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Editor's Note
Joomla Social Submit - All In One solution to post your Joomla contents (K2, DocMan, VirtueMart, ZOO...) to social networks automatically (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group...)

*50% discount for Non-Profit sites*

MULTIPLE INSTANCES/MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Edition is now available. Imaging that we can auto publish from K2 categories A&B to Facebook 1 & Facebook Page 2; publish from K2 categories C&D to Facebook Group 1 & Facebook Page 3.

Social Media Marketing is now easier with this automated Joomla extension - designed to be AUTOMATE SOCIAL MARKETING by EFFORTLESS WAY. Just set it up only one time and enjoy automated social publishing.


- Joomla Content (built-in, others need to install separately)
- Weblinks, Banners
- K2, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, SOBI2, Resources, Mosets Tree, jSeblod
- VirtueMart, redSHOP
- EventList, redEVENT, RSEvents, JCal Pro, JEvents, Gigcal, SimpleCalendar
- Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery
- Phoca Download, Docman
- ...

=> TO
- Twitter (built-in, others need to install separately)
- Facebook
- Facebook Fan Page
- Facebook Group
- LinkedIn
- LinkedIn Group
- Vkontakle (VK)
- Identica
- Email
- ...

obSocialSubmit FEATURES

* Publish Joomla content, 38+ 3rd party extensions data (depends on installed addon) to 10+ social networks: Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group (depends on installed addon).
* Handling both frontend and backend content posting.
* Schedule publishing with built-in cronjob feature, no technical requires.
* Work with auto post article extensions, such as: obGrabber, Feed2Post, RSS2Content, Article Generator, FeedGator...
* Internal Addon architecture (VirtueMart, Jobline, EventList, DocMan, Repository, K2, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, ...) provides ability to publish everything from your Joomla site OR even from a RSS Feed source.
* External Addon architecture (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group, Vkontakle (VK),, Google+ Moments,...) provides ability to publish to any online Social Network in the world.
* Flexible shorten service with YOURLS,,, ...
* Use your own Social Network API, publishing to social network using your own brand.
* Works with almost popular SEF extensions: standard Joomla SEF, sh404SEF, AceSEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEF Advance.

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Reviews: 3
A client wanted to autopost his K2-items to several Facebook-pages, so I searched the internet for a component to do that.
I came across obSocial and it looked promising, so I gave it a try.
At first I had som trouble getting it to connect with Facebook, but that was Facebook, because they changed some approval-stuff.

After doing some tests, I noticed that the posted url, wasn't the SEF-url and again I grabbed a hold of support.
In a matter of hours a new version of the K2 plugin was released which solved my issue - that's GREAT support - but it gets even better!

When posting a native Joomla article, you can choose on which socialmedia it should be published.
This wasn't the case with K2. Here it will be posted according to the rules you set up and not directly in the item/article.
I asked support if this was possible. The answer was no, but they might consider this option in a future release.

3 days later I got a new answer in my supportticket... They had updated the plugin once again!
Now I was able to do what I wanted in K2...

Simply amazing support!!!
Thanks Tung Pham @ foobla!
Reviews: 1
the app itself is simple to use, but got hard time setting app on those social media, contacted them via skype and they kick in and help in a short while everything is done!!

well done!! Great Ext Great Service
Reviews: 1
Great Extension.

Easy to use and great and fast support.
Reviews: 1
I've been running obSocialSubmit and a couple of other Foobla extensions on my VERY BUSY news site for over a year. The product works very well and the Foobla guys have been highly efficient in helping me deal with ll the changes made necessary by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. They really go the extra mile! No bullshit answers, no playing for time, only real solutions.
Reviews: 1
It does what it should, works perfect.
If You'll Need Support, there is help. Whenever I have any question or need any help, I got it quick and good.
Thank You very much!
Reviews: 2
I have tried many autopublish extensions, and I have to say this is the best by far!
There are some free and some paid, but most of them aren't updated and when the social media like facebook, linkedin or others change the policy of their apps (and this is very often) other extensions stop to work. These guys that make obsocialsubmit are working all the time and get updates very quickly.
And what can I say about the support? It is just great! They helped me configure it and get it working, even when my licence has expired. I am going to renew, they have the best support ever.
This is worth every cent, with their support you are going to save hours of your time, which means $$$. My advice: look no further. Believe me, I have done the research.
Reviews: 1
Had some problems with recent Facebook policy change affecting the integration and got great and flexible support from Pham Van Tung.
Reviews: 6
Was having difficulties with new app for posting to Facebook groups since Facebook changed its policy
This was quickly solved by their support staff Pham Van Tung
Have nothing but praise for company and product, easy to use and great support
Reviews: 1
I purchased another extension from another company which didn't work. I searched the JED again and found obsocialsubmit and purchased it.

I actually purchased the wrong version and they refunded me. Take note, I made a refund request not because the software doesn't work but because I had to get another version which is for Joomla 3.

I had some issues on how to configure the software and the support responded immediately to my ticket. Within an hour and because they worked me via remote access, the issue was resolved.

Great software! Worth the money!
Reviews: 3
I've used other components for auto-publishing to social media, but this one is the best. The ability to post to multiple accounts within a social media type is a great bonus. The simple ability to choose "yes" within an article for publishing to social media makes it so simple, anyone can do it. It took some testing and support to get a feel for how to best structure our posts, but the support team was extremely helpful. They were quick and excellent, whenever I needed help. This tool is very useful to our company and the support we've received has given us full confidence in the component. Thank you for the great work!
Reviews: 2
I had a little trouble with the set up. I posted a ticket on and received a prompt reply. The developer Phong Lo pointed out that I had not made my FB app public. It was a simple mistake, but it could have taken me hours to figure out.

Excellent Extension - Excellent Support!
Reviews: 3
This is perfectly,for sharing your content directly to social networks.
On the updated version,i saw that they added functionality even to submit your content to forums,or your blog,wich is great.
It will definetely solve you alot of problems and time,because it can be interconected with all the social network,wich is very good from my side of view,because if you have to conect to twitter,to fb and then to linkedin to submit your content manualy,your losing alot of time,with this component you can concentrate on writing good articles for your visitators,and the rest is done by this component.
The only cons of this component,but mostly is an cons from google api+ from what i finded out,is that you cannot post in google+ at this time,because their api does not allow the developers to develop an plugin,to be able to do so.Hope that google api change,so we can have on google+ on this great joomla component.
Except that,is great,and Phong,solved me all the problems and helped me to setup it everything corectly on it,so it runs smooth!
Reviews: 1
I am using this extension since a year now and it is working very well, posting smoothly to FB and Twitter several articles on a daily basis. The support is very good, with replies within 24h or earlier. This has been highly appreciated on the two occasions when both FB and Twitter have changed their policies and the component needed to be updated and re-adjusted. Few words from the developer but effective interventions, also directly on the backend of the site.
Reviews: 2
This extension was recommended to me by a colleague. I did have a little bit of trouble configuring, connecting to facebook and twitter for Joomla 3, but the support was excellent. The problem was the documentation, which needed slight amendment for J3, which is now updated and added to the knowledgebase. Very happy with this extension, it's working well and making my life easier with less manual posting to my business social media pages.
Reviews: 9
The concept of this extension allows extremely powerful configurations: you have connections to the social media and adapters for your content. In each adapter you can select which connection should be triggered...

If you purchase the MI version your possibilities are unlimited as you can add each connection or adapter multiple time. This allows for example to paste on several Facebook pages, to sent changes out per e-mail immediately while using the queue for social media, to use a different text for new vs. edited content...

When I first downloaded the extension it had several trivial errors. The support however revealed itself to be reliable and very cooperative. Everything - even minor customizations - was solved within a week. They even logged into my website to check configuration and help with problems.

Although it is an expensive extension, it is worth its money as it is by far the best social auto submit extension I know!
Reviews: 1
I installed this component these days, with the additional addon for k2. The support has guided me and helped me to configure everything, in a very short time. great
Reviews: 1
This extension did exactly what it said it would and it is doing it flawlessly. The setup took a little bit, but that is not the developer's fault, that is FB and Twitter requiring long setups on their end. Once integrated, the system made sense and it worked how you would expect it to.
Our charitable orgaization, the Veterans Aide Foundation, really appreciated that the devloper was willing to halp our cause with his support. I will be looking to Foobla for extensions in the future. I really trust their quality and support. Thanks again Foobla! Great Work!
Reviews: 1
This is a very valuable extension for my organization to draw people from the social web to our web site where all the information is. Easy to setup and use.

Support is very responsive and competent.
Reviews: 1
Its really a good extension. exactly worked as what i wished. Thank you for such a nice extension. moreover thank you for providing for free for Non-Profit Organization's website.
Reviews: 5
I wanted an easy way to push zoo items in a download app to a twitter account. This worked great (along with the zoo add on). Had it working but got a small error message, so I emailed the developer. Within a couple hours they had logged in and fixed it - great support and I highly recommend them!
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