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Editor's Note
Joomla Social Submit - All In One solution to post your Joomla contents (K2, DocMan, VirtueMart, ZOO...) to social networks automatically (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group...)

*50% discount for Non-Profit sites*

MULTIPLE INSTANCES/MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Edition is now available. Imaging that we can auto publish from K2 categories A&B to Facebook 1 & Facebook Page 2; publish from K2 categories C&D to Facebook Group 1 & Facebook Page 3.

Social Media Marketing is now easier with this automated Joomla extension - designed to be AUTOMATE SOCIAL MARKETING by EFFORTLESS WAY. Just set it up only one time and enjoy automated social publishing.


- Joomla Content (built-in, others need to install separately)
- Weblinks, Banners
- K2, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, SOBI2, Resources, Mosets Tree, jSeblod
- VirtueMart, redSHOP
- EventList, redEVENT, RSEvents, JCal Pro, JEvents, Gigcal, SimpleCalendar
- Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery
- Phoca Download, Docman
- ...

=> TO
- Twitter (built-in, others need to install separately)
- Facebook
- Facebook Fan Page
- Facebook Group
- LinkedIn
- LinkedIn Group
- Vkontakle (VK)
- Identica
- Email
- ...

obSocialSubmit FEATURES

* Publish Joomla content, 38+ 3rd party extensions data (depends on installed addon) to 10+ social networks: Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group (depends on installed addon).
* Handling both frontend and backend content posting.
* Schedule publishing with built-in cronjob feature, no technical requires.
* Work with auto post article extensions, such as: obGrabber, Feed2Post, RSS2Content, Article Generator, FeedGator...
* Internal Addon architecture (VirtueMart, Jobline, EventList, DocMan, Repository, K2, FLEXIcontent, ZOO, ...) provides ability to publish everything from your Joomla site OR even from a RSS Feed source.
* External Addon architecture (Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group, Vkontakle (VK),, Google+ Moments,...) provides ability to publish to any online Social Network in the world.
* Flexible shorten service with YOURLS,,, ...
* Use your own Social Network API, publishing to social network using your own brand.
* Works with almost popular SEF extensions: standard Joomla SEF, sh404SEF, AceSEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEF Advance.

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Reviews: 10
If you want to save yourself some time and energy from having to manually submit articles & other site content to multiple social media networks - this is the extension you really need.

The component and accompanying plugins is relatively straight-forward to install and configure. 1. Create your social media apps. 2. Enter the necessary keys and connect - Done! 3. Select the content you want to submit and the social networks/accounts you want to submit it to. The component does the rest for you.

I'll have to confess to some initial minor (plugin adapter) issues with an install on a brand new J3.1.5 site but the support from the developers was way beyond what I would have expected and any problems were resolved within the day of ticket submission.

The developers even went so far as to implement an Admin config suggestion I offered - within a few hours of providing the suggestion.

This premium extension may not be the cheapest solution but I'm pretty sure it's the best if you are looking for a simple automatic submission of multiple content sources to multiple social channels. Excellent work and thanks for the great service.
Reviews: 26
If you want to promote to multiple services from multiple extensions you need this! I use this with several addons and websites and i would not consider setting up a new website without it.
Reviews: 1
Best plugin for publishing on social networks joomla
Of much I've tried, this was the best result that has given me, it works very well and above has enormous potential.

The support service is also very good, I have resolved several issues with them and all successfully.

Reviews: 2
I purchased the premium package for this extension and am now very satisfied with it. I was a bit concerned at first, because it did not work so well with Joomla 3, but I can honestly say that the developers stand behind their work, and the extension now works as intended with my Joomla 3 install. The premium package is definitely more expensive than other similar products out there, but in my opinion I'd rather pay a little more for a product that is well supported. Good work guys! I'll be speaking with you again regarding some future purchases.
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