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jLike Plugin

jLike Button enables users to make connections to webpage and share content with friends on Facebook with just one click.

Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the button can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into the site. Users who are already logged in on Facebook, the button is personalized to highlight friends who have also liked the page.
jLike button is developed with FaceBook standards.

Current version of jLike Button plug-in supports only iframe with many parameters. Further versions may contain XFBML tag also. jLike works with Joomla! ® 1.5.x, 2.5.x and 3.0

1.0.1(05-May-2010) Fix the URL for article.
1.0.2(10-May-2010) Fix the error when enabling mambot support in Kunena
1.0.3(12-May-2010) Added features to exclude the Sections, Categories, FrontPage articles and Articles.
1.0.4(24-May-2010) Added features to exclude the jLike button on Section Blog, Section List, Category Blog and Category List pages.
1.0.5(31-May-2010) Fixed the layout issue. Added features to exclude component.
1.0.6(17-June-2010) Added Share button option. User can now choose either Share or Like button.
1.0.7(28-July-2010) Fixed code to validate with XHTML.
1.0.8(28-July-2011) Added "Box Count" in Layout option. User can now choose layout from 3 available options.

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Reviews: 1
Works perfectly without any screwing around! Just the way I like it! Nice work!
Reviews: 7
Thanks very much for these great and useful plugin!

Just some things

1. it will be nice to be able to hide it from "category view" .I mean when you view a category there is a list of included articles and their intro text.

3.Exclude cat/sec/article ID is not working to me. the plugin is everywhere ... even to sections/category descriptions

2. when set to align right .... there is 50px offset ... this may be a conflict with an other content plugin .. not sure
Reviews: 1
I would rate as excellent but i have the following problem with K2 component.

I have excluded all the K2 categories from the plugin but it apears inside the desciption of the category.

I hope that you understan what i mean.
Can you please check it?
Thank you
Reviews: 1
It would be nice if there is option to choose if the plugin shows up or not in category blog layout. Good work!
Reviews: 7
a good five stars but i may give more stars if possible! brillant job, great support! i also asked how to exclude from frontpage and maybe it can be useful to others so there's the kind answer from dev

open the /plugins/content/jlike.php file.

Add following lines in start of plgContentjLike method

global $option;
if($option == "com_frontpage"){

So you can exclude from frontpage.

great job guy, keep on!
Owner's reply

This is now implemented in 1.0.3 as parameter in plugin to exclude like button from various areas of site.


Reviews: 1
i don t know whats wrong with those people having some trouble with this. But it worked in 10 seconds for me. great, simple, free .

thank you very much for this.
Reviews: 1
Same issues as those below, but easy to install - giving this rating in expectation that issue will be resolved and this extension will be useful!
Reviews: 1
It is working fine with all articles. Thanks for author to build this plugin. Excellent work....
Reviews: 1
I had high hopes for this, but I got odd results once i pushed it live. As soon as I "liked" one article all of my other articles showed that they were liked as well. There's no value if each article shows the same thing.
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