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Codeboxr All-In-One-Linkedin-Widgets Module

All-in-One Linkedin Widgets is a bundle Linkedin plugins as Joomla module. Before you check our module details we will recommend to check the plugin overview page in Linkedin itself ( What we did is made this easy for you to add these plugins through Joomla as module.

Suppose you want to show your or your company's Linkedin profile badge in Joomla then this module will save your life. Saves you much development time.

* Features
** Supported Linkedin plugins that works out of the box.
*** Member Profile
*** Company Insider
*** Company Profile
*** Default Module parameters

*** Widget Box width for member and company profile (Added from V2.0)

*** Module class suffix
*** Caching yes/no
*** Caching time

* what’s special in this module ?

*** For Linkedin method-Synchronous/Asynchronous way of injecting javascript. Asynchronous way will help for lazy loading the box and browser will not hang to load it.
*** Avoid adding js in Normal JS mode
*** Language selection option.

* Usages

** How to get profile url or company url for your Linkedin Profile.

* For profile widget/module setting you need to put your public profile url
* Login to your Linkedin, From main menu Profile->View Profile
Now the url mentioned as “Public Profile”
* Click here to check the screenshot(
* To get your company Name or ID
After login or from home page, go from Companies->Your Company
Or any company you follow
* Click this here to see screenshot how to get the company name(
* Again if you are advance user and own the company profile in Linkedin then Click the admin tools in company profile page and then mouse hover on delete, see the status bar for your exact company id.
* Again you can go here, Type your company name , example “Codeboxr”, hit enter, click “Get Code”, See the value in data-id, For codeboxr it will show “2282648″

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