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Facebook Like and Share button Popular Plugin

Facebook Like And Share Joomla Plugin enable Facebook "Like button", the "Share This button", and the "Comment Box" on your published articles, with the following features:

To choose the position (before, after or both the content)
To choose counter or no-counter button style
To choose the button size and style
To choose the language for the social plugins
To include and exclude certain articles and categories
To set the CSS style for the container
To set the container type
To enable the views where the button will be show up
To enable the comments counter
To enable the moderation tool for FB comments
Open Graph support
Asyncronus load
Autopublish function

With Facebook Like Button plugin, let a user share your content with friends on Facebook.
When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

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Reviews: 1
My congrats!
One of the easiest plugins ever! It does great job and it took just 5 minutes (maybe less...) to make it work!

I would like "share on facebook" to be in Greek also, but i can live without it... ;-)

Thanks for the excellent tool you gave us!
Reviews: 2
I'm a bit of a Joomla novice and had banged my head over some of these extensions trying to get one that looked nice and worked. Very happy with this. Simple to install and it works perfectly.
Owner's reply

Thank you!

Reviews: 1
a great PlugIn... thank you so much.

i just installed it on a J25 live site. Just when i wanted to enable it, i got an error which said something with oath and twitter... but i just wanted to have the facebook buttons...

i opened the "facebooklikeandshare.php" and eliminated line nr. 20 *require_once('twitteroauth'.DS.'twitteroauth.php');* and everything went fine...
Owner's reply

Sorry! That was a beta version. I think with the new version we solved many bugs.
Try to download and test it.

Reviews: 1
After enabled this extension i can no longer add new articles.
I can not disable the extension. Looks like i have to start over, and reinstall Joomla.

Do not add this extesion to a production site!! Start by testing it on a test site.
Owner's reply

In the new version we fixed many bugs.
But you really think is a problem with this plugin?
Do you can not disable the plugin?
Looks bit weird...

Reviews: 1
Seems easy to use, have read a lot of comments regarding setting this plugin up. I have enabled and played with the settings and can only get the share button to appear. No like or comment box. Any advise would be great..
Reviews: 6
Easy to configure and works like a charm.
I didn't used all the functionalities but the Like button and Share button are easy to use.
Could be nice to choose both include and exclude articles and categories.

Thanks for this plugin.
Reviews: 5
I downloaded the extension, installed it, tweeked the plug in options, published it and post my first comment within less than 10min. It works beautifully, it is inconspicous yet strategically positioned so that you can't miss it. Thanks for this great plug-in, which nowadays, seems essential in the promotion of anybody's site through Facebook. Grazie mille!!!
Reviews: 2
Great Plugin. I used this on many of my sites
Reviews: 1
thank you for the plugin but I have Problem With Share Button
when i share something
this words display on the share link on face book
"Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system"
i cant change it however i changed my meta tag in joomla
and i cant put any pic on the share link
2- even if i checked the option of " first paragraph of article to shared "
also no thing happend
please help me
Reviews: 6
Great to have a plugin that works predictably and reliably ever time, it has all the settings one could want with a plugin like this. I have used it on many sites, 1.5 and 1.7 and have yet to have a problem or any issues.

Thanks for great plugin!
Reviews: 2
Highly configurable, and will not intrude on other "Like / Send" buttons already on the page. Plus - adding comments and administration is perfect. Also, able to set a default image for shares if no image is in the article - that completely rocks...nice work on this one.
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Thank you for this fantastic plugin. Others I tried were messing with my module menus.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this awesome plugin, works like a charm, and have option that another plugin with same purpose didn't have it.

waiting for another updates. :)
Reviews: 17
I used this fantastic plugin few months ago. I never had a problem or bug. The developer Salvatore is very helpful If u need more information. The settings of this excellent plugin is fantastic, give u many option. He also set everything U need for a Facebook. The install of this plugin is very simply, but possibility is incredibly. Thank you so much for this great plugin and great support.
I reccomend to everyone, who looks for powerful pluging and integration for Facebook, to install your plugin.

Keep good working.
Reviews: 5
Easy, clear and rich configuration options.
Well embedded on the front-end pages.

Thank you for this!!
Reviews: 1
Search the extension directory for JSocial Comments. You will not be disappointed. I did a lot of looking and research today for my Joomla blog and I landed on JSocial as the best solution. It has all the Facebook integration (comments, likes, messaging, moderation) plus Plus 1, Buzz, Linked In, and Twitter. All with granular controls and flexible viewing options.
Owner's reply

I'm happy that you find something that u like!!
But I'm not agree, cause this plugin is dedicated to FB and it's more easy to use and customize.
If u need an integration for twitter or gplus then take look to another plugin :

Reviews: 1
thx for this great extension. the extension works perfect but i have a black site and use the layout "dark" for this plugin. is it possible to change the font-color in the comments box? the font color is defined in the facebook class "postText" an set to #1A1A1A. the comments are not readable in this color on the black background of my site. i could not override this class with my own css.
Owner's reply

With the new version of comments plugins FB doesn't let you inject custom css stylesheet. So you can choose light or dark color scheme.
It's also avoided to change the content of iframe from another domain...
However let me know if you can do it!

Reviews: 5
I needed to integrate my site with Facebook. This plugin allowed me to do it in less than 10 minutes. Just when I thought it couldn't have been any easier...I saw that it supports Open Graph.

Please keep up the good work to bring the Open Source Community more fantastic features like this!
Owner's reply


Reviews: 1
It's that I need, very simple and complete parameters, Thanks!. (sorry for my english)
Reviews: 2
This extension looks very nice.
But it would be even better if it was XHTML-Valid - I just don't know if that's possible with the facebook-api.
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