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Facebook Like and Share button Popular Plugin

Facebook Like And Share Joomla Plugin enable Facebook "Like button", the "Share This button", and the "Comment Box" on your published articles, with the following features:

To choose the position (before, after or both the content)
To choose counter or no-counter button style
To choose the button size and style
To choose the language for the social plugins
To include and exclude certain articles and categories
To set the CSS style for the container
To set the container type
To enable the views where the button will be show up
To enable the comments counter
To enable the moderation tool for FB comments
Open Graph support
Asyncronus load
Autopublish function

With Facebook Like Button plugin, let a user share your content with friends on Facebook.
When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

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Reviews: 7
I have been using this plugin for more than two years. In the meantime, I have tried many others but this one is still the best. The developer Salvatore keeps developing it. It is always fresh and new. When I have an issue with the plugin, I contact the developer and he responds very quickly. Thank you for this plugin that made my site more visible on Facebbok.
Reviews: 1
Saluti Amici,

This plugin is very near for excellence. I only hae a very little problem. If I share content in a group, I see this :
Par plugin ist VERY VERY GOOD
Reviews: 4
This extension is fantastic, does exactly what it says it will.

I had a problem with the incorrect url's being passed to Facebook and no images which took me around 6 hours to figure out! THIS WAS NOT THE FAULT OF THIS EXTENSION. The problem is with Gzip compression. Turn off Gzip compression in System > Global Configuration > Server and it works as it should. This is a Joomla/Facebook/Gzip compression problem and not a fault with this extension, it affects all Joomla/Facebook extensions to my knowledge.
Reviews: 2
A really good working plugin with functions you do not find at similar free extensions.
Unfortunately it is for smaller sites, as it can't handle caching.
Owner's reply

You can still handle the chace from your Apache website configuration:

Reviews: 3
This is the best free social module ever . Thanks a lot .
Reviews: 5
Thank you very much. Easy, customizable and ... working perfectly.
Reviews: 1
One of the easiest plugin that I have used. Thank you
Reviews: 3
same Problem as
from 2012-11-04

Installed the plugin cleanly and fast.
Two issues:
1. Like button doesn't appear
2. Share button shows up but links back to /#

Unable to use.
Reviews: 4
This is the best plugin I´v found for inserting "like" and "share" buttons to my websites. And the documentation is excellent too.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is really easy to use and setup. I only noticed 1 little problem with the "send" button which runs in conjuction with the "Like" button. You cant disable it. but well done on the rest.
Reviews: 2
i'm using this plugin for a year now. It made easy to share articles from my blog site. An small but useful plugin for sure.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is everything it was billed to be, and was super easy to install. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
The best way to promote your website and get protected from spam comments without any hassle at the same time! Many many many thanks!
Reviews: 2
Simple and working! I tried out several similar plugins which didn't work on my site. This realy works quite nicely.
Reviews: 1
i just configured it in less than 3 minutes , no problem. all functions work well
Reviews: 1
Perfect plugin but it seems it's made as an excerpt from some more advanced plugin (containing Twitter and Google+) because I found some pieces of code connected to twitter and autopublish feature does not work because the fields for setting publish ID (fb_ids) is somehow lost...
Please correct this.

I also suggest adding a new feature like sending notfication email to predefined user if an action is triggered (register FB events edge.create and comment.create)
Reviews: 1
Installed the plugin cleanly and fast.
Two issues:
1. Like button doesn't appear
2. Share button shows up but links back to /#

Unable to use.
Reviews: 4
Quick install, easy to set up, immediately use, very useful...
I recommend this great extension!
Reviews: 6
Like in title - I've checked some commercial plugins, which looks like poor beginner-coded stuff compared to this. Facebook Like and Share is just excelent! Have many configuration options, you can select separately where to enable buttons and comments, how it should look, where to put it (above/below content, frontpage, category view, etc.). Really powerful, flexible and FREE - what else would you need? If you're looking for great FB like/share/comment integration for your Joomla!-based website - stop searching and download this great plugin now. You won't be disappointed!
Reviews: 2
I realy like this plugin, but it is a pity that it does not use valid html.
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