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CN Pinterest Plugin

Adds a Pinterest "pin it" button to the start or end of your content.

::Components Supported::
Core Content (com_content)
K2 Items (com_k2)

::Release History::

Version 1.4 Includes:
- Option to turn off the plugin for specific articles and whole categories.
- Pin it button only shows if there is an image available to pin. (if readmore content doesn't have an image, it won't show the image (or pin it button) until you go into the full article)

Version 1.3 Includes:
- Image and Page URLs made safe links fixed
- Bugs for posting to board have also been fixed
- **REMINDER** There has to be an image in the article (or with K2 uploaded with the uploader) for a pin to be pinned!

Version 1.2 Includes:
- Content with image inside the content area, first image will show up in the media section when "pinned"
- K2 Item with image uploaded will show in media when "pinned"
- If K2 item doesn't have an image uploaded, K2 Item with image inside the content area will show up in the media section when "pinned"

Version 1.0 Includes:
- Allows you to add a "Pin It" button to the beginning or end of your content area.
- Turn off display on homepage option.
- Allow to just pin a specific URL that you would like.

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Reviews: 18
Worked out of the box on Joomla 2.5.

Thank you!
Reviews: 4
The 1.4 update is only for Joomla 2.5 - the package you download still contains version 1.2 for Joomla 1.5, even though this is not mentioned anywhere in the extension description. Author doesn't respond to emails asking whether there will be an update for Joomla 1.5 as well.
Reviews: 3
This extension is nearly there. The problem is that it puts the button above the "Read More" link on our articles, which means if you try to Pin them, no images show up to pin. If you click the read more button and pin from there, you do get an image, but I can't rely on the public to figure that out.

Would also like to control which categories are Pinable.

I'd really like to use this, so I'm hoping for these minor changes to earn 5 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. This plugin has definitely been a work in progress, but this new version (v.1.4) I just put out today has the items you listed fixed.

You are able to set articles or whole categories to not show this plugin. Also the button does not show unless it can find an image in the article (the whole reason for Pinterest are images). So only if the article has an image or a K2 item has an image, will the pin it button show.

I appreciate the feedback man, have a great day!

Caleb Nance

Reviews: 4
It needs to able to be turned on/off based on category. Also it displays before the read-me tag instead of after it. So in the blog view you see a bunch of Pinterest buttons.
Reviews: 2
Download, upload, activate and let everyone "pin" away in an instant!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this plugin on Sunday. I tried it out and it didn't seem to work. So I emailed the creator. He got back to me within the hour asking me for details. He worked with me until the plugin worked perfectly. Caleb's customer service was excellent. And his extension works great with my K2 items. I really look forward to seeing what else he develops in the future. I do recommend using this extension. I downloaded 4 others before going to this one. Caleb's was the first plugin that I noticed his offer for "help" in case of a problem or asked for my opinion.