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Twitter FollowMe Module

★ Shows your Last Tweet, Follower count and you can be followed in the same browser window ! Forget Newsletters and other Campaigns for now and harness the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your site and promote your site with Follow Me. This Twitter Followme module was inspired by the many similar modules and plugins for the more popular CMS out there like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. You are sure to catch your visitors attention with the Pagepeel effect icons. What makes Followme different is that its lightweight and validates fixing what was found to be lacking.

Keeping this in mind there are only two included images that can be selected in the parameters and you can also select your own by entering the Full path to the icon you want to use.

Coming up in the next version will be some Super slick css styling. The bird icons used here were created by Gopal Raju of

A few sites are "hosting" our extensions without our knowledge so if you did not download from our site, we cannot guarantee the script.

Changelog 01/02/2010
Streamlined code and Module Parameter Settings.

Changelog 18/09/2009
Added new Module Parameter setting to define z-index.
This version does not need the previous version to be uninstalled.

Changelog 1/08/2009
You can easily add your own Personalised Title / Hover for the image to easily translate the Title tag or insert a fun message.

Changelog 12/07/2009
Added missing ALT tag.

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Reviews: 6
It's great when modules/extensions work exactly as the developer describes. It was an easy download, simple installation and the configuration options are flexible enough to integrate into my template without hacking the css or the code.

Kudos to Herboy!!!

Reviews: 4
So easy and so cute, many thanks to the dev team ;)

Suggest: maybe one day a slide window to twitter as facebook slider, would be perfect...
Reviews: 2
Great module! It works as indicated! Simply install, select position for static image or select any position for scrolling image and let it go! Congrats to creator! BRAVO!
Reviews: 1
Is the best extension in twitter!! Try it and you will love it!!

Only please for the creator, is possible to have the same and for the facebook fan page? Or tell me how i can create from the existing extension a facebook follow me png beside the twitter png to direct to facebook fanpage! this will be great!
Reviews: 5
It did what it said: downloaded -> extension manager -> upload & install -> module manager -> simple setting params -> and... it worked first time! Brilliant! Simple -> Love it!
Reviews: 1
Works just as indicated. Make sure to chose the right file. I mistakenly installed J1.5.7 when I needed J1.6.2
Reviews: 14
Great module, easy to install and easy to configure. I got feedback from several people on the website I have used it on and they say it makes you smile and clicking it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a review and share your visitors comments, I am glad its working its magic on your site.

Reviews: 2
Following the instructions on their website, I easily installed this module. They even showed how to create a new position in my template for it. All very easy. It works great, and looks fabulous!
Well done, Herdboy, well done indeed.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the appreciation and especially for taking the time to make a review.

Reviews: 2
Good little extension, easy to configure and very effective. Shows your tweets, and allows the user to follow from the same window. Neat - and very pretty too.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review. It is appreciated, enjoy the extension.

Reviews: 5
Thanks for the wonderful extension.It was working fine & then today just stopped.

When you click the twitter bird popup opens with "Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable."

I see this also the case on your demo site.
Owner's reply

Thbnaks for the Review. As I explained to you in the Support Ticket you opened, you saw this issue because the Twitter API was down, meaning every single User of the Twitter API experienced some issue for a short while including Twitters own API Demo pages.

Reviews: 10
Thanks for a great module.
Works immediately and easy to configure.
Good instructions leave nothing to doubt.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review. It is appreciated.

Reviews: 2
Setup in minutes and very effective - no need for changing templates or anything!

Thanks for a simple for effective module.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review. It is appreciated and makes developing this worthwhile and enjoyable.

Reviews: 16
This is such a cute FollowMe that I don't know how any visitor could resist clicking on it!

Together with Tweetboard Joomla1.6 from the same developer it makes a very complete Twitter solution.

Installation and configuration was just "plug n play" and done in minutes for both extensions.

It's FREE and it even comes with a free Support Forum where you get quick and friendly response :-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to Review. This is appreciated :)

Reviews: 3
Cute little thing that pops out at the side of the page. Sure to attract visitor's attention!

Just a question - is it possible to make it disappear and only appear when the user starts to scroll the page?
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to Review. Currently the feature you suggest is not avilable, but I will investigate adding this fucntionality.

Reviews: 2
Easy to use, elegant and just perfect! Keep up the great work.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to Review : )

Reviews: 7
Installed, then bang! After enabled, it worked straight away, can choose where you put it etc. Simple!
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review. It's appreciated.

Reviews: 11
I once passed by this mod because it didn't have the look I wanted for one of my sites. I recently created a simple and clean site with white borders and needed a follow us mod. I had forgotten about this one and when I say it I tried it. Excellent! I'm glad I did, works right out of the box, easy to configure, looks great on my white border. If all you want is a way for people to follow your twitter and don't need all the feed and fan stuff, this mod is excellent!! Good job!
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make this Review.

Reviews: 1
Thank you for this nice module.
Picture of the bird could be a little bit smaller, lets say..
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, it is appreciated. The module has options for you to use your own custom images or you could easily resize the default image to your needs.

Reviews: 4
Very quit and easy. I had a small problem, but within the hour I had my question answered by support.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to Review and for appreciating our Support.

Reviews: 3
This works just as you expect it to. JUST A PERFECT LITTLE EXTENSION!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the Review : )

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