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KA Facebook Like and Share Plugin


The Facebook Like and Share enables users to make connections to your pages and share content back to their friends on Facebook.

Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the button can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. For logged-in Facebook users, the button is personalized to highlight friends who have also liked the page.

With Facebook Social Button actions your pages show up in more places on Facebook and you gain the ability to publish stream stories to connected users.

Using the plugin settings in backend you can exclude the Sections, Categories or individual Content Items/Articles.

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Reviews: 7
Am not saying it does not work for everybody - This plugin just didn't work for me for the following reasons:

- If your site uses UFT8 Unicode special characters (like mine which needs european characters) it breaks the titles that are parsed to facebook! (show stopper for me)
- Unlike many other "Like Button" implementations, this one does not pass the "Like" stream to facebbook.
- The "Like" counter is incorrect. For me it shows "... and (many thousands) like this" even though there is one one like.
- I had to uninstall the plugin as it was corrupting all titles parsed to facebook, even for those from which I used direct copy and paste from URL from any page, that have UTF special characters such as ç, ã, õ, á etc.

Again, this was my experience with this plugin and may be that the javascript that this plugin uses interefers with my site. Nevertheless, all went back to normal when I uninstalled.
Owner's reply

Seems you did not look into Advanced Parameters of plugin where it will let you further configure the settings to enable it with other language characters. We have many clients using it with UTF special characters and even with Hebrew and Arabic titles. Please look in help forums and post there for help. We provide help and will answer any questions you may have.


Reviews: 4
Thanks to the developers for this one; so quick and easy to install and well worth the $10.00 price tag!
Reviews: 3
This does what it says, and it does it well.
Level of customization i don't know because i have used default settings and it works like a charm.

Level of support is supreme. I had a problem with VM flypages and got a response in no-time.

Overall, a great value for its money.
Reviews: 6
The "Facebook Like and Share" plugin works as advertised and Khawaib provides prompt support through his forum.

It was a pleasant experience dealing with a professional that's also courteous and competent.

I highly recommend all of his plugings.

Reviews: 1
I had a problem with this plugin, but in few days the developer solved the problems and release a new version...

I recommend.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install but had a tiny little trouble with set up. Excellent forum support as Khawaib was able to help with suggestions within a day.
Reviews: 1
Nice plugin. I'll give you five stars when it's possible to show or hide the plugin on the intro text.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, complete documentation. I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
They say word-of-mouth is the best advertisement one can get and so I'm glad I followed the other reviews here on the site and chose Khawaib's product.

Had an issue with the plugin in XFBML mode and Khawaib helped me sort it out, personally logging into my website, checking the code and fixing the problem (which was a conflict with FB insight).

Very good product, even better customer support.. Two thumbs way up!
Reviews: 1
Easy setup too.

Great results, lot's of options with no major hassle.
Reviews: 3
I bought this plugin 36 hours ago and after following all the instructions, the Share button worked immediately but I was getting an error on the front-end when hitting the Like button. After contacting khawaib, he informed me that at the same time I was buying his plugin, he was uploading a Newer version to his site. So he gave me the newer version (and since I'm not a techy he went into the back end and installed it for me). It works great, looks fancy, and i LOVE this plugin. Great addition to my site.
Reviews: 6
Nice plugin. I got it and it works as the owner said.

It took 2 me an hour to get configured as I need. You can find information very helpful in the project forum to make it work.

I sent an email to the owner and he answered to me very fast. Thanks Khawaib Ahmed. :)
Reviews: 1
I added this plugin to two Joomla sits, and users can now easily share or like blog posts (Super Blogger) and retail products (Virtuemart).

The developer offered excellent customer support, working with me to get the plugin working just right for my sites. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to utilize the power of Facebook throughout their sites!
Reviews: 4
Works as advertised! It took me less than two minutes to pay, download and install. Great plugin!!!
Reviews: 3
This is a fair plugin for its price.
But don't be surprised if it does not work.

There are 20 people here that say it is great
but there are 20 more in the forum that say
it does not work.
You decide and take the risk.

The developer is responding to problems but not
all problems find a solution.

Quite ambiguous.
Reviews: 1
Simple and easy to use extension. Works right out the box!
Another thing to take into account is the great customer support Khawaib is giving. He even offered to rewrite the plugin so it would be displayed in other components that I'm using (Eventlist). Keep the great work, man!
Reviews: 1
awesome plugin - thumbs up to the developer!he has truly displayed what it means to be a professional - excellent,user friendly,fully documented and stable plugin. on top of that fast, reliable and full support.
Reviews: 2
This really has potential! Even though it's in early development the plugin can do a variety of FB tasks. Installation and set-up are a breeze if your the slightest bit competent.

Support for this product gets 5 stars alone! Dev is on top of the forum if you run into any problems.

Can not wait for future versions and features!
Reviews: 5
Great and simple to use extension. Support is quick (a few seconds to minutes!) and efficient.
Reviews: 2
Read the instructions, they are thorough and will allow you to have this plugin working immediately. Money well spent.
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