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JJ Social Slider Module

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Social Slider is a simple module that appears in a fixed position, either on the left or right hand side of your page. Upon hovering over an icon, the bar slides out using CSS3 transitions, providing a small caption which you can link to a social network page.

The icons supported:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- MySpace
- Youtube
- LinkedIn
- Steam
- Last.FM
- Pinterest
- Soundcloud
- Tumblr
- Github
- Flickr
- Vimeo

We also support custom slides, allowing you to add your own.

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Reviews: 23
easy install; easy adjustments in ordering the various sliders by dragging them to new position - which makes the extension even better than it was; easy color adjustments in the css file; and ready for the transfer to J3.x; what more could you wish for?
many thanks, much appreciated
Reviews: 11
This has to be the best social bar I've seen to date. Simple to install, just hide it in any position and it just works!!! Tons of social links plus room for custom links and RSS too. Plus, vary the color to fit your site. Excellent ... hats off!
Reviews: 1
An wonderful module and absolute easy to configure.

Also as a newbie the team from Joom Junk helped me in a lot different questions.

Thanks a lot for this. A pleasure to work with!
Reviews: 3
Thank you..a great example of how 'less is more'. Very straightforward and looks great! :)
Reviews: 2
I really like this extension, it looks good and it can be disabled for smaller screens, awesome!
Reviews: 10
After hours of searching and trying I found this amazing social slider. Within a minute or so I got what I had always dreamed off;-). Easy to install and to customzise and with a very professional look. Thank you Joomjunk people for making this great extension and sharing it for free.
Reviews: 7
An amazing module! Easy install and configuration, with enough room for customization.
Thanks a lot for this one and keep up the good work!!
Reviews: 1
What a great social extension. It was very simple to use, almost self explanatory. Simply install, make your settings and its beautiful. I had one little issue that support answered immediately. It was a template conflict and they gave me two options to fix it. Worked like a charm. I will definitely use this again!
Reviews: 1
It's my first rating, and it got 5/5, i wish i could rate it 10/5 :-(
Reviews: 2
One of the best social module. It is very easy to install and manage it and there are a lot of social networks available.
Highly recommended !
Reviews: 15
Worked out of the box - no tweaking. Has an option to make your icons dark or white which is awesome anyone owning a dark site. So in other words no CSS edits!! woohoo!!! Besides all you need to edit is in the module options itself.
A big plus is that it did NOT break my site! yay, again! All js modules and comps are still working without flaw.
Reviews: 1
I searched 'Steam' to see if there was a plugin I could use to integrate steam to my website, and this came up and solved all of my problems. I don't need any other social plugins now thanks to Social Slider!
Reviews: 5
My personal opinion is that this is probably the best social module. Easy to install and manage. Excellent support and regular updates. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
This an awesome extension along with a very fast and effective support and develop team.

I have to say a special thanks to Charlie Lodder the Founder/Admin of JoomJunk for his assistance.
Reviews: 5
It is really easy to use and I think is it is not enough stars for me to give this module.
Reviews: 2
Awesome extension! Thumbs up :) Been looking for a while for something similar.
Keep up the good work (y)
Reviews: 2
JJ Social Slider is an awesome module, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, it's very easy to setup and the design of this module is just beautiful.

Joomjunk support is excellent, they even helped me for something that has nothing to do with their extensions. They really are great guys !!
I will keep an eye on their website and test all their new extensions.
Reviews: 2
JoomJunk has produced an excellent module called JJ Social Slider. I've used this module on a few of my websites so far and have been very happy with the ease of configuration and how it actually functions on the websites. I did have to gain clarification from the developer on the position for the module location "debug", but the developer was very responsive, respectful and helpful.

I'm looking forward to the other social media sites being integrated into the module in the near future.

Five stars from me for an excellent piece of software!

Thanks so much,

Reviews: 2
perfect little tool for facebook and twitter, good job guys make more please :D 5*
Reviews: 51
Looks great, simple clean look, and it uses module position to make it easier to control where it's displayed.
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