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AutoTweet Joocial ComponentModulePlugin

Until now, Joomla! social auto-posting has been focused on "backend" configuration to "site-wide" social channels.

// Joocial introduces Exclusive: Community Auto-Posting //

- User-Level Social Auto-Posting
- Registered Users can enable their social channels (Facebook Profile, LinkedIn, Twitter)
- All User Activities are published to User Social Channel.
- A site-wide channel works for general auto-posting, publishing as usual to site channels.
- A user channel publishes only to User Profile.
- Open Graph features for Users: Explicit Sharing and User Generated Photo Actions
- All AutoTweetNG plugins work also in the front-end site

--- Full social content management ---

"A powerful social content platform to manage multiple social networks"

Joocial is the next iteration of our social tools, designed to meet social requirements of all Joomla users (front-end and back-end).

The new solution allows to manage post properties "at edition time", with advanced editor and toolbar tools.

In a nutshell

Beyond the original back-end auto-posting scope, Joocial is here to provide full social content management for Joomla:

* Social Publishing Management: New tools to create, edit, schedule, and repeat posts, integrated with Joomla extensions.

* Virtual Social Media Manager: High-level virtual assistant to manage when Posts are published, and evergreen posts support (re-publishing).

* It also includes all auto-posting features, based on our well-known plugins.

*** Channel types

* Facebook Profile, Event, Group, Link, Page, and Photo channels
* Twitter channels
* LinkedIn Profile, Company, and Group channels
* Google+ Moments channel, to easily share into Profiles or Pages

*** Supported Extensions ***

Joomla Content, Weblinks and On new user
Cobalt CCK
DT Register
FAQ Book - NEW!
Jomres - NEW!
Kunena Forum
Mosets Tree
Music Collection
Phoca Download
Testimonials (Infyways) - NEW!
Testimonials (JoomPlace) - NEW!

-- Version 7.4.0 - 19 August 2014

Feature: Install from Web and Live Update
Feature: Multi-language content, default language based on current user language
Feature: Text Cleansing, removing general {}, [], and unmatched tags
Feature: Post This Parameter - Defaul value
Feature: {gallery} and {youtube} AllVideos support for images
Feature: Second chance Url Validation
Feature: Web Cronjob Execution
Feature: Joocial editor integrated_components
Feature: Feed processing - German umlauts and special characters supp

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Reviews: 31
when i took a look at the list that included almost if not all the most pouplar extensions of Joomla , i realized that Extly team do listen to their customers and i just wanna say keep it up guys , bet of luck :)
Reviews: 1
I am still getting to grips with the component it seems to do everything it promises and i very quickly got the operations of the of the component. and there seems to be a lot of flexibility you can program/ configure into the way the social media channels take and report information from the site.

The Setting up is a little tricky mainly because of the external resources which need configuring, Fortunately the support team were brilliant at showing me the errors of my ways and helping to resolve issues created via the third party apps which need configuring with a lot of precision. Great Support what more can you say or want.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much, we are making our best to provide a quality service :-D

Stay tuned, we are working to release a new ** Social Composer ** in the next upcoming version.

Yours faithfully,
Support Team

Reviews: 1
I was searching for an extension like this for some time... now i found the perfect one!
Easy to use, many online tutorials and howto's, even great explenation in the component itself!
And then when something went wrong... i needed support!
Filed an issue, and issue was fixed before i knew it!
Try and be amased!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We are working hard to provide a top-notch extension :-D

Reviews: 2
This extension does exactly what it says it does: sharing content from your Joomla site to your social media sites. It has a wide array of features and has very thorough documentation. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. This extension makes consistency in our marketing efforts significantly easier.

On top of that, there service is superb! I have worked with a great number of third party Joomla extension developers and this company is one of my top 3 when it comes to support. I almost always get responses to my support tickets the same day and they provide you with the exact answer or solution you are looking for. The extension itself has never had issues, but I often times have special requests and they're quick to respond. I've even seen them add features I have requested in the very next release of the software! Truly one of the best developers out there!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

We are making our best to create the best social marketing solution, and provide perfect support.

We appreciate your feedback, it helps us to improve the product and service.