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Golem Social Box Module

A Joomla module that integrates different social networks on your site.

Incorporates the following features:
- Facebook Like Box (HTML5)
- Twitter Follow Button
- Follow Pinterest Button
- Google + Page Badge
- Subscribe to RSS

The project also can be found at

Release History:

- Release Version 1.3.2
-- Fixed some errors with the Module Class Sufix

- Release Version 1.3.1
-- Added support for Module Class Sufix

- Release Version 1.2.1
-- Delete deprecated language files tag on the manifest file

- Release Version 1.1.1
-- Added support for Google+ Profiles
-- Google+ Badge code updated to the lastest version
-- Some errors are fixed in this release, on the manifest and language files

- Release Version 1.0.0
-- First release

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Reviews: 2
Looks nice and was up and running in minutes.

Nice Job!
Reviews: 1
Very pleased with the quality of the module. Wowww Real Nice ,5 stars are not enough to rate this component.
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