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Anything Tabs Plugin

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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Anything Tabs lets you put up to 6 static tabs on your website. These tabs can be used for anything you want! They can be turned on or off individually and you can specify your links in the plugin parameters. We give you 11 of the most popular tabs in 10 themes. This gives you 110 different tabs to get started, but if you need more, we include the source file so you can make your own! Tabs include Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Myspace, Bebo, Linked In, Blogger, Delicious, You Tube, and Stumble Upon.

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Reviews: 7
Very easy to use, works like a charm, the file "anything_tabs.php" allows css adjustments.
Thank you!
Amiel Horowitz
Reviews: 1
This extension is fantastic due to its simplicity. I used it to link my website to facebook and twitter. It's super easy to install and use/personalize. Also, it looks good on all devices that I've tried (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, PC).
Thanks for a great plug-in!
Reviews: 12
beautiful, clean and easy. Comes with different designs to match your site. I really like the designs that come from PixelPointCreative. I would recommend visiting their site for other extensions and just pure inspiration! Thanks
Reviews: 2
This is a fantastic plugin and allows great interactivity with my social media sites.


Reviews: 8
A very nice little plugin to display social media links. Took a while to find it due to the name not linking itself to social icons but once found I'll never go back! :)

Now for a Joomla 3 version please!
Reviews: 4
This is a really nifty little plg. Love it. thanks!
Reviews: 1
great plugin, just one issue with me: in Opera Mini on android devices it appears in the middle of the page over the content. Please fix that and it will be perfect.
Reviews: 6
This is a great plugin!

I really like the tabs in the corner :)

I hope we will be able to change the position instead of a static fix.

Keep it up!
Reviews: 2
Awesome Job team ...Thanks for this nice plug in. This is your second plug in I am using on My Site.
This plug-in does not include hundreds of social site but only important ones which are really useful.Thanks for keeping it free.
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this great plugin, its was simple and easy to install and setup on J2.5. and is a must have for any site.
Reviews: 3
This extension is really great. I use it my two websites, it was really easy and fast to install and customize.
I had small issue with my template and pop-up windows, it was handle by support in no time.
Reviews: 2
This extension is really one of the best I did ever install. It was easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use

In this plugin was missing icon for google+, so I wrote to creator and guess what... just few hours later I get email about new version available for download.

So great support. Thank you very much, I can recommend this extension.

Sorry for my english, but I wanted to write this review for this great plugin.
Reviews: 1
This is the "no brainer" of plug-ins. Total time to set up was about 6 seconds...Just get it already.
Reviews: 4
I need not waste words here.

Simple & easy to make it work.

Most importantly, Gives your site an positive aesthetic appeal.

Thank you for the plugin.
Reviews: 5
Exactly what i was looking for!
Reviews: 2
Great and easy to use plugin. Configuration done in a sec. For a new site I wanted to add social profile buttons on the homepage, but actually didn't have any room for it. Anything Tabs proved to be the solution I was looking for.
Reviews: 4
Excellent, nice looking and easy to set up. Thanks to the development team
Reviews: 1
Was searching high and low for this type of plug in and finally found it! Great options in colours, positioned well and ability to create your own icons.

Easy to install and use!

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 3
Great and easy to use plugin ! thanks
Reviews: 5
Just easy to use and I recommend it to everybody.
Maybe some more colors in te selection and positioning options would make it even better.
Keep up the good work!
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