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AutoFBook Plugin

AutoFBook Plugin is an advanced and easy to use plugin for Joomla, that automatically posts your articles to Facebook.

This way all your Facebook fans instantly knows when your site have updated contents.The plugin will post to a Facebook Page or your personal wall. It automatically creates a Facebook link with description to your article. As simple as that.

- Joomla 2.5 and 3.X
- Automatically post new articles to Facebook.
- Post to a Facebook Page or your personal Facebook wall.
- Automatic insert of OG-tags
- Specify which article categories to post
- Works in both frontend and backend
- Languages included:
- English
- Swedish

- Joomla 2.5 or later
- Facebook account
- PHP 5.2
- JSON support (included in PHP 5.2)
- cURL support (included in PHP 5.2)

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Reviews: 3
Any issues I've had were addressed by the developer himself. He did everything he could to help me. I highly recommend these social extensions to anyone who is seeking exceptional support. The pricing is also unbeatable compared to competitors. Excellent service.
Reviews: 1
this is a very excellent plugin make your website is connected to Facebook account, group and page, the Auto Post is very helping and not to waste time by going to the address bar and copy the link of each article and post it in facebook, this plugin will do all those steps automatically by itself , bravooooooooo
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension for the price. Easier and much better than the official Facebook extension to allow Joomla to post to Facebook. Easy to set up (documentation could be updated) and automatically posted previous articles from the category I specified as soon as I connected the plugin with Facebook. This is definitely worth the few $$ to save you from the frustration of using a free alternative.
Reviews: 4
This plugin is not so expensive but doesn't work well.

It's the second extension i'm using in this category and I can say that one day, it starts suddenly to not working anymore without any reason (a facebook update?) so I tried to update and it broke my website.

Hopefully I restore a backup.
Reviews: 3
I have been mislead by the good reviews and decided to buy this plugin. It simply doesn't work well on 1.5 versions of Joomla. There's no way to make it submit articles images, only text.

The support is slow and after 1 month and 2 weeks I'm still waiting for a solution. I was told to download another plugin, Autoopengraph, but it instantly crashes my website everytime I activate it.

Still waiting for a solution. So far, I would not recommend it to anyone.
Owner's reply

Dear Erick. The AutoFBooks only job is to send a link to your article to the Facebook server. The Facebook server scans your article to find image, description and other information from your page source. Some webpages makes it hard for FB to find this information, because of the HTML structure which results in that no images will be displayed in the post. This is what happens in your case. You are now mixing things up. AutoFBook works as expected; the article is posted to FB as, just like you are writing, but FB fails to find the needed info on your server. You cannot blame the AutoFBook plugin for this.

Reviews: 1
This plugin does the job perfectly! No problem whatsoever to install. Even synchronisation with Facebook works perfect.

Also support of Daniel is perfect. Bought the wrong plugin (K2 version) and free of charge he gave me the correct plugin! Brilliant!!

Maybe just one remark for further development. I have several domains attached to my website. When the scripts posts to Facebook it uses one of these domains (at random). I want to post with just one domain. Maybe a possibility to include this in a new version?
Reviews: 1
Easy, worked first time, as described!
Reviews: 1
Just upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. Previously used J2FB but there was no 2.5 version available. This plugin does everything what it should do. Clear documentation and great support. For this price you don't have to search any further!
Reviews: 1
this plugin is simply fantastic and especially the availability and support of the designer Danel
really thank you
Reviews: 1
First of all thank you about this very useful plugin. And especially your price about it.
Its a very-very useful plugin. I didnot any problem about.

Reviews: 1
In my opinion it's very useful component. Developer support is very quick and professional!
Plugin is easy to setup .
Daniel thank you !!
Reviews: 4
This plugin was easy to setup and works flawlessly. The developer was also easy to contact with any questions and has even addressed my only issue with the plugin in the next release!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is exactly what i was looking for! it posts our articles to our Facebook page with an image automatically, and without back links or advertising etc. just a nice clean plug in that's does exactly what it should.

Easy install/set up/configure. worth every cent of the very few dollars it cost. Great support as well, really nice , very professional.

Because i'm naturally cheap, I tried all the free ones first, they all have issues, seriously, don't waste your time, this is the one you should get. Install it and forget it, no more forgetting to update your Facebook page!

Reviews: 2
I'm generally reluctant to try out commercial components. As a developer present in JED I am convinced, that there are other ways to make profit upon your work, like by selling it. But, this rule of mine - as any rules - are there to be broken sometimes. I tried all the available free alternatives wen I rebuilt my Joomla tips site, none worked properly. Then decided to give this plugin a chance, and bought it. I can tell you, worth every penny! I use now on most of sites I build - and I build a couple of them LOL - and I recommend it to everyone needing the functionality. A single problem I had with - and solved it with an one-line hack - I wanted to publish only new articles. But you don't need to do the same - the developer seemingly will include the option in the new release.
Reviews: 5
very easy to use, good tutorials for setting up the facebook apps themselves, great email support, A+++
Reviews: 1
I had some trouble implementing this plug-in on my website, but thanks to his kind, efficiently and really good support, we've resolved.... ops, it's better and correct saying "he've resolved" ;-)
Now it works just fine.
Thanks a lot... ad maiora