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AutoTweet NG ComponentModulePlugin

Enhance your social media management!

"AutoTweet posts from Joomla to social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more."

Channel Types:

! Facebook Profile
! Facebook Page
! Facebook Group
! Facebook Link
! Facebook Photo
! Google+ Moments
! LinkedIn Profile
! LinkedIn Company
! LinkedIn Groups, with Images
! Twitter
! VK Profile and VK Group (BETA)

*** In a nutshell ***

** It publishes automagically "Posts" to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
** It posts Title, Text, Full-Text, Image, Web Address (Url), Hashtags, etc.
** Schedule your posts.
** Article Generator, RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.


* Automatic message resending
* AutoTweet NG posts also later published or republished articles.
* AutoTweet NG comes with message management
* AutoTweet NG supports articles with present publish date.
* Manual approval feature
* Multichannel architecture: You can post to multiple Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.
* Support for multi language sites.
* Create Your Own Facebook App (with Canvas Page or not)
* TW Follow module: module to show the latest tweets.

*** Article Generator ***

Includes a RSS Feeds grabber for Automatic Articles and Posts.

*** Rule Engine ***

The rule engine is a great way to consolidate, automate, and organize your social channels. You can define rules according the following concepts:

- Category is/not included
- ONE/ALL/NONE of the terms
- ONE/ALL/NONE of the word terms
- Author (creator or editor) is/not included
- Catches all
- Match to a regular expression
- Language, Access Levels, etc

*** Restrictions/Limitations of the free version **

- Channels are limited to 2 channels. So you can create 2 channles only.
- RSS Feeds are limited to 2 feeds. So you can create 2 feeds only.
- No support for Yourls, or other shorteners. Only Tinyurl is supported.
- No cronjob support.
- Only the Content-Extension plugin is available for free (All other plugins are included in the Pro subscription).
- Support is provided for free

*** Supported Extensions via 3rd party Support ***
- JEvents
- redEVENT
- SermonSpeaker
- Zefania Bible - NEW!

-- Version 7.4.0 - Stable - 19 August 2014

Feature: Install from Web and Live Update
Feature: Multi-language content, default language based on current user language
Feature: Text Cleansing, removing general {}, [], and unmatched tags
Feature: Post This Parameter - Defaul value
Feature: {gallery} and {youtube} AllVideos support for images
Feature: Second chance Url Validation
Feature: Web Cronjob Execution
Feature: Joocial editor integrated_components
Feature: Feed processing - German umlauts and special characters support
Feature: New Rules IS User Channel and IS NOT User Channel
Fix: Fixed Channel Types
Fix: Rout

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Reviews: 3
Here, you have really a great extension for your joomla.
Run without any problem.
Very good job !
Reviews: 8
Ulli has done a fabulous job implementing a system to automatically tweet various events from your joomla site to your twitter account.

I wanted to thank Ulli for taking the time to put this together, and, per my request, also taking the time to put together a plugin (SVN) for Eventlist - thats even Eventlist SVN compatible!

Support is great as well, my forum postings don't sit very long without a reply from the author!

If your thinking about a twitter solution for your joomla site, please take this for a ride, you will not be disappointed.
Reviews: 13
I used the autotweet plugin before the NG came out and I was already happy. The NG is even better as you can now manage tweets.

I've noticed a small error and enhancement which I'll post in the forums. Thanks for a great package.
Reviews: 3
Perfect for my needs! Thank you very much for this great product!
Reviews: 1
Or I get an error 111.
Or it tels me the status has been updated but the titel doesn't get to my Twitter.
Cause ?
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for using AutoTweet!

First: I do not understand why you have not posted your problem to the support forum on bevor you write a review.

> Or I get an error 111
Error 111 (Connection refused) comes from fsockopen and says that you have connectivity/network problems. Normally this is a problem of your environment and not of the plugin and you should contact you sysadmin.

> Or it tels me the status has been updated but the titel doesn't get to my Twitter
Please enable AutoTweet debug mode and post the results to the support forum on

best regards

Reviews: 2
I had some trouble installing this at first because I was rushing it. The instructions are clear, and you have to have both the AutoTweet and AutoTweet Kunena plugins installed.

After installing, I did a test run and it didn't work, but I just posted a reply to a topic and I got the message stating that the autotweet worked. I checked my twitter account and it was up! This is a huge step for my website. I can't thank you enough! Great plugins.
Reviews: 3
This plugin works great and is very simple to set up. I had it up and posting to twitter in about 5 minutes. I also added the Auto Tweet Kunena plugin which works with this one perfectly.
Reviews: 2
This is an awesome plugin that installs in no time and works first try.

The only shortcoming (at least for me) is that as stated it will not post an article to Twitter that is post dated.

I routinely will enter a months worth of articles to be auto posted about every 3 days. Unfortunately after a test they don’t get added to the Twitter feed.

I also tried compositing an article but not publishing it, and then a while later I published it manually, and it still did not post to Twitter.

I’m not sure why the plugin can’t or has been designed not to publish post dated postings but it sure would make my life easier.

Regardless it is a fabulous plug in, Thanks
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for the review!

It is not possible to get an info from Joomla when an article with present date is posted later by the system. So the plugin can't do this - sorry.

At the moment I work on AutoTweet NG (next generation). This version has a component and logs the articles. So with this new version it is possible to post automatically posts with present dates.

I will release a first version of AutoTweet NG end of october.

best regards

Reviews: 1
If you need being up to date at twitter, you must use this plugin !
This plugin will keep your customers up to date if you commit any changes in your website.
This plugin has too the better support i've seen until today !
Just give this plugin a chance, you will not regret it.
Reviews: 1
I had some problems when I started using Auto Tweet and posted about it on their forum. Within minutes I had a response from the developer, who quickly diagnosed the problem. Within hours, he had pushed up a new version that corrected my problem. Easily the best interaction and response I've had with a developer in such a situation. Top class.
Reviews: 2
I hadn't even thought of an auto-tweeting for our Joomla site... this works perfectly! Easy to setup, not one complaint. Nice plugin!
Reviews: 2
Great plugin: twitter users get an easy notification of news on our website, including a URL!
Reviews: 7
This thing is a time-saver! With each article we posted on our site, a tweet had to be sent. Now we don't have to do this any longer! I highly recommend this!!!
Reviews: 1
like some users, i was skeptical as too how easy this plugin might be to use. however it only took a total of about 30 seconds to get this plugin up, running, and tested. very efficient, and useful. cuts my administration in half since my site relys on twitter a good deal. thumbs up, and kudos.
Reviews: 2
Unlike many other extensions we find around here, this one does what it says. It's so simple that you even forget it's there -- even though it's working for you twitting your articles in the background. Excellent. Furthermore, the author is very helpful, resolving questions and issues quickly in his forum.
Reviews: 5
I just tested this plugin and it works like a charm. By the way you can choose which articles get somehow by using the section/category function. I have always thought of having such a plugin, Thank you for making Joomla wishlist come true. I owe you a beer when you are Atlanta:-)
Reviews: 11
Very good, easy to install and use. Saves me a lot of time tweeting after updating the site. I would like to see a "do not tweet this article" on new articles giving me the ability to NOT tweet an article if so desired.

Well done to the developers.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!

> do not tweet this article
I have noted this for later investigation - but that is not easy. (I think I have to implement a plugin for joomla editor - and I have never done this...)

Reviews: 6
Thank you very much for this extention, the most difficult part of installing this was remembering my twitter password, 2 minutes and it was downloaded, installed and feeding my articles into twitter, what a pleasure.
Reviews: 4
AutoTweet is a great extension. It's very useful, and very easy for install and manage. It simplifies work.
Saving an article, you are updating your Twitter account.
It also has a great and fast support!!
Reviews: 1
Great Plugin, i have been replaced twitter status, that became comercial :(, and i not feel the difference, great work. I ´m agree with the last commnet, it´ll be great if we can define Twitter hashtags, it is very usefull in some cases, like mine. Thanks a lot.
Owner's reply

OK! I have noted this for the next version: I implement a text field in the options for static text (i. e. hash text).

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