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Panel Sharing Plugin

Panel Sharing is a Joomla Plugin that lets you add a panel with the most famous social networks buttons. It has over 30 jquery effects that you can choose for opening and closing actions. The administration panel has a friendly interface and it is intuitive to use. It have also a focus effect on every button.

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Reviews: 8
Wow very nice work! Congratulations! Highly recommended for this category. Its nice also if there is an options to move the panel up and down in px.
overall, excellent work!
Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Thank you for suggestion, I'll add a field when I can...

Reviews: 6
I installed the plugin, it worked great in Fire Fox, but when I oppend the site with IE all my Css was broken, and I think that the Java Script too, I just know that I couldnt see nothing behind the main menu (navigation, on the header). After disabling the plugin, everything backed to normal.
I really like that plugin, but unfortunately I cant use something that wont work in FF and IE at the same time.

Owner's reply

try the 2.0

Reviews: 1
when i log in to the back-end it's just full of advertisements and yeah they say if you want the full version or what ever it is you need to donate and it don't work properly and finally when i had just uninstalled the plugin it just blowwed the all javascript that i had in my website and i must redo the allllll work from the begening just because of that rubish ,get another job and stop publishing worthless things.
Reviews: 1
it good idea but after i install, have some problem when edit for configuration can't save or close or press ok ( and it have embed video inside plugin it load everytime when edit the configuration plugins
Owner's reply

please can you tell me the exact problem on my blog? if it is a plugin bug i'll try to fix it. Video is a method to do some money...

Reviews: 3
Thank You it's one of my favorite social extension for joomla :)
Reviews: 3
It's Must item for share in joomla. I love it