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AutoTweet NG Pro ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Enhance your social media management!

"AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more."

Channel Types:

! Facebook Profile
! Facebook Page
! Facebook Group
! Facebook Link
! Facebook Photo
! Google+ Moments
! LinkedIn Profile
! LinkedIn Company
! LinkedIn Group Channel, with Images
! Twitter
! VK Profile and VK Group (BETA)

In a nutshell

* It publishes automagically "Posts" to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
* It posts Title, Text, Full-Text, Image, Web Address (Url), Hashtags, etc.
* Powerful Rule Engine, to post fully customized messages by category, author, language, access levels, text terms, etc.
* Schedule your posts.
* --- Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts ---

*** Supported Extensions ***

Joomla Content, Weblinks and On new user
Cobalt CCK
DT Register
FAQ Book
Kunena Forum
Mosets Tree
Music Collection
Phoca Download
Testimonials (Infyways)
Testimonials (JoomPlace)

*** Supported via 3rd parties ***
Zefania Bible

*** Main Features ***

Manual approval/autopublish
Multi-channel architecture
Shortheners:,,,, Yourls.
Supports articles with present/scheduled publish date.
Support for cron jobs (High Performance)
Support for multi language sites.
Create Your Own Facebook App (with Canvas Page or not)
TW Follow module: module to show the latest tweets.
Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.

*** Rule Engine ***

The rule engine is a great way to consolidate, apply formats and hashtags, and organize your posts.

*** Version 7.5.0 - Stable - 3 November 2014

NEW Feature: Social Composer
NEW: Jomres v7.5 plugin / Powerful booking system, tried and tested over many years, by thousands of users
NEW: JoomPlace's Testimonials v7.5 plugin
NEW: Infyways's Responsive Testimonials Pro v7.5 plugin
NEW: Minitek's FAQ Book Pro v7.5 plugin
Enhancement: Extended Text Lengths
Enhancement: Installer update notice
Enhancement: Any Channel rule support
Enhancement: Mail Channel Punycode workaround
Enhancement: Mail Channel Html Formatting
Fix: Sef router encoding for Unicode and Optimization
Fix: Null Date Requests, default now and view error detection
Fix: Compatibilty on [] images tag
Fix: Unicode Aliases support
Update: HWDMediaShare v7.5 plugin / Compatibility with HWDMediaShare v2.0
Update: EasyDiscuss v7.5 plugin - Compatibilty on [] images tag
Update: JComment v7.5 plugin - Compatib

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Reviews: 1
I use this extension for SobiPro and we must say that it is super really helped us. Also "Extly Tech Team" support is great...
Reviews: 3
The component does what it says, though the most important is that the team behind this, is extremely helpful and offer great support and value to the customers.
Owner's reply

We think that open source software is the first step, the first 50%, and the team behind the remaining 50% to provide a real solution :-D

Thank you very much!!

Reviews: 18
This extension is just great. Is really easy to use, have all the functions you neew, it will solve your social networks relations for any Joomla website!
Owner's reply

Thank you!! Your support encourages our work.

Reviews: 2
Very good extension for those who want joomla to autopublish content to social networks. You can configure many channels, rules to format posts to your desire and even options to publish also modified articles.

If I am not wrong, instead of writing a cronjob, this extension uses a frontend visit to checkout if there are post to be forwarded to the social channels.

I contacted support two times, and both received clear explanations to fix my misconfigurations.

It is worth its cost.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much! We appreciate your evaluation and feedback.

Reviews: 1
I bought this extension because of the new rss import capabilities. I got some problems with this immport, but the support team found the bug and now all runs good.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

RSS Feeds Import features are brand new, and we are working hard to improve them and make a top Article generator/grabber.

Again, thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 3
I've been using this extension on a news website for a month, it is extremely useful, maybe not very easy to set up at first, but there is a good step by step documentation and the support is excellent and effective (this is very important for a commercial extension). If you publish a lot of articles, this is the best way to have them published on the main social networks automagically.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your feedback!

We are working hard creating new tutorials. They are much better help than traditional user manuals.

Best Regards
Extly Team

Reviews: 1
The extension is well built and I'm sure the functionality will work well. The level of support is good but;
The documentation is rather high level and not very helpful in trying to understand the steps involved and the application has styling issues with Chrome and Joomla 2.5 which is a known issue and being worked on for the past month. For a paid extension I was hoping for less issues than this. I would be quite happy if this was free but not so impressed for the cost.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. It really helps us to improve.

About the documentation, we know never is enough. A traditional user manual's not been effectiove. We findg that Tutorials (like presentations) are better to guide usera. We most probably publish "papers" with advanced configuration and technical descriptions.

About styling issues with Chrome and Joomla 2.5, we are going to review it for the next version.

This week we are celebrating our first year supporting AutoTweetNG. Until now we've been focused to consolidate a single code base for Joomla 2.5/30, and also adding new features. E.g. LinkedIn Company Profile Channel was added in the last v6.6 with minimum impact.

Subscriptions supports our work, ensuring that we can continue developing products and offering support services.

Again, thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 38
I found this extension very useful.
Maybe set it up is not very easy, but developers provides step by step manuals with images. So, no any problems with this.
Very fast support.
I'm very glad that I purchased this component.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your nice words!

Best Regards
Extly Team

Reviews: 11
Works well but it would be great if you could set each feed or post to have it's own twitter handle so different authors can have their handles mentioned when their post is tweeted.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your Feedback!

Right now, you can define rules to add static texts, so you can define in the backend the twitter handles for each author.

Until now, we haven't implemented user-level features, to include author twitter handles in the Posts; but we are already developing the upcoming product iteration with frontend features.

Support Team

Reviews: 2
I'm using this extension for some years now and features and stability are only getting better. The fact that it is extensible, even with self-written plugins is awesome. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words!

Extly Team

Reviews: 1
Installation and configuration of Autotweet were done at 5-10 min.
Works absolut perfect for me with Yootheme Zoo extension. Using some Zoolander extension within Zoo and Etley support rewrite the Zooplugin for Autotweet within one day. Absolut excellent service!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your support ! Together we are improving the product ;-)

Reviews: 3
I've purchased this extension for my personnal website. It works but I've spent lot of time to understand and configure it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback!

We are trying hard to make it as simple as possible.

Reviews: 13
Well, to start with, I did not even try its free version. I paid for it straight and tested it, after getting all of my questions answered in a quick time by the presale team. AMAZING SUPPORT GUYS!

And at first I was confused, but they kept no stones unturned to make the whole process a breeze. The configuration , testing, and making it live, everything went easy.

Even they kept my request for a feature and applied it in just 24 hours.

Works awesomely on K2 and Joomla Articles. The best and superb tool , if you are really looking for some great social traffic.

Its an amazing product, backed up by a great support and development team.
Reviews: 3
Handsdown the best component for auto-publishing to social networks.
Been using it for years now and the latest versions have been fantastic. Even comes with your own facebook app to host on your domain for branded feeds (plus 3 other alternative menthods, the branded app, heroku-hosted and a component view).
Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Hi Rob

Thank you very much for your review!

Be ready for next version!!

Extly Team

Reviews: 3
I had been using the free version for a few years but needed to upgrade to the commercial version as our site expanded. We had a few problems but the support team was on top of things immediately. The support team's attention to details and willingness to create patches immediately to solve our issues is impressive. We give this app and the support team our highest recommendation!
Owner's reply


Thank you very much for your kindly words!

Extly Team

Reviews: 3
Not only do these guys own one of the most awesome and sleekly coded components in the "Joomlasphere", they also provide first class support. I struggled a little bit with setting up my own application to work with Autotweet NG, but once it was setup, everything just worked like charm until recently when I had issues with some parameters. A couple of emails later, Autotweet staff accessed my website and did the magic!

A quick criticism: manual isn't as clear as it should be. Please try to simplify it. And again, well done for a brilliant component!
Owner's reply

Hi, Thank you for your feedback!

You are right, we have to improve the documentation/manual.

Since July, we've been updating the product. TODAY, we are releasing the new beta for Joomla 3, fully reviewed.

Based, on the new version, we are going to update the current manual.

Again, Thank you for your support!

Reviews: 9
Good extention, easy to use, self-explanatory, good & quick support, useful functions, quite compatible with many other components - need nothing more to say.
Great extention -> happy customer =)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kindly words.

We are working right now in the Joomla 3 version. It's going to be legendary!

Reviews: 1
Works perfectly on Joomla 2.5.7
Easy to configure (handy links to each social network provider's developper corner)
However, I don't put 5 stars as I'd like to point out some area of improvement for the next release:
- Adding LinkedIn groups one by one is tedious: it'd be great to be able to set-up LinkedIn app credential once, and inherit it when creating channels to target specific groups, or a copy function at channel list level
- A "test mode" to check out if publication works without really posting would be useful (however, I don't know if it's supported by social providers)
- A quick inline explanation in "Job queue" tab reminding that messages will be processed when some traffic occurs would prevent spending some time wondering if plgins is correctly configured as message stall in Job queue list, unprocessed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We appreciate your feedback, it helps us improve the product and service.

Extly Team

Reviews: 4
Hello friends,

I would love to give strong thanks for both &

What we do need more than this?
1- Stable solution.
2- Unique Solution
3- Fantastic support.

After I wasted my time & Money with other extensions, I found this great solution and I had doubt that if I will pay more money I will lose more time as well as the sum I will pay.

But because I strongly need it, I took the chance to find out my self than I surprised when I join them!!!

First, I had some problem related to my UTF-8 Arabic Language while posting to my Facebook pages....

But they made me sooooo happy when I found the Fantastic support from them side.

To be honest...
Millions of thanks wont be enough for this great company.

Reviews: 4
Simply installed and easy to use. I use the tool now for a longer time and never had a single problem. Saves a lot of time in serving social media Channels with informations. And a real fast and friendly support!
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