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AutoTweet NG Pro ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Enhance your social media management!

"AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more."

Channel Types:

! Facebook Profile
! Facebook Page
! Facebook Group
! Facebook Link
! Facebook Photo
! Google+ Moments
! LinkedIn Profile
! LinkedIn Company
! LinkedIn Group Channel, with Images
! Twitter
! VK Profile and VK Group (BETA)

In a nutshell

* It publishes automagically "Posts" to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
* It posts Title, Text, Full-Text, Image, Web Address (Url), Hashtags, etc.
* Powerful Rule Engine, to post fully customized messages by category, author, language, access levels, text terms, etc.
* Schedule your posts.
* --- Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts ---

*** Supported Extensions ***

Joomla Content, Weblinks and On new user
Cobalt CCK
DT Register
FAQ Book
Kunena Forum
Mosets Tree
Music Collection
Phoca Download
Testimonials (Infyways)
Testimonials (JoomPlace)

*** Supported via 3rd parties ***
Zefania Bible

*** Main Features ***

Manual approval/autopublish
Multi-channel architecture
Shortheners:,,,, Yourls.
Supports articles with present/scheduled publish date.
Support for cron jobs (High Performance)
Support for multi language sites.
Create Your Own Facebook App (with Canvas Page or not)
TW Follow module: module to show the latest tweets.
Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.

*** Rule Engine ***

The rule engine is a great way to consolidate, apply formats and hashtags, and organize your posts.

*** Version 7.5.0 - Stable - 3 November 2014

NEW Feature: Social Composer
NEW: Jomres v7.5 plugin / Powerful booking system, tried and tested over many years, by thousands of users
NEW: JoomPlace's Testimonials v7.5 plugin
NEW: Infyways's Responsive Testimonials Pro v7.5 plugin
NEW: Minitek's FAQ Book Pro v7.5 plugin
Enhancement: Extended Text Lengths
Enhancement: Installer update notice
Enhancement: Any Channel rule support
Enhancement: Mail Channel Punycode workaround
Enhancement: Mail Channel Html Formatting
Fix: Sef router encoding for Unicode and Optimization
Fix: Null Date Requests, default now and view error detection
Fix: Compatibilty on [] images tag
Fix: Unicode Aliases support
Update: HWDMediaShare v7.5 plugin / Compatibility with HWDMediaShare v2.0
Update: EasyDiscuss v7.5 plugin - Compatibilty on [] images tag
Update: JComment v7.5 plugin - Compatib

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Reviews: 26
They offer great tech support, on the odd-chance that you need it, and it had many plugins so no core hacks required
Reviews: 2
I only spotted 2 minor issues:
1) it lacks G+ integration (but it's early, I suppose there will be an update soon)
2) every post in facebook has this annoying "via AutoTweet Connector" in the bottom line. I'd like to be able to remove this.

Those noted, it works like a charm :)
Owner's reply

Thx for the review!

As described in the docu you can change "via AutoTweet Connector" by using your own app instaed the AutoTweet app (what is recommended).


Reviews: 1
I usually do not write at all, but was fascinated by Ulli Storck and the great services provided by him for the little puny contribution to be paid.
En example of his supper, you can find here
everything works as it should ..
Reviews: 5
I run a community for musicians, and use Auto Tweet NG Pro for posting new activities from articles, jreviews, kunena and community builder to Facebook and Twitter.
What can I say? this component has become the responsible for transforming my web in a living and interesting site.
More over, the support is excellent, just had a little issue and it was resolved within hours with a new release!
I totally recommend this component!!! it will take your community site to another level :)
Reviews: 5
Well, I could finally set up this extension on our website. Twitter worked right from the beginning, however, Facebook was far more difficult. A few special settings that were first not obvious. It worked then as well. The component ultimately allows you to auto-post as group/company. Before you can do that you need to create your own app in Facebook and use some settings then for AutoTweet NG Pro. That was tricky, but I received some valuable information from the creator of this extension to bring it to life on our website. Superb extension and support! Thanks Ulli.

Cheers, kofi
Reviews: 8
I've experimented with several of these, including tools that would pull (RSS) the feeds of my client's Joomla! sites to re-publish content to the social channels.

This app was the easiest to configure--even the more complicated option to brand your own Facebook API was well documented and allows for you to re-brand your service so when the post is made to Facebook, you get the post...via YOUR-APP so this is a great tool for developers that provide this as a service to their clients.

Support: I had a glitch and posted on the forum and received a quick response. A short interaction later on the forums (almost in real-time!) he identified the problem.

For anyone who wants to eliminate the need to re-port or use 3rd party applications like Hootsuite, etc. this component is a must.

There are no modifications to the basic Joomla! article content system, and the plugin can be configured to read tags and direct to specific twitter or facebook channels accordingly. The K2 plugin makes this compatible with one of the best CCK options as well.
Reviews: 2
I have been working with Joomla since 2006, and have used AutoTweet NG Pro since it was released.

First, the results: I use AutoTweet for a very specialized professional network (nonprofit marketing specialists). Within a few months of using AutoTweet, our Twitter feed attracted hundreds more members to the network.

Setup and Operation: The commercial version was fairly easy to set up and configure. I like the way that it reports on the status of each tweet or Facebook post, so I can quickly tell if I am having problems.

Level of support: When I had questions about tweaking the configuration, the support was timely and informative.

Performance: This has been one of the few components that have been "set-it-and-forget-it." The only performance issues I run into come from my own changes to other parts of the site configuration without telling AutoTweet what I have done.

In summary, this is such a great component, I hesitated to write this five star review because I have thought about it as my secret weapon. But in the spirit of the Joomla movement, this component and its developer deserve to be praised loudly and widely for the excellent work.
Reviews: 2
First I'd like to make it very clear that I'm not in the habit of giving a glowing review of anything unless it is well deserved!

I first started using this component to prepare a non-profit web site for the 40th anniversary of the Kent State Ohio shootings on May 4 1970. Upon having an issue with the install toward the goal of integrating both Twitter and facebook I emailed the Author Ulli Storck for assistance. Fully expecting him to point me to an FAQ or the documentation I was surprised when he offered to help me verify the configuration! It turned out that Twitter changed their API security which in short order got updated in the software. I haven't had a problem since!

I've been further impressed at the number of updates and additions of various features to the software that makes it a must have for any site that is serious about social network integration of their web site. I highly recommend this software to update your social friends on the updates from your web sites!

Ulli Storck has done a great job of keeping his software up to date! Plug-in are also available for all the popular software I run ie: sobi2, virtuemart, etc...
Reviews: 5
I first tried the non-pro version for Twitter, and wanted to extend this feature to facebook. After long hours of searching, I didn't find anything that could do it as well as AutoTweet. So I bought it, and clearly wasn't disappointed.
Reviews: 4
This component is clearly well thought-out and programmed. Everything worked as I assumed it should work, no problems. Also quick responses and suggestions on the forum.

For the time and effort this clearly required, the price is a steal..

Thanks again
Reviews: 6
I've been on board with this component for several months now. It's got a great feature set which is continually being added to and improved upon. A must have for anyone wishing to embrace social connectivity. Numerous plugins and most importantly great support. You won't regret getting this component.
Reviews: 3
This component is the best choice for posts tweets automatically. Simply perfect. The documentation is good, FAQ is good, forum is good and also offer a incredible support.
Reviews: 1
I had a try of the free trial and it worked very well, and I purchased the full version as I needed the blogs from the Azrul MyBlog module to be automatically tweeted which wasn't supported on the trial. I had some intial problems as I used the beta version and posted issues to the vendors support forum and was extremely impressed by the speed of their support and how quickly the software evolved and improved. They took all feedback provided into account. Highly recommended, I have no doubt that the vendor will continue to support their users.
Reviews: 2
I have been using AutoTweet NG Pro for over a month now and it really works as advertised. I had some difficulty getting it running, but the support by the developer was excellent and very timely. He researched my configurations and I had something set incorrectly. AutoTweet NG Pro is great for posting to our Twitter and Facebook pages. It is a very good product. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
Works very well cant say enough good things. Also cant say anything about support cause I have not had to use it.
Reviews: 1
Worth the price.

Simple to install and works very nice. I like manual mode.

Cons: There is some mess with licenses, GPL that is restricted, some parts have copyright ...

Publication always add "Via AutoTweet Connector", and its logo and URL... thats no cool.

Tweets are OK but FB post could be improved adding more text (here is no limited as tweeter) and even an image from the article.

Does the job anyway.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

> There is some mess with licenses,
> GPL that is restricted, some parts have copyright ...
It's the normal GPL, IMO there are no special rules for some parts. Can you send me a PMS on and explain what you mean?

> Publication always add "Via AutoTweet Connector",
> and its logo and URL
Thats normal Facebook behavoir to show the app via the post is posted. Upcomming version 2.0 has a new feature for this and you can use your own app and so your own logo. (beta is allready avalaible in download area on

> Tweets are OK but FB post could be improved
> adding more text
Version 2.0 uses more text for Facebook.

Thx again for the review,

Reviews: 4
Worth its weight in gold! Could not be simpler to install & configure (unlike some other similar extensions), and plays well with several popular SEF tools. While the free version works great for Twitter, pay the very small fee for the Pro version, and get Facebook posting functionality at the same time! And by the way, the support is phenomenal!

Our website's community is already abuzz since implementing this extension - we have been able to drive users back to the main site instead of duplicating articles on Twitter and FB.

Great tool - you won't be disappointed....
Reviews: 8
I have been utilizing AutotweetNG Pro since its conception, and want to thank Ulli for this wonderful component.

Have a Facebook Fan Page? Personal Page? what have you - this component outputs the same "tweet" messages that is does to Twitter. Plans are in the roadmap to provide more detailed output to FB in the future, as there are fewer limitations than Twitter - Just an example of what you can expect from future updates from this great component, and great developer.

This component is very easy to install, update, and maintain - One look at the backend and you will realize the time and hard work that was put into it - Information section is VERY smart for keeping you up to date of the latest versions of the various plugins/components available.

I am using SH404, and Autotweet NG PRO has no problem integrating and working with it, at all.

Options allow you to pick manual or automatic tweeting/FB updates - Roadmap is to provide separate capabilities for both TW and FB instead of together every time.

Sometimes its the little things that matter - the work that has gone into the plugins is amazing - the configurability of details is fantastic!

This component is worth the 9.99 being charged for it, even if it only output to Twitter! And we all know that FB output is a must, so.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this great component - it's THE Social component for Joomla.
Reviews: 3
I used the free version for quite some time, upgraded to pro today because of the facebook feature and the "manually mode". Set it up to work with twitter and facebook in 5 minutes, works like a charm. Good support though I never needed it, saw the questions well and fast answered in the forum, fair pricing... Keep up the excellent work.
Reviews: 8
I have used this for a month or so and it works great and easy to install. And with the new Virtuemart plugin it is even better.
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