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Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button Plugin

Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x


Also you can move the buttons inside the article/item/product template. Available guides with examples.

8 actions in 1 plugin!
1) LIKE or RECOMMEND (Facebook)
2) SEND (Facebook)
3) SHARE (Facebook)
4) Google +1
5) Twitter Button + short URL (
6) Pinterest Button (Pin it)
7) LinkedIn
8) Tapiture (Tap it)
9) Custom HTML button

Ultimate Facebook Like / Share Google +1 (plus)/ Twitter/ Pinterest/Linkedin/ Tapiture Content Buttons is a plugin for Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 which adds the social buttons on top/bottom( or both) on each article.

When someone clicks this "Like" button will automatically posts on his profile like this current page link with image and text description!

Actually with this Social Button plugin you can download another one, the JSDK plugin that integrates FBML code to your site before tag. This is useful because you can use it for other applications from Facebook.
+ Custom HTML button
+ Google +1 Button
+ Pinterest Pin Button
+ Twitter Post button
+ Facebook Like & Send
+ Facebook Share with Multplie Images Support!!!
+ FMBL or iFrame
+ JoomFish Support
+ Auto-Translate based on active J! language
+ Custom CSS style for best positioning!
+ Auto Language feature added!
+ Like Font Family
+ Like Colors Scheme (Light / Dark)
+ Position (Top,Bottom,Both)
+ Display Intergrations
==> Anywhere adding a tag
==> Joomla Content Article View (com_content)
==> Joomla Content Blog View (com_content)
==> Joomla Content FrontPage (com_content)
==> K2 Category View (com_k2)
==> K2 Items View (com_k2)
==> LyftenBloggie Entries View (com_lyftenbloggie)
==> RedShop Product View (com_redshop)
==> Virtuemart Products Detail Page (com_virtuemart)-IMPROVED
==> Show on Zoo Items (com_zoo)
==> Quick FAQ Items (com_quickfaq)
==> EventList Detail Layout (com_eventlist)
==> Soon Radio/DJ Schedule
+ Show / Hide faces
+ Actions (Like or Recommend)
+ Layout (Standard or Button Count)
+ Include / Exclude Sections & Categories or Specific Articles
+ Og Meta Tags parameters
+ Standard Link support
+ Share button style
+ www or non-www mode
+ http or https fix
+ Short Twitter URLs via

Works with or without SEF (Joomla's SEO settings)

Note: Virtuemart intergration works with any Virtuemart SEO plugin you have installed.

Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Social Buttons, Twitter button, Google plus +1 button , Facebook Send , ultimate social buttons, Pinterest, pin button,LinkedIn, Tap it (tapiture), Custom html Button

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Reviews: 1
Great plugin with a lot of different options to include facebook share and like buttons into articles.

I had a question about a misfunction. And I've got very fast and kindly support. Works now like a charm.

Highly recommended. Thanks for this plugin.
Reviews: 2
Fisrt some problems... support has been great and very kind and ... quick. finally working. this is a great extension if you want to add this fonction to K2.
Reviews: 2
Worth every dime. Basically it plug and play! I highly recommend purchasing.
Reviews: 2
The developer provides exceptional service, and helps you with the problems that arise.

He helped me with problems far beyond what had with the product itself. It turned out that it was my template that was the problem and he fixed it!

Highly Recommended
Reviews: 1
What can I say? I read the reviews and paid for it. Sure, not a big loss, but still enough to warrant me writing here.

After purchase it was having issues. Showing up in some sections not in other. Tried over and over to get the settings right, nothing worked.

Tried to log into site for a trouble ticket, it's only their hosting clients apparently that can log in. Ok, so tried the contact form (remember, you are paying for 1yr support) that was a no-go as well.

So, I wouldn't bother paying for it unless you can afford the time and money lost if it doesn't work properly. Support just isn't there.

There are no forums, thus no other recourse for me to get any form of support. I will now be uninstalling it and starting over to find a good FB plugin. The time wasted was more frustrating than the money lost.

Nuff said
Owner's reply

Realy? Maybe you are so noob that you don't know how to login! ALL customer uses the e-mail/password that they gave on order form. I am wondering how you download the plugin without to make login??? How you could not open a ticket you have logged before! You could open on sales department that is public open or contact via contact form as you said. We reply to all e-mails so maybe you have already get anwser. Maybe you are not so patient to find what going wrong! Many customers uses third party templates or extensions that missing tha basics! Bye

Reviews: 8
Install it and you are ready to go.
Also the support is fantastic,keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
This is the very first application which I paid for and I am not regretting a single bit.

Right from pre-sales to post-sales, everything went smoothly. I was ignorant and did not read the documentation (though you should) yet the support guided me through.

You can easily recover the investment on this application as this application can easily bring in many more visitors via Facebook.

On top of that, you are actually getting not one application but TWO. A Facebook Javascript SDK plugin is included as well which is one of the easiest way to install the SDK on your website without a single sweat.
Reviews: 1
I really tried hard to not have to pay for something that would link to Facebook, as some systems give it away for free. But after failing at that, I put my hand in my pocket and coughed up the very small fee. I can't tell you how happy I was that this extension was working in less than a minute after installation/enabling. I love it. To all those people out there looking for something for free, just forget about it and buy this. It just works and works fast. :)
Reviews: 3
The uniqueness of this extension is the support for a variety of components. Especially the most popular ones like K2, we cannot wait to get the support for Virtuemart. Good price and excellent buy, the developer is also very helpful in answering our questions.
Reviews: 2
Struggled with a couple of FB Like solutions - even using my own iFrame - wish I'd found this...
Reviews: 6
Very helpful to connect joomla articles and Facebook.
Reviews: 1
It does hwat it says smoothly and effortles. And the tech support couldn't be better. Highly recommendable.
Reviews: 1
It's my first time buying an extension, and it was very positive! I bought it few days ago when it was version 1.0, it didn't work well then, so i writed a support ticket, and got answer after some minutes (!!!) a new working version within hours. Works well on blog like Joomla sites like mine. I'm very happy.
Reviews: 1
The app was launched version 1.1.1, and I installed it. Didn't work on my site as it's an SEF/SEO friendly joomla install.
I submitted a ticket and within a few hours, it worked (version 1.2.3).
I've since gone to 1.2.4.
the only issue I have is that it won't work properly with my archived articles, but that may be because I have the titles "linkable" in my archived articles.
BUT, for my main non-archived articles, this works splendidly well.
Reviews: 2
excellent! does what it says!
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