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CN Google Plus One Plugin

- Updated to install and work on Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.
- Better Support for the K2 component.
- Exclude article and category option (place the id's of the article or category you don't want this plugin to show in).
- Homepage show or not show option.

- Fixed the jDispatcher error message from coming up
- loads a lot faster

- Added support for category listing of core articles.
- Support for K2 component.

- Google Plus One Button to content and 3rd party (plugin friendly) components. (eg. K2)
- Places a button at the start or end of the content are.
- Enable the count of clicks to show or hide
- Supports the language api for Google Plus One
- URL Support - if you only want them to plus your base url (eg. and not the actual page they are on then inside the plugin params, place your URL in the URL text area.
- Select which size works best for you (small, medium, standard, tall).

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Reviews: 4
This did exactly what I needed it to do, add a G+ icon to each article so that people could add it to their Google profile. I had some problems getting it to work with category blog layout and the developer was extremely helpful, responding quickly and troubleshooting with me. Once I turned on Readmore Link and Title Linkable in article parameters, it worked perfectly. Great plugin!