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Advanced Google Plus Badge Module

Advanced Google Plus Badge Module link your Google+ page to your site - Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+ with this great Joomla! module.

Features :

- This module use Original Google Plus Script
- Style (Standard Badge, Small Badge, Small Icon, Medium Icon, Large Icon, No badge)
- Theme (Light or Dark badge)
- Heigth and width customization of Badge
- Customize Name and Alt of Icon style
- Tag Type (HTML5 Valid Syntax or Default g:plus tag)
- Enable or Disable Asynchronous Mode
- Parse (Onload or Explicit mode)
- Badge Language Configuration (All languages)
- Fully documented Module
- Multilanguage Module (English and French)
- No "Powered By" Footer Link
- Module Class Suffix

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Reviews: 6
This extension works like a charm. I used another extension at first which cause a Fatal Error and so I tried this one. With this extension there we no problems and it is an easy to use Module.
Reviews: 7
I am using this mod since version 1.5 and would like to thank the developer for this free module. The only thing I have complain about is that when you click on the G+ icon it should open an new window so that the original window is still present.
Reviews: 8
The Advanced-Google-Plus-Badge-Module is just awesome! This module is perfect for a googleplus-newbie like me.

it is very easy to install and there are many features to make it
easy for any one to custom it without a single problem.
installed it on my joomla 2.5.4 in just seconds

The Support is very very good and makes me happy - i am glad that i found this great

@ the developer: keep up the superb work - it rocks!!!
Reviews: 2
There were no difficulties in installing and setting up this one. Very useful extension.
Reviews: 1
Hi, it's very good this module i can add google badge without difficulty in my joomla! website blog, it's very easy to configure it with advanced parameters, thank you !!