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iJoomla Twitter Follow Button Module

iJoomla Twitter Follow is a FREE module that puts a Twitter “follow” button on your pages. Users will be able to subscribe DIRECTLY to your Twitter feeds from your websites with a single click.

This is a brand new Twitter feature and means that users will no longer have to click twice to follow your tweets. You’ll enjoy better conversions from visitors to followers and you won’t risk losing your users to an external site.

Users can still preview profiles by clicking the username next to the Follow button. Once they click on the follow button, the button will change to a check mark with the world "following".


When choosing "dark" background, it means that it will show a lighter font text, which is appropriate for dark templates, it doesn't mean the background is going to change to dark.

Module parameters:

* Twitter username.
* Choose light or dark background.
* Show follower count.
* Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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Reviews: 1
simple, and works perfect, totally recommended.
Reviews: 3
Lucky me I was browsing "Twitter display" category till the last page :) I found this great and clean module! Exactly what I was looking for, not aggressive and it can fit anywhere!

Thank you!