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We are proud to present a Facebook Like Button which supports Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 native. We are supporting all futures from the Facebook Like API.

Besides this have we integrated Open Graph, where you can edit the sitename, image, url and more at the Like Post at Facebook. (Only for 1.6+)

At the end it is possible to load the Like Button with Iframe, XFBML or HTML5. With XFBML and HTML5 is it possible to add "Send to a friend button"

- Height
- Width
- Color Scheme
- Layout
- Font
- Verb to 'Like' Button
- Add Send Button (email to a friend)
- Load with FB:SCRIPT - XFBML or HTML5 or IFRAME
- Load with http or https (just an extra future!)
- Open Graph (Only 1.6+)

--JOOMLA 1.5--
We are not supporting Joomla 1.5 any more. Please update Joomla!

Tags: mod_facebooklike

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple Facebook Like mod to implement into a number of sites. I tried this one which worked perfectly. There were no options to do any CSS positioning, Martin was quick to answer emails and created a new version that now is super flexible+.

Highly recommend this mod and Martins quick and helpful support.
Reviews: 7
The installation of ver. 1.3.1 on a Joomla 1.7.0 site went without a hitch. Documentation is adequate and the user interface is adequate. When the Facebook site URL was loaded and tested, there was an error from FB. The module has /pages/ hard coded into the creation of the URL. Example: was coded: That is clearly an error. I've corrected the code in the module by deleting the /pages/ from the URL construction and everything worked well.

I then tried the ver BETA 1.4 and got an installation error that the system couldn't read the XML file. Clearly, both versions need some work.
Owner's reply

About v.1.3:
When I began developing this module, should I only use it for a page on facebook and have not thought about that it could be used for anything other than that.

I'm sorry about the problem with 1.4 BETA! But it was only a problem for 3-4 days, before it was reported and a new version was uploaded.

Btw. 1.4 is nearly ready for a stable release with HTML 5 support, SEF Support, and totally re-design!

Sorry for your wasted time on the module.

Reviews: 114
Excellent idea, works perfectly - thank you.

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 15
Exactly what I was looking for, easy to set up and free :)
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, easy to configure.... just great
highly recommended
thanks for the developers
Reviews: 1
This works very well. Installed in a few seconds and worked perfect on the first try. One complaint I have is the like box sizing. By default its huge and I was trying to fit it into one of my sidebar boxes. I had to resize it to about 100x180 to get it to fit properly. I'd like to see it expand dynamically instead of having a static height. It seems that as more people start liking the page, it will add their pictures and I'd hate to have people's faces not included because the box isn't big enough.
Owner's reply

Hi, It is possible to have dynamic size. Just activate FB:script and Facebook Api (XMFBL). Facebook will automatically adjust the size.
And thanks for the 5 stars

Reviews: 1
I didn't need a full FB plug-in with all the "Bells and Whistles" and this one is exactly what I have been looking for! I had it installed and running in less than 5 minutes. Does exactly what it is supposed to do, THANKS!!
Reviews: 9
Sorry, i don't understand completly. The URL to like is the web URL or the article URL you are viewing in that moment?.
I think you must include that information in the description.

(Sorry for my english)
Owner's reply

The "Facebook Page URL" is the url to your Facebook Page. I don't think this is a reason only to give 4 stars, because it stands clear in the tooltip and documentation. ()

Reviews: 2
I downloaded the 1.5 version and it worked great, didnt test the 1.6 but its nice to see there is a 1.6 version, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I highly recommend this extension to promote your facebook page correctly on Joomla 1.6 I have no issues with it and it was super easy to configure.
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