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OSYouTube Plugin

This is a plugin that makes it dead simple to embed YouTube videos into your site. You no longer need to use the tags. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into your articles. The plugin takes care of the rest! What could be more simple?

It's now responsive too.

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Reviews: 6
The easiest way to show youtube video on J! site.
To be perfect maybe it could clean anything in youtube link after "http://.../watch?v=AbCdEf12345".
At current time it keeps unnecessary "&feature=player_embedded" or "&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2E ... &feature=player_embedded" as text in content, cause of less experienced publishers to manage links...
It's not an issue, but maybe plugin could help to solve it :)
YouTube Embedder never failed to catch a link and show it as video.
Nice work, thanks! ;)
Reviews: 2
I have delayed posting my site for nearly 18 months because the way it was set up for me, I could not get Youtube Videos to play.
I found this plug in and presto. It's so easy to get video working. I can't believe I didn't look for a better solution such as this one earlier. This has the goods and more!
Reviews: 16
This is just great..

Thank you so much...

Just a question if I want to change the color of it??? like at you tube gives you that opiton??

Owner's reply

Hi rubenpv,

There are currently no options for that. This was originally built to just be a simple way to add YouTube videos to a site, and I didn't want to complicate it with too many options. That's a good idea for a future release, though.


Reviews: 7
Works fine, perfect easy its just wonderfull!!!
Reviews: 1
After using hundreds of joomla extensions, this is the only one that ever made me say that!

SO DANG EASY! I kept thinking when I read the "instructions" that there must be more, but no, all you do it put the link in and the video player appears like magic!

thank you Cory!
Reviews: 1
perfect and simple.. just paste the url in the html mode and voila!
Reviews: 1
Download, install and run. Easier is impossible.

Great work guys!
Reviews: 1
i've been looking for something like that!!

perfect and simple.. just paste the url in the html mode and voila!

thank you sir! you saved the day!
Reviews: 16
Thank you for this excellent plugin that makes embedding a youtube video a piece of cake. I installed plugin + embedded 2 videos in less than 5 minutes :-) To be able to embed multiple videos in one article is great!

Looking forward to settings for making the video larger or smaller. I bet it's coming ;-)
Reviews: 3
I needed a way to embed multiple youtube videos. Many of the other plugins would only allow me to submit one video per article.. This did the trick. Very quick easy installation..
Reviews: 3
Simple and easy to use, just copy the link of a video and plug-in takes care of it.
Thank you !
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