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AutoTweet NG Pro ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Enhance your social media management!

"AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more."

Channel Types:

! Facebook Profile
! Facebook Page
! Facebook Group
! Facebook Link
! Facebook Photo
! Google+ Moments
! LinkedIn Profile
! LinkedIn Company
! LinkedIn Group Channel, with Images
! Twitter
! VK Profile and VK Group (BETA)

In a nutshell

* It publishes automagically "Posts" to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
* It posts Title, Text, Full-Text, Image, Web Address (Url), Hashtags, etc.
* Powerful Rule Engine, to post fully customized messages by category, author, language, access levels, text terms, etc.
* Schedule your posts.
* --- Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts ---

*** Supported Extensions ***

Joomla Content, Weblinks and On new user
Cobalt CCK
DT Register
FAQ Book
Kunena Forum
Mosets Tree
Music Collection
Phoca Download
Testimonials (Infyways)
Testimonials (JoomPlace)

*** Supported via 3rd parties ***
Zefania Bible

*** Main Features ***

Manual approval/autopublish
Multi-channel architecture
Shortheners:,,,, Yourls.
Supports articles with present/scheduled publish date.
Support for cron jobs (High Performance)
Support for multi language sites.
Create Your Own Facebook App (with Canvas Page or not)
TW Follow module: module to show the latest tweets.
Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.

*** Rule Engine ***

The rule engine is a great way to consolidate, apply formats and hashtags, and organize your posts.

*** Version 7.5.0 - Stable - 3 November 2014

NEW Feature: Social Composer
NEW: Jomres v7.5 plugin / Powerful booking system, tried and tested over many years, by thousands of users
NEW: JoomPlace's Testimonials v7.5 plugin
NEW: Infyways's Responsive Testimonials Pro v7.5 plugin
NEW: Minitek's FAQ Book Pro v7.5 plugin
Enhancement: Extended Text Lengths
Enhancement: Installer update notice
Enhancement: Any Channel rule support
Enhancement: Mail Channel Punycode workaround
Enhancement: Mail Channel Html Formatting
Fix: Sef router encoding for Unicode and Optimization
Fix: Null Date Requests, default now and view error detection
Fix: Compatibilty on [] images tag
Fix: Unicode Aliases support
Update: HWDMediaShare v7.5 plugin / Compatibility with HWDMediaShare v2.0
Update: EasyDiscuss v7.5 plugin - Compatibilty on [] images tag
Update: JComment v7.5 plugin - Compatib

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Reviews: 7
No big review, just wanted to say this is the best, I had almost dropped it thinking it doesnt support K2, it does, 19 Euro is not a big money. Thanks to developer, even the support for free version is great. keep up the good work.

Great Job
Reviews: 4
One of the best Joomla Tools I have ever used!
It helps you a lot to automatize one very big part of your daily work of the web site building and SMO & SEO optimization.

I hope my competitors do not find this great tool soon!
Reviews: 1
I got this extension because i have to publish my site content on about 30 groups on facebook and i got tired to spend plenty of time on doing this manually.also comparing to other extension this one have better support and price.Keep moving in first Ulli!
Reviews: 1
I didn’t have any problems installing this app but I couldn’t connect it to Twitter. When I clicked on authorize application button, I merely found a blank page and did not know how to do next. This app sounds good but it seems to me that I’m not lucky after several tries.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that it has not worked out of the box for you. Sometimes URLs are blocked by the firewall or there are configuration issues (CURL or other things). For all these things there are FAQs and most people get really fast help in the forum.

You have never posted to the forum and you have not asked me for help. So I do not understand why you can say that "Customer satisfaction is not met"!

Reviews: 1
I used autotweet free for 2 years and it gone very well... Now i need to implement automatic Facebook pages update from the Joomla site and i switched to PRO: it's awesome!!! Vistors and social engagment are increasing and site admins love it.
Reviews: 14
If everyone had the same outlook on their business as Ulli has, the world would have been a great place.

I asked for a feature and it was added the next day. When I had some troubles he fixed it the same day. (Troubles with my competance, not the product).

I can safely recommend Ulli. With him your "handled".

P.S: I've also payed and tried the other components that tried to do the same as AutoTweet NG PRO. My advice to you is; don't bother. This one is by far the best.
Reviews: 1
This product solved a lot of my problems and the few questions I did have the author was right on hand to give his assistance.
Reviews: 51
I've been wanting to have more control over what was posted from our site to our FB page, and on twitter.
We've had a standard RSS feed going with as the feeder, but it is quite inflexible.
So I looked into this nifty component, and it does everything we need, and more.
We can even integrate our Jevents component with this.
When I asked about how to solve a specific need, the developer promptly replied, that can not be done, but it would be on a later release schedule, not only that, but a few hours later, a beta version was available, wow!
Good component, good support, excellent value.
Reviews: 1
Although it took me a while to get the setup wright, it now works very good. I'm using Power4Joomla to auto publish articles in an photoblog (see ) and use this extension to publush it to multiple twitter accounts and facebook pages. An the support is indeed quick, fast and helpful!
Reviews: 5
The Auto Tweet NG Pro commercial extension offers excellent value, is professionally written and the support offered by the developer was exceptional.

I purchased this extension because I wanted to automatically post my Joomla v2.5 K2 articles to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Ulli, is a very efficient, responsible and competent programmer and I’d like to thank him for his immediate support even at 10o’clock at night!
Reviews: 1
I am leaving a review based on the amazing support I received from 1st Movers. Within half a day the admin helped tweak my Facebook app, my component settings and had me up and running. Not sure how to beat that service. Component also works great too!
Reviews: 1
This is great solution for your website, if important to provide ability publish articles for "dummy" users. You just open Joomla native article submission for this type of users and all other functionality with channels and filters you can manage by your self. In the end you receive easy publishing interface and selected publications will be sent to desired social networks. Excellent!
Reviews: 8
The developer offers superlative support. Be careful with setting up your own facebook and twitter apps. The documentation from the developer is good but things like app names tripped an inexperienced person such as myself up in facebook.
The advantage of the pay version is the extra plugins and the ability to configure extra channels.
Reviews: 3
Very very useful and convenient
I had some 'configuration problems on my website but Ulli has responded quickly and after a few minutes, I discovered the problem and solved!

I advise you to buy Pro AutoTweet to support the author.
Reviews: 1
I would highly recommend this component - it was simple to install - the documentation and help files gave more than adequate support and the configuration was simple and fairly straight forward to follow. Compared to some of the other auto post extensions it give you a large degree of control over what is posted from your site, how and where it goes. Installed on 1.7.3 with no problems at all. The only issue I had was the known issue with Google Chrome when setting up your FB permission however, the designer has documented the resolution to this on the help forum. Well Done....
Reviews: 7
I am a Joomla Newbie, and have learned a lot in the month or so I've been using it. Downloaded the free app first, then bought the Pro Version.

Had many questions about configuration even after reading the documentation, posted questions on the forum, they were answered quickly and CLEARLY so that I was able to make this component work.

Did my first test this morning: edited an article in Joomla, went to Auto Tweet Messages on back end of Joomla, approved the article and BOOM, it was on the Facebook page pretty as can be.

Still need to figure out how to make it work with my own App on facebook, and I'm sure I'll be posting to the forum a bunch more times (sorry developers!).

Love the product, Love the customer service.
Reviews: 7
I bought the 6 month Pro subscription and I am very satisfied with the extension. It is very easy to install and setup.

I had a conflict on my website with a plugin and Ulli has been responsive and pointed me in the right direction : after a few minutes, I found out the problem and solved it!

I do recommend spending the few bucks to support AutoTweet Pro.
Reviews: 3

I am strongly recommend this extensions coz its really Excellent extension with Support. when i bought this extension i have one big problem ( URL Broken ) occurred but the extension supporter ( Mr. Ulli ) very fast support provided and solved my problem within 3 hours.

i am really very happy with this extension and Thanks

Best Regards
Ayaz Ali
Reviews: 6

I strongly recommend this extensions as it does exactly what it says! At the beginning I had some problems to configure my Facebook app but Ulli (the extension developer) helped a lot and finally I overcame it. 5 stars!
Reviews: 14
This is on my must have list of extensions. Social networking is vital to any online marketing strategy and this takes care of things for you.

I had a problem with it not posting to Facebook and received support on the forum within a few hours. (The problem was of my doing)

This is just one of this extensions that make you feel comfortable knowing that it'll just work.
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