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Social Backlinks ComponentPlugin

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Social Backlinks automatically posts your Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedSHOP and Virtuemart selected content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte.
This extension feed all the social networks with your content in a smart way. Social Backlinks is the only component to use the automatic configuration to post on social networks. No more need to create a new social account, application,... just plug and play.

With Social Backlinks extension you get: a well coded component, automatic sync plugin, detailed documentation, support by the developer.

** Social Networks features **

- One Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedSHOP, Virtuemart content generate up to 6 social backlinks per publication
- Facebook personal account & page
- Twitter account
- LinkedIn profile and page
- Vkontakte profile
- Facebook/LinkedIn user page is automatically detected during connection (when you're a page admin)
- Additional Facebook account to manage additional account or page
- Post on page as admin or as user
- Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

** Social Backlinks auto publish features **

- Sync all your Joomla content, categories or articles
- Sync all your K2 content, categories or content
- Sync all your Yootheme ZOO content from pages and blog
- Sync all your Hikashop products, categories or content
- Sync all your RedSHOP products, categories or content
- Sync all your Virtuemart products, categories or content
- Choose to sync your content when articles are just published or updated
- Determine the sync delay
- Go over post limit: the component keep in mind your content and make a new sync later
- Force an image or a logo to be posted
- A sync problem? use the Email alert system
- Compatible with Joomla SEF extension
- Control the content: history, error log
- Well coded, fast loading
- User friendly interface
- Synchronization is called asynchronously, don't slow down your website!
- A synchronization can be triggered each time you save an article
- Easy to install and update

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Reviews: 4
This component is almost perfect, would love to see support for pinterest and some support for the most common events components.
Reviews: 4
Extension works like a charm. Some difficulties for me to set up but the team was perfect with immediat support.
Strongly recommended
Reviews: 1
I have more than SATISFIED with developers of this plug in, the integration with Facebook and other social sites is extremely easy, simply amazing how they convert something powerful into very simple steps to auto publish on Facebook !! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLUG IN, 1000! SATISFIED AND HAPPY, because i was having problems with other similar plug-ins, but they are far-away from this real professional one!
Thanks ,
Reviews: 2
Easy, designed for users & flexible.

I start with Joomla 2 month ago but I can totally understand how it works, easy to install and great tutorials too. Thanks for this component.
Reviews: 2
This extension got an amazing interface well designed.
Support also super fast and efficient.

I use it on 3 website now and everything goes well.
Reviews: 7
I have been trying to find a suitable extension for social backlinks and this is definately it.

I had a few problems with setting the component up which eventually was tracked down to plugin conflicts and the patience and determination by Tristan to help me resolve my issue went well above and beyond what can be reasonably expected.

Many thanks Tristan, it is truly appreciated.
Reviews: 2
Nice interface... good functionality and great support! I had an issue hooking my Twitter account up inside the component... I submitted a ticket and they helped debug the problem - Which WASN'T with the component... it was with Twitter's API Keys. I resubmitted my info to Twitter and it works like a charm! The age old problem - USER error. ;)
Reviews: 2
This extension has a user friendly interface with amazing design.
Support is great too.

Thanks for the new K2 plugin!
Reviews: 2
It's just what I was looking for, it has the main 2 social networks and posting to facebook page as admin is easier than ever. Very impressive user friendly interface, great support from developer and great documentation.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension for use it with K2. Very easy to setup and very effective.
The technical support is very fast and useful.
Thanks Joomunited...

Reviews: 4
I have had a look at this on my friends website and i like it, its sharp and coded well. However there is one major issue and that is if i wanted to write a nice long article i would want more than 3 backlinks. Its pretty simple OBSS now have the addon and once your account is set up you can post your article to 20+ sites including facebook, linkedin and twitter so i would really consider adding to your plugin to make it worthwile.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback.

Social Backlinks structure is built to be extensible with additional plugins of social networks and Joomla extensions. A new release with more integrations is coming.

Please stay in touch to be informed as soon as possible.

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