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Atom Linkedin Module

In our advanced Internet world, social networking has become an inevitable part of every user. There are many social networking sites that allow individuals to interact with friends, relatives, strangers, etc., but one of the most unique sites is LinkedIn. It is a professional networking site where individuals can interact with businessmen, companies, prospective colleagues, etc. Hence, LinkedIn is a networking website that allows you to make contacts with individuals having recognizable qualifications in some field or industry. Being a professional networking site that gives an opportunity to fulfill various needs for work, LinkedIn is chosen by millions of individuals and companies as a proper platform to mark online presence.

There are various features that can be availed by the members of LinkedIn to know certain details about a prospective company or individual. But, most of these features involve lots of complexities in finding the right data. Hence, to facilitate the needs of members, LinkedIn offers various tools or widgets that simplify its complexities. Using these tools allows you to focus on the actual data you are looking for and avoid the other sections of a member’s or company’s information. LinkedIn tools and widgets are offered on the website and it provides a series of benefits to the members who prefer installing it. Atom LinkedIn is one such tool that divides various functions and organizes them in order to facilitate a simplification of the data. Here are some of the LinkedIn fields which are configured by various tools because they are searched by members extremely.

• LinkedIn Company Profile: You can check necessary information about a company by installing this plugin of the Module. Information is displayed in the form of pop ups when the plugin is installed. All you need to do is enter the company name in the required search box.

• LinkedIn Member Profile: Basic information of a member and his profession can be seen by entering the ID number of the member in this plugin of Atom LinkedIn.

• LinkedIn Company Inside: This section offers details about the performance and inner-details of the company. You can explore imperative information such as reports, performance, number of employees and location by using Atom LinkedIn within minutes.

• LinkedIn Company (Relevant vacancies): This section allows you to look for jobs and vacancies that suits your profession and meets the needs of the company as well.

How to manage LinkedIn connections easily?

Joomla module comprises of various tools that provides ease of access to the members of LinkedIn. The Atom LinkedIn divides the sections and provides a tremendous number of benefits to every LinkedIn user. It is an all-in-one module that can be used to update information about your company, browse details of members and companies and look for suitable jobs. The Atom LinkedIn Module provides full time support to Joomla users who participate actively on LinkedIn

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Reviews: 47
Extension claims to help you have your LinkedIn profile embedded in your site, but fails utterly.

It is indeed pushing it's own link to promote a website

Would it have been a link to author's site to have him some credits, I'll not mind, but this is pure promotion at a cost of making fool out of us.

not sure why is this one lying on JED.
Reviews: 2
An extension that links to the data in linkedin easly while staying on the current site. Easy to use and nice informative excention.