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Nice Social Bookmark Popular Module

This module shows icons from 12 most known social sites (delicious, digg, facebook, google bookmarks, linkedin, myspace, newsvine, reddit, stumbleupon, technorati, twitter, pinterest, google +1 and rss feed) there are 4 different sizes of icons to choose from (24,32,48,64) and 6 different sets of icons (aquatic, orange round, white round, logorunner, glass and iPhone). It validates with W3C HTML5.

New: version 3.0.4
- added asynchronous loading for all external scripts
- back-end facelift
- twitter bug fixed
- pinterest code update, options added
- pinterest counter overlapping bug fixed

- 12 social sites
- 4 different icon sizes
- 6 icon layouts
- custom links for RSS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace
- mouse-over effect
- 4 custom icons and links
- icon positioning(float): left, none, right
- dynamic icons - tweet button, facebook like, linked in button, google+ and pintererst button
- W3C valid
- nofollow option

3.0 - version for Joomla 3.0
2.5 - version for Joomla 2.5
1.5 - version for Joomla 1.5 will still be available for download but it is no longer supported

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Reviews: 3
A very nice social module.

Pro: Simple to setup, beautiful icon with most known social sites.

I tested some of the non-commercial social module, many of them require to pay in order to enable most known social sites such as facebook. Whereas Nice Social Bookmark enable all the most known social sites for free.
Reviews: 3
Looks amazing and works great. Setup is a breeze and I cannot be happier with how it looks on my site. Other developers charge way too much and this one beats them all being free.

I replaced my RocketTheme social icons with this module because it looks a lot better and it included other social sites that were missing from RT. Overall, I am really happy with the fit and finish of this module. If you want to see it in action, search for MyThrottle and look at the header.
Reviews: 6
A few suggestions for future versions:
1) add an option to give the buttons a custom order, for I'd like to have my custom buttons being displayed first.
2) add a field for a tooltip text that pops up when hovering over a custom button.
3) let the module title being displayed when checked in the module setup.
4) any chance to make the G+ and Pinterest buttons having the same style as the other ones?
5) keep up the good work. Cheers.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension for classy social media integration, even for those with an amatuer understanding of Joomla and social media. Great job and thank you kindly!
Reviews: 12
I have used this on 3 of my websites and it takes minutes to install and configure. Great options for button effects and works from the moment you hit publish after installation! It also pulled the right images for sharing from the page where other similar extensions failed. Recommended!
Reviews: 15
Works great and looks great. Seconds to set up too. Great job on this extension :)
Reviews: 6
I had an old version of that.
Today i was searcing for a new module with google+.
Finally i found that was mine nice social bookmark with new version 1.7.4!!!!
Great. I updated and all works fine with my new google+.
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 5
This module is highly recommended. It was easy to install, configure and did just what it said it would. It was easy to add a custom share to Tumblr by using a little GIMP and adding the URL for the Tumblr sharing.

Pros - easy to use and configure.
Cons - none
Reviews: 1
Simple to use... simple to config.
Reviews: 21
For starters, most of the extensions in this category are plugins and I REALLY needed a module solution. This one was the best of the bunch, nice big colourful icons, works out the box and works WELL. Thanks for this! ;-)
Reviews: 3
I gave this mod a 4 star rating - for a couple of reasons ...

#1 - in mod_nice_social_bookmark.php lines 189, 193, 197 & 201 I had to remove > from the lines of code in order for the custom icon to to link correctly - it was adding > to the end of the url

OLD CODE: if ($tt == "yes")echo '">';

FIX: if ($tt == "yes")echo '';

#2 - it would be nice ... to see youtube vimeo ect... within this mod as well

YES ! I would recommend this Mod to my friends :) - Thank you for your hard work in making this mod

God Bless
Owner's reply

Hello AJ, the issue u reported is fixed now(thanx for letting me know).
Youtube, vimeo and pinterest are next icons to be added to the module. If any further issues arise please contact me trough contact form on

Reviews: 6
Great module, I used it to share not only content pages but component pages (Eventlist events) and it works perfectly fine!
Reviews: 9
This is an attractive and very useful module for social bookmarking. I only wish that it had a Google+ button.
Reviews: 28
I really like this extension as I find it one of the better looking social bookmarking addons avaialble.

Just one little thing. Current versions 1.5.2 for Joomla 1.5.x and 1.6.2 for J1.6 and J1.7 does not validate on W3C.

I would normally contact the developer directly on his website reg. such minor problems, but the contact form on his website didn't work.

All the best going forward. Looking forward to the W3C fix.
Owner's reply

Hello Gaatec, I will look into this W3C problems, it was working fine last time I've checked, but now I do see couple of errors. Contact form on the site is working as it should, give it a try :)


Reviews: 2
Used the Nice Social Bookmarks already on a few sites, J1.5 & J1.6
Never had any problems
Everything just goes smooth and easy.
Now only waiting for J1.7 version
Reviews: 15
Very easy to use and configure. Does the job perfectly. Question to developer was answered quickly and in a friendly manner (problem is with my template, not with the module. Thanks.
Reviews: 6
Stunning, this couldn't be easier to configure and set up and the icons a just beautiful! would be cool, but as I write it's still not hit mainstream so I'm sure it will be here soon. Well done!
Reviews: 2
An excellent item doing exactly as stated, Easy to download, use and configure.

Fulfills the role perfectly. Recommended.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension - easy to use and flexible. I just have one request: could you please add a Linkedin page link option to the parameters. It is there for Facebook and Twitter but not for Linkedin.

Thank you for another neat Joomla extension.
Reviews: 1
I like it. Module is clean and configurable.
But when "Mouseover effect" is on, site doesn't pass css-validator :(
Owner's reply

True, but it is only because opacity is not css2 standard, if you declare your html as html5 you should be able to pass validation. currently this is satisfactory solution because its lightweight, other options are too heavy and can cause conflicts

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