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Social Media Wizard ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Exciting Features Include - 8 Animated Mouse-Over Effects to choose from built right into the module itself.

Plus!! - A custom Mouse-Over Effect that allows you to design your own unique Mouse-Over Animation that no one else has!

What's Included:

This package includes:

Social Media Profiles Wizard for Joomla 1.5 (Module & Plugin)
Social Media Profiles Wizard for Joomla 2.5-3.x (Module & Plugin)

General Overview:

In this FREE VERSION of our Social Media Profile Wizard you can display a link to 3 different social media networking sites. Use this module to help increase the number of followers you have on all of the top social networking sites.


3 Social Media Sites to Choose From
Display the Links in any View: (Article, Category, or Front Page)
Display the Links at the Top or Bottom of Your Articles (or Both)
Embed Code - Place the Icons Anywhere Within any Article
Choose the Size of the Icons (2px to 64px)
Create Custom CSS Style Code in Plugin Configuration

Built in Mouse-Over Animated Effects:

> Dog Ear
> Enlarge Icon
> Shrink Icon
> Shift Icon Up
> Highlight Icon
> Rotate Icon
> Bullseye
> Custom


In this version of our module you have total control over how you would like to display your icons. You can choose to display your icons in any size, all the way from 24px up to 128px and any size in between.

In the Plugin you can choose to display the icons in article view, category view or frontpage view. You can also exclude articles by listing their numbers so the icons will not be displayed if you do not want them to be. Just added 'embed code' feature. This allows you to place the icons anywhere within any article simply by placing an embed code within the article text. {socialmediawizard}

Eight totally new mouse-over special animated effects have also been added so you can create a unique look all your own.

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Reviews: 16
Very easy to install.
Please note - the graphic in the module text (installed) implies you have a choice of 100+ icons, but you can only install 3, and not all you see in that graphic are available. They should clarify this in the text, or change the graphic in the module left column (when installed and open).
But, this free version worked very well. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Just plain and simple it does what is says. The word wizzard maybe suggests something with some steps. But it is just install and fil out.
I like it..
A super enhancement would be a inline popup of the page. But that is for the 10+