happy users - who also know what they are doing & enable it on 'good' templates.

Reviews: 6
we bought this module to use video with resizing features.

No problem with the installation, but this module is not working at all.
We contacted the team and we received one answer; to propose help. Just one answer.
And after one week, any answer yet, and we sent a lot of emails.

We tried many things to run this module, but nothing works.

We also asked for a refund, but no answer.

So, our advise, don't buy this poor module.
Owner's reply

From this review I can not tell who you are.

But I have not received any emails from anyone who has encountered problems with this very simple module.

If you would like to email again, I am happy to help. If you would like a refund, I am also happy to do that for time wasters.

Hint: maybe another rogue template being used or a simple CSS conflict!!!