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Q Auto Facebook Plugin

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Q Auto Facebook is Joomla 1.5 & 1.6, 1.7 plugin, this plugin allows you automatically post your articles to your facebook wall and facebook fanpage wall as well. As a admin, you don’t need go to Facebook to update your wall messages, all thing you need to do is create articles on your site and select "Post to Facebook wall" and type your message at "Article message:" at the bottom of your editor then it will be shown automatically on wall. Advertising products become so easy with help of the plugin.

Very simple and easy to use.

If you are looking for K2 plugin then you can follow this url:

Q Auto Facebook 1.5.2 Upgraded:

You can control posting to personal page or fanpage by itself.

--- Q AutoFacebook Version 1.5.4 & Version 1.7.0 released (Rev. 00004 2011-09-20) ---
^ Change method to get access tokens
+ Added multiselect pages to post
+ Added option post short description with limited text
+ Added option allow post short description or don't allow

--- Q AutoFacebook Version 1.5.5 & Version 1.7.1 released (Rev. 00004 2011-12-25) ---
+ Added option exclude categories

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Reviews: 1
Works just like described.
The tutorial does need to be updated though since Facebook has been updated. The instructions and pics did not match what came up on the Facebook Developers.
Other than that it works like a charm.
Reviews: 7
Good plugin but need to be able to publish straight to the page w/out from my personal profile. sometimes you don't want the users to know the person behind thefacebook page
Reviews: 4
Installation and configuration were easy, just as the instructions explain. And it does just what it says. I've been looking long and hard for a little plugin like this. At the time of this posting (two days after the plugin was added to JED), I am experiencing a small issue with double-posts to the Facebook wall. The duplicate post is easily deleted, but I've started a thread at the developer's site, and am hoping for a fix. If not for the double post, I would rate this excellent. Thanks for the good work!