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YouTube Embedder Plugin

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This is a plugin that makes it dead simple to embed YouTube videos into your site. You no longer need to use the {youtube}...{/youtube} tags. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into your articles. The plugin takes care of the rest! What could be more simple?

It's now responsive too.

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Reviews: 7
Works fine, perfect easy its just wonderfull!!!
Reviews: 1
After using hundreds of joomla extensions, this is the only one that ever made me say that!

SO DANG EASY! I kept thinking when I read the "instructions" that there must be more, but no, all you do it put the link in and the video player appears like magic!

thank you Cory!
Reviews: 1
perfect and simple.. just paste the url in the html mode and voila!
Reviews: 1
Download, install and run. Easier is impossible.

Great work guys!
Reviews: 1
i've been looking for something like that!!

perfect and simple.. just paste the url in the html mode and voila!

thank you sir! you saved the day!
Reviews: 16
Thank you for this excellent plugin that makes embedding a youtube video a piece of cake. I installed plugin + embedded 2 videos in less than 5 minutes :-) To be able to embed multiple videos in one article is great!

Looking forward to settings for making the video larger or smaller. I bet it's coming ;-)
Reviews: 4
I needed a way to embed multiple youtube videos. Many of the other plugins would only allow me to submit one video per article.. This did the trick. Very quick easy installation..
Reviews: 3
Simple and easy to use, just copy the link of a video and plug-in takes care of it.
Thank you !
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