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Demente Social Module

Demente Social is a simple extension to display links to your profiles in social networks. The links are shown as a list of icons. The module is easy to install and use and should integrate flawlessly into any template. Besides the social network links you can also choose to show a link to the RSS feed of the current page, same as the syndication module. In the advanced settings you can choose to add the rel attributes "me" and "nofollow". You can also choose not to load the stylesheet and include the short CSS in your template's stylesheet. Enjoy!

The icons used by default were made by Komodomedia ( ). Special Thanks to them!

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Reviews: 1
Looks perfect but can´t select icons

i downloaded 3.0 version and still no icons. help
Reviews: 1
I too had a problem with the drop down menu in Joomla 3.1.5. which is now fixed. I contacted the developer and the it was sorted immediately. This module is excellent and I was really impressed at the speedy response and fix. Brilliant!
Reviews: 31
A very nice looking and functional extension, which is also very easy to configure on J! 3.1.5. Support is great, had a problem and Bruno resolved it within the day, and even emailed me a link to the new version. Excellent!
Reviews: 3
Downladed the module today and installed it without problem on a joomla 3.1.5 Website.
But in the configuration of the module I can´t select icons. The dropdown field seems to be broken.

I gave an "Excellent" for the great idea....
Owner's reply

There was indeed a problem with the dropdowns but it is fixed now. Just make sure to download the 3.0 version. Thanks for rating.

Reviews: 2
Great! Really surprised how easy and fast i could install it, Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thanks! Simplicity and ease is what was striven for.

Reviews: 1
Very easy, very stylish and integrated perfectly to joomla.
Can't ask for more....
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review ;)

Reviews: 32
This is the best module in social presence on websites so far,,,it doesn't require any kinda of j query , or anything, you just need to add your social links and set it to a position & you are done,,,its really nice and what made it the best is it contains all the social icons that we may know and may not and beside all that ,,its a free module ,,,amazing work ,,,a million thanks to the developer and i wish you more success with other - upcoming projects much luv & respect
Owner's reply

Much appreciated ^^. Great to know you like it.

Reviews: 2
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this is to install and configure. It's a no-brain er! In 5 minutes I had it up and published. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Good to see it's as simple as intended ;)

Reviews: 13
This is exactly what I was looking for. I've tried a few other modules today, but this it the best I found.

All I wanted to do was instal simple, square icons for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to allow users to navigate from my website to a new page for each of these social networking profiles.

This extension did exactly that.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words. Have fun with it ^^

Reviews: 1
Fast customization (just change icons files in the folder), easy to use and configure... amazing module!

Owner's reply

Thanks for your review :)

Reviews: 2
simple and easy to use...
I like it so much.

Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

Reviews: 2
Does what it says, good simple animation.
I am having a problem with K2 and background image, but the module works great.
Owner's reply

What problem are you having with K2? We have used it with it but didn't find any styling issues.

Reviews: 2
Just installed this extension module and it works perfectly. Great job! Thank You
Owner's reply

Glad to hear that ;)

Reviews: 1
Simply great and beautiful. Just install, put the links and use. Congratulations!
Owner's reply

Thank you and enjoy it ;)

Reviews: 6
The main thing with these kinds of modules is that it's easy to configure and place on the website without messing things up. It doesn't get better than this :-)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 5
It's an excellent module but missing Google +1. Please add Google +1.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The google+ icons can be added just by copying the icons to the icons folder. The link in the description points to the icon pack used, which already includes the g+ icons. We'll add them to the download later.