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AutoTweet NG ComponentModulePlugin

Enhance your social media management!

"AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more."

Channel Types:

! Facebook Profile
! Facebook Page
! Facebook Group
! Facebook Event
! Facebook Link
! Facebook Photo
! Google+ Moments - NEW !!!
! LinkedIn Profile
! LinkedIn Company
! LinkedIn Groups, with Images
! Twitter
! VK Profile and VK Group (BETA)

*** In a nutshell ***

** It publishes automagically "Posts" to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
** It posts Title, Text, Full-Text, Image, Web Address (Url), Hashtags, etc.
** Schedule your posts.
** Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.


* Automatic message resending
* AutoTweet NG posts also later published or republished articles.
* AutoTweet NG comes with message management
* AutoTweet NG supports articles with present publish date.
* Manual approval feature
* Multichannel architecture: You can post to multiple Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.
* Support for multi language sites.
* Create Your Own Facebook App (with Canvas Page or not)
* TW Follow module: module to show the latest tweets.

*** Article Generator ***

Includes a RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.

*** Rule Engine ***

The rule engine is a great way to consolidate, automate, and organize your social channels. You can define rules according the following concepts:

- Category is/not included
- ONE/ALL/NONE of the terms
- ONE/ALL/NONE of the word terms
- Author (creator or editor) is/not included
- Catches all
- Match to a regular expression
- Language, Access Levels, etc

*** Restrictions/Limitations of the free version **

- Channels are limited to 2 channels. So you can create 2 channles only.
- RSS Feeds are limited to 2 feeds. So you can create 2 feeds only.
- No support for Yourls, or other shorteners. Only Tinyurl is supported.
- No cronjob support.
- Only the Content-Extension plugin is available for free (All other plugins are included in the Pro subscription).
- Support is provided for free

*** Supported Extensions via 3rd party Support ***
- JEvents
- redEVENT
- SermonSpeaker - NEW!

-- Version 7.3.0 - Stable - 28nd May 2014

Feature: Support for Facebook Platform Version 2.0
Feature: Support for new Facebook Publishing Actions Permissions
Feature: Channel Social Url Detail
Feature: Url Router with redirection support, and new alerts
Feature: Polling Windows Interval setting
Improvement: Joocial Toolbar compability with Zoo
Improvement: LinkedIn Company Channel Formatting enhancements
Improvement: Default Base Url setting
Improvement: UI Improvements
Improvement: Optimizer - Javascript Loader for Joomla! 3 / Apps Enhancements
Improvement: Removed nextScheduledDate valid CRON expression

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Reviews: 4
If you want to "socialize" your site, don't look further! This extension does it ALL! Easy installation, everything was working out of the box :)
Reviews: 14
Works like a dream and the support is excellent. I had a problem which was my own fault, posted into the forum late last night and got an answer this morning. I followed the advice and got this working in a couple of minutes.
Reviews: 6
I am using the free version with several of the plugins, this is a must for taking the pain out of viral social networking capabilities.
Came up against one issue and the developer was on hand to work through the errors within minutes. Very easy to setup, very useful, and great support. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
I just installed the AutoTweet com/mods and this
works just as described!

As a fellow developer (10+ years) I fully understand
the effort that has gone into making your product.

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 7
Have used the free version for awhile and just upgraded to Pro perfectly.

Save yourself lots of time by using this component!

Thank again Ulli!
Reviews: 3
Component is cool!
Please fix one bug in autotweetcontent plugin - Joomla! SEF support for link.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

> Joomla! SEF support for link.
I suggest you have posted this article from backend. This is an issue of Joomla! and not of the plugin (Sorry!). See here for explanation:

If you have problems with SEF when the post is done from frontend, please post an example in the forum.

Thx again,

Reviews: 1
Use this extension (version 1.1 free version) and it works perfectly.

I'd love 2 additional features:

Support for Facebook (now only in the Pro version);
Automatic publication of articles added via RSS.

A great extension (comparable to rss2content which is not free)!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review!

> Support for Facebook
I will release the pro version an a 1-2 weeks on a subscription base for EUR 9,99 / year.

> Automatic publication of articles added via RSS.
I have added this as a feature request. You can find all open feature requests here:

Thx again and a happy new year,

Reviews: 1
I just wanna a extension that could tweet automaticaly when I add an article. This extension is perfect to it. Post a tyne url to you article and could add #hashtags with the name of section and category.
Reviews: 2
Worked on the fly for me, no hassle whatsoever, and I never even looked at tweeter before.

Greet work, and take no heed of people giving lousy grades before even giving you the benefit of answering their problems.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 8
I am not sure why anyone would give this extension a poor rating - it installed easily and was intuitive to setup and make work. My only suggestion, and it is a minor one, is to add a "Configuration" option to the AutoTweet Manager page - that is where I first expected to see an option for adding my Twitter account information. The "Parameters" icon in the upper right wasn't as obvious to me initially. Like I said - this is a very minor suggestion which I am certain is clearly identified in the help documentation... I didn't read it first :-(

Great Job!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! I have noted your suggestion for implementation.

Reviews: 4
Tried on two websites. Delete and re-installed. Used recent update 12/16 and still NO GO! Found another for $ like a charm.

Owner's reply

AutoTweet works for most people (see other reviews) and there is also a documentation and a forum.

Of course AutoTweet needs a little bit more customizing. But it offers a lot more functions as most other available extensions.

You have never ask anything in the forum! I do not understand people like you: This extension is free and I do thgis in my free time. You can use the extension without any payment and there is free (really fast) support in the forum and a free documentation.

It is not fair to give such a bad vote/review without asking anything! You have no respect for the work of others!

Reviews: 5
Superb App. I hope you will continue to develop it for use with other Joomla! solutions like MightyExtensions. I will the first to buy.
Reviews: 3
works just fine and there is nothing more to add! thanks, Uli!
Reviews: 1
I am really impressed! Thanks for this great job! It works perfect!
Reviews: 3
Fantastic plugin/component. Really easy to use.
Reviews: 4
Very nice extension, easy to use, no hacks.
Tks you for this extension.
Reviews: 1
Installed Autotweet, configured the component/plugin and it worked like a charm! Now I can publish an article and it gets automatically posted on twitter and from there on Facebook.

Just excellent!
Reviews: 1
I wish every extension was as easy to implement as this one, then life would be a breeze. Setting up the Twitter account takes more time than getting Auto Tweet ready to go.

And I'm a novice, so if I can get this to work right off the bat, anyone else can.

This component works perfectly, just like advertised, and is a must for anyone who would like to get their articles in front of a whole new audience. That's all that needs to be said about this component.

On a final note, the support is wonderful as well. I had to use their forum once (no problem with the extension, it was actually with my web host) and I received a detailed answer very quickly.

Great job all the way around!
Reviews: 19
This component works just as advertised. Who needs to pay for advertising when you've got twitter? There is no better way to get your articles or Blog posts out to the world than using witter. I am using this along with K2 and my articles are posted to Twitter as soon as I save them. The only thing you have to make sure is that you save from the frontend and not the backend as it will not get the URL correct from the backend. This is clearly stated in the forum. There are many options for the way that your Tweets are published such as using the article header or intro text, adding hashtags from the articles meta keywords or the the category or section or none at all. The ability to automatically shorten URLs is a great feature and necessity when using Twitter with it's 140 character limit. This component and it's plugins installed without a hitch and was up and running within a few minutes. All I can say is thanks to the developer for a great add-on.
Owner's reply


thank you for this review.

One word to the URL, when posted from backend: The URL is correct, but it is not the SEF URL because Joomla has no support for this in the backend.

Thanks again,

Reviews: 3
Here, you have really a great extension for your joomla.
Run without any problem.
Very good job !
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