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MaQma Social menu Plugin

The Social Menu Plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to place links to your social networks links. You can configure the plugin to display links for 7 different websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, RSS, Vimeo and YouTube.

The items are enabled if they have a link inside it, you can enable all or only some of them, the ones that are left blank are not displayed in the website.

You can choose from 2 different styles - one is displayed in the top-left side of the website and is hidden, displaying when the mouse hovers it, the other is shown in the bottom-left side of the website and is always visible.

27 Oct. 2010 - v1.1 : The new release allows you to set the icons size in the style2.

25 May 2011 - Joomla!1.6 version also available.

Next release will allow you set the position of the menu (top, bottom, left, right). Any other ideas for more options just let us know :)

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Reviews: 1
I spent 4 hour with other modules before I found this one. This is the best social button I found. I needed google+ instead of myspace. I was able to open and XML file and change it in under 3 minutes. This is the also my first review on the site. Thank you 1000%.
Reviews: 2
Great module, I have to admit that set of these icons is really nice and good looking.

However, there is one little problem. Opera (I´m using 11.61 - last version) has problem with this module. When you click on one of icons, they disappear and they won´t show again until you restart browser. I´m curios where problem might be.
Reviews: 15
Encountered a few problems:

1. could not use the "hidden" menu style at all. this would generate grey boxes with no icons

2. Appeared incompatible with IE7. Only one social media icon would appear at the bottom of the screen. (and it appeared cut-off)

Because of this, client refused to use this extension as there desktops are all on IE7.

Could not seem to find any support for the extension on their site short of a simple manual.

Looking for other extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, couldn't reproduce it in IE7, if you get in touch with us we can check directly in your website :)

Reviews: 2
it is very nice plugin we just need to have the option of keeping it in a fixed position thanks alot
Reviews: 9
So easy to use and it looks great...This is one I will be using a lot!....Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot. We have a new version of it with support to Joomla! 1.7 to be released next week :)

Reviews: 2
Thank you very much, this realy adds more dimension tomy website. Very easy install en tweak.

Furthermore what menu did you use on your website (maqma)?
Owner's reply

Thanks. Im glad people is liking it :)

Regarding the menu it is part of the template from yootheme.

Reviews: 19
This plugin is very well developed and designed. Stop the hassle of trying to find a social networking plugin that isn't clean or well placed on your site. This plugin does just that. Thanks guys.
Owner's reply

Thanks :) We've just updated and in the style2 you can now set the icons size to 32, 48 or 64 pixels.

Reviews: 1
Many thanks for your time spent developing this little plugin. Installed and configured and it works and looks great.!
Owner's reply

Thanks :) We've just updated and in the style2 you can now set the icons size to 32, 48 or 64 pixels.