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ValAddThis Plugin

Current Version: 2.5.1 (27 Apr 2012)

Note: If you're looking for the module version of ValAddThis check this page

-=== Introduction ===-

This plugin is compatible with both Joomla! versions 1.5 as well as 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5+. It uses the Bookmarking services of For a complete list of the AddThis features take a look at this page The plugin ValAddThis allows the easy configuration as well the display of the AddThis Button or AddThis Toolbox in any Joomla article, category, section or frontpage, with or without using plugin tags. ValAddThis will automatically read the article URL, its title and the description, and it will pass them to the AddThis script for you. It produces valid markup for XHTML as well as for CSS. ValAddThis is free software, which has been released under the GNU/GPL v2.0 license.

-=== Features ===-

* Support for the latest AddThis Menu API 2.0, in combination
with the old API 1.0.
* Now you are able to display the new AddThis Toolbox.
* Use CSS files for the Toolbox (option for a user-defined
CSS file too).
* Automatically display the AddThis menu/button or toolbox at the beginning or at the end of any Joomla article.
* Use of filters, in order to prevent the display of the plugin in specific Joomla articles, categories and sections, or even the frontpage.
* Option to display different types of AddThis for the various Joomla layouts (article, category, section and frontpage).
* Use your own HTML code before and/or after the AddThis Button/Toolbox code.
* Use of plugin tags, that can help you override many of the plugin parameters.
* Use of various special bookmarking buttons for the Toolbox, which are not included in the official AddThis script, yet.

-=== Documentation ===-

* For a complete list of the plugin's features read its documentation at

-=== ChangeLog ===-

Latest Version 2.5.1 (27 April 2012)

* Changed: HTTP to secure HTTPS in some external scripts.
* Fixed: bug in the AddThis script that was caused by a typo and affected the Google Analytics Integration.

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Reviews: 7
Just what my clients were looking for, some easy to use (and easy to see) buttons for sharing. Great work, easy to set up and lots of interesting variables possible.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the kind words Joomlamerica!

Reviews: 9
Seems to work well, the only thing I couldn't work out how to do was make a Google +1 button, it only seems to have Google Buzz. I'm sure I'll crack it though, as the addthis website has a pretty good documentation.

Owner's reply

Thank you for the review Eoin. Actually the Google +1 buttons are working just fine -even the ValAddThis-only variants; there were some issues that I have fixed in the previous version of ValAddThis.

Reviews: 3
This is what I wanted, really great plugin. You can select the position either top or bottom or both, I like the toolbar very much. Sharing to facebook and other websites, facebook like button, google plus button and more..Nice, I appreciate your work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind words senphoenix!

Reviews: 3
Congratulations, this is simply the best social bookmarking tool for Joomla! Believe me, i´ve tried them all and this one is outstanding.
Hope the next release will come with an option or a guide to remove the (via @addthis) and allow to recommend the users website when sharing on twitter. ¿Is it difficult to acomplish that? maybe not, the problem is that i have no coding experience. Congratulations again!!!
Owner's reply

Hi berprado and thanks for the positive review! I'm sorry I can't do anything about the "via @addthis" text; it goes automatically there by AddThis. You could use the latest -ValAddThis only- button for the Toolbox called "tweet_vertical", which doesn't put any @text in the end of the tweet.

Reviews: 47
This is the best of all share plug-ins i've used so far and is a must have.

It not only shares on multiple sites, but also keeps a global count of share which has been done which is quite impressive.

I am sure our author for this plugin is working to have this one for Joomla 1.6 as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review and the kind words entergoogle! We have to praise AddThis though for making their great bookmarking script for us all. To be honest I've tried to make it work for J1.6, but I encountered several problems and I can't promise I will ever release a J1.6 compatible version.

Reviews: 5
I've tried many simillar plugins but had problems. Excellent plugin, excellent documentation. The only disadvantage may be that it makes pages a little heavier.

Well done Valadis for creating this, and thanks for sharing with us for free.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words Giorgos! Actually the plugin isn't too heavy, rather the AddThis script that it calls; if AddThis change their script in any way, making it heavier etc. I'm not responsible for that.

Reviews: 1
Great addthis plugin. Easy and fully customizable, and great support.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review!

Reviews: 3
This extension had all the social sites that I needed included (and more!), thanks to using the AddThis service. Installation and configuration was really straightforward thanks to a very detailed guide on the developer's site.

The only issue that I had was with the new "counter"-button, which forced me to use another standard one, and also PHP warnings were displayed, and I switched off maximum warning level (which is recommended anyway).

These small problems don't stop me from applauding this extension, though, it is very useful for my site and its visitors.
Owner's reply

Hi Anton42. Thank you for the kind words and the feedback too. Yes these PHP notices are known, but they don't hinder the functionality of the plugin at all.

Reviews: 1
It is a very easy to use plugin, easy customization and good looking! Really needed on every website!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the kind words and the vote valourakos!

Reviews: 1
Great plugin. Very flexible and adaptable.

I wanted to show AddThis only on certain articles. Plugin provides many options, including the ability to exclude it being shown on some or all categories, sections and articles.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the vote Jason.

Reviews: 3
Great plug in! I only have a problem with PHP notices so I must keep turned on Joomla's "Error Reporting" value at "simple".
Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the vote too. Please provide me with some info about the PHP notices.

Reviews: 16
The extension is great, it has a lot of options, yet it is very straightforward to set it to your liking. Also supports different languages "out of the box".
It works and displays just set it once without having to revisit.

It would be nice if the tooltips were translated too but this has to do with AddIn, not the creator's work
Owner's reply

Hi PierreB and thanks for the vote!

Actually you can have a user-defined text in place of "Send to" in the tooltips of the service icons (AddThis toolbox), as of version 1.3.0 of the plugin.

Reviews: 2
This module is really the best and I've downloaded and installed about 10. I really like how it has so many features and ways to customize. Huge thanks to the developer!
Owner's reply

You're very welcome platanoface and thank you too for the kind words!

Reviews: 1
I'm really satisfied of this plug-in. And when I had troubles, support given by e-mail was excellent!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words and the positive feedback!

Reviews: 6
Very nice plugin. I test it for a couple of days and it works perfectly! Easy adjustable. Maybe scared in first sight but if you follow Valandi's perfect instructions, nothing can go wrong!

Thank you Valadis
Owner's reply

You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words!

Reviews: 1
I like this plugin, since it is very flexible in its design and behaviour.
You can also override global settings by adding a "Share this" link manually and modify all kinds of parameters if needed.
It provides a huge number of social bookmarking services.

Outstanding job!
Tha features are well documented
Owner's reply

Thanks Phrunk! I'm glad you found it useful.

Reviews: 2
I was looking for an easy way to add the 'Add This' button on to a couple of my client's sites. This does the trick beautifully. Had one question and sent an e-mail and had an answer back in less than 10 minutes! Phenomenal!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words millergraphics!

Reviews: 2
Just installed this plugin to our site and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great tool.
Owner's reply

You're very welcome lseibert and thanks for the vote too!

Reviews: 54
Yasu Chrysovalantis !

This plugin is excellent. Just installed it yesterday on our site, it works really well without any conflicts/issues.

Looks very nice especially the rounded border.
Hhave tried other ones before, this one is surely the best!! :)))

Thank you very much for developing this and greeting to you in beautiful Greece!!
Owner's reply

Yasu kokujin! Thank you so much for the vote and the kind words! Greetings to you too :)

Reviews: 1
I love this plugin. It's very powerful (it provides all the services that you could desire), and it doesn't clutter up your pages, in a very elegant and clean way.

I had no problems at all in using this, it went all smoothly.

Great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the vote and the kind words flavioc!

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