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Anything Tabs Plugin

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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Anything Tabs lets you put up to 6 static tabs on your website. These tabs can be used for anything you want! They can be turned on or off individually and you can specify your links in the plugin parameters. We give you 11 of the most popular tabs in 10 themes. This gives you 110 different tabs to get started, but if you need more, we include the source file so you can make your own! Tabs include Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Myspace, Bebo, Linked In, Blogger, Delicious, You Tube, and Stumble Upon.

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Reviews: 1
Simple, easy to set-up, and unlimited possibiliies !
Perfect for me in his category.
Reviews: 5
Thank you! Thank you!. I'm pretty particular with the extensions I add and this works so easily and perfectly. I love it! A must have if you want to add some creative spice to your site. Being able to link to whatever you want and create your own buttons... a huge plus!
Reviews: 2
Very simple extension for a very simple purpose.

Looked through multiple facebook/twitter modules, or in some cases created my own custom html module with a simple graphic and used that, but came across this one which inserts itself in a typically unused portion of the screen and it does everything I want. Excellent.
Reviews: 29
I had a specific use for this extension. I was redoing a site on abuse for a client and they wanted a "Panic button" that would take the user to a different site if the abuser walked in. Anything Tabs did the job perfectly.

But we had a problem where the tab was appearing in the "Add an image" dialog box. I added some code as specified by Dan, the dev. It didn't work, so he logged into the site and spent considerable time fixing it. Turned out to be a problem with the Artisteer template. Thanks Dan, you're the man! Couldn't ask for better help and support. Wish all devs were like this.
Reviews: 1
Like a charm! Almost perfect!

Just lacks the positioning, but it is still way better than anything I have seen!
Reviews: 1
I like it. It's simple in installation and use, but has enough options for easy customization. Must have for many sites - five stars.
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
These little tabs are cool and useful. Installation and configuration were super easy. You need these for your site.
Reviews: 7
This is the type of extesnion that makes you want to use Joomla forever. Very easy to install and use, fancy, works great. Excellent job!
Reviews: 8
I plugged it in, entered the information and whala! I have static tabs.

Thank you for this terrific component.
Reviews: 1
Wonderful work guys!! This is quick, fast, and has some wonderful themes.
Reviews: 2
I was searching hours and found nothing.
I found this "Sticky Social" where domain didn't exist...
But I saw your site and finally found your tabs! I'm so glad to find a solution for using tabs!
You have to be higher in the google ranks because in my searches for (joomla social tabs) I didn't found you. Hope you'll keep that on!
Reviews: 1
From design point of view Anything Tabs allows a siteowner to have social networking or any type of tab on their site making it noticeable but not overbearing unlike massive banners or copious lines of social networking icons.

It's a tidy solution to people whom already might have alot of content on their site, or wish to approach design with minimalism. I highly recommend this and am very grateful for being able to get this for free.

Should I also mention its very easy to use.
Reviews: 1
This product is good, but it's just work with IE? I tried with Chrome and Firefox, but it don't work
Owner's reply

It works fine in all browsers (excluding IE 6). If you are having any problems, stop by our site and submit a support ticket. We would be glad to help.

Reviews: 2
We are currently using Anything Tabs on our online store and I need some help figuring it out. One email and problem solved! Thank you for all the great help!
Reviews: 8
This works VERY WELL. It is extremely simple and easy to understand. Out of the box this will likely meet your needs. It has at least a half dozen options for appearance.

For me though, I just wanted the latest logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace and I wanted them to be twice as big as the styling allowed.

Luckily this was a VERY CLEAN php doc. I found the size and positioning an absolute breeze to adjust. After that, it was just a matter of dropping the new images into a folder I would never use (green).

5 stars, highly recommend to anyone.
Reviews: 1
Looks Great, Easy to use, can't find one thing to complain about.

I am a bit surprised how few views, and reviews there are of this plugin! It is a great plugin, and should not be ignored. If you use it and like it, let others know.

Thanks for your hard work! I do appreciate it!!
Reviews: 8
VERY cool! Super easy to use,(published in 2 minutes,) and looks soooo nice! Thank you so much!
Reviews: 2
Too bad it doesn't show well with IE6 (i know it's an old and crappy browser but it's required for my job). Works perfectly in newer browsers. Nice and useful. Clever way to gain more space for menus and stuff. Anything Tabs fully deserves its 5 stars imho. In order to download it, you have to register first and then go to your profile for access. Sounds easy but i've struggled a little bit before getting it.
Owner's reply

We no longer support IE 6. It is a relic. Glad you like it! PS.You no longer have to register to download files.

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