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Social Networks is something the world revolves around today and has become a very important part of our day to day life. So you guys are aware that most of the promotion and interaction happens on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
You might be having a website or a news portal or a Social network, then you might be having an idea that how the Slashdot effect can help to catapult your site to fame and fortune. So we’ve come up with Broadcast where you can sync your site with a social network. Once updated data on your site will be shown on the Social Network on your profile and vice-a-versa! Broadcast has many more features and it integrates flawlessly with JomSocial, EasySocial and CB websites(you can use jomwall if CB).

Following are some cool features of broadcast:
1. Support Integration with Jomsocial,Jomwall and Easysocial
2 . Import RSS Content Feeds into your site's Activity stream: Users Can define rss url and import content to site.
3. Supported and extensible social Networks: Broadcast currently supports
-Google Plus (Partial Alpha Support only for Status Fetch. Status update is not supported yet This plugin is not recommended for Live sites yet)
4. Extensible via plugins
Following extension plugins are supported in Broadcast to push the content in activity streams. Also admin can select content and category to push.
- Joomla Content
- Docman
- Flexi Content
- K2
- EasyBlog
5. User level Configuration to connect and select content type: Each user can easily connect to respective social network and decide which social account to connect and define their activity types.
6. Support for Facebook Pages and Groups: For Facebook each user can select Facebook pages (which they have created) to broadcast.
7. Social network configuration and scheduling of activity and other options for for site Admin: Site Admin can choose which networks to offer. Admin can set a cron job to schedule Activity Stream.
8. Manual Queue Addition for admin: Manual Queue additions - Admins can manually push messages to the Queue. Also admin can choose user which is already connected to a social network and push activities for them, plus there is much more!

This is not all checkout the landing page for more info and more Techjoomla products.

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Reviews: 2
Best extensions
Best support team
Best pricing

If you are looking to wow your clients and users with some of the latest Joomla extensions available? Techjoomla is a one stop developer that has all you will need to make your site stand out.

This support team is one of the best!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 5
As usual TECHJOOMLA and it's broadcast extension is the best for community websites.


They never tell you it comes from another extension problem, they always try to find a solution and quickly !!!!
Reviews: 1
I just want to say that I have been very please with this company in general. I purchased Broadcast and attempted to place it in a very complex site. I think that most people get extensions and expect them to work right out of the box in any site with any template and with any number of other extensions.

More than anything, it's important to rate an extension on the companies ability and willingness to help you work though the inevitable issue that will arise. This is such a company.

They worked very hard to make their product work with my site and even with the addition of custom work, they came through. This is a great extension and I'm happy to leave a good review for it. You can see it working at!
Reviews: 2
This extension makes the job in case you have the time to configure it to do what you want. The extension should think more about dummy user like me :)
Reviews: 2
As most of the users of your community have accounts at fb, twitter and linkedIn to promote themselves this great extensions helps them to avoid wasting time.

I use Techjoomla extensions for years in several projects. They work like a charm and if you are running into any problems you will experience superior support.

Current project with broadcast implemented: molocoo(dot)com - our users love it :-)
Reviews: 5
I just love this extension!!! It is doing wonders for our social ecommerce community in; now everything people does in our massive website goes straight to their own timelines in other social networks!

Thanks to Sagar for his kind help
Reviews: 6
Fantastic extension. Easy to install provided your follow the detailed documentation.

A must have to link Jomsocial with leading social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
Reviews: 7
I purchased a number of TJ's extensions and so far I can not fault a single one.

This works exactly as advertised, setup is strait forward and fairly simple, your reading this then you can probably do it.

Had a support request on another com and they were extremely helpful and friendly even though the problem turned out to be within my servers config.
Reviews: 10
The extension do what it promise... but above all these guys are providing a fantastic and extremely quick support :-)